Vita PowerFraudulent unauthorized charges


They will not stop sending me vitamins even after you have canceled the recurring order. Who is overseeing this company? A consumer-friendly company would be honorable. VitaPower is making a name alright, a VERY BAD one.

If my dispute over the automatic charge to my credit card won't work, I may have to take legal action for unauthorized use. I wonder how many people would join together to sue this company.

Maybe they better take care of their customers.


  • Sh
    shawn revely Oct 14, 2006

    I keep receiveing these vitamins when i ordered the core system i asked only for the ball and video. then these vitamins started coming. i have been trying to cancel but to no avail i can not get a live person. since i never gave them permission to keep debiting my card and have never asked for these vitamins isn't this illegal

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  • Mi
    Millie Ika Nov 08, 2006

    I recently got a box of vitamins for a dollar to try for thirty days. It wasn't even thirty days, they already charge my account. I called them to cancel but the representative said she could not do anything about it coz they already shipped a three months supplies to me. I told her, my trial period is not even over and I have not made my decision about getting more, they already sent me three months supplies and charged $74.00 to my account. Something needs to be done to this company if not they will continue their unauthorized charges and ripping people off.

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  • Bo
    Bobbie Thompson Nov 27, 2006

    In October 2006 I called to cancel my order of VitaPower and on November 27th I received another shipment. This is being charged to my credit card and I have used two months supply of VitaPower with no obvious advantages.

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  • Ra
    Rachel Shaggi Feb 28, 2007

    The same thing has happened to me. They charged my account 33$ without me knowing, then when I called to cancel they said i can send back the vitamins to get a refund. Well I sent it back, and not only did they not cancel the vitamins and refund my money, they charged my account with another 33$ just today! When I called to complain they replied that they haven't gotten the box of vitamins I sent back! This is a horrible, horrible scam.

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  • Si
    Simone Christiano Mar 27, 2007

    Ordered for my 16 year old with ProActive, for $1. Then started receiving charges of $33.94 per month on my debit. I realize I should have read more carefully. Called on Jan 15 to cancel, waited on hold for 20 minutes. Never received another shipment, but was charged Jan/Feb/March the same amount. Called again today, waited an additional 20 minutes, spoke with Monica, who stated I had never called in Jan ("you must be mistaken"). Then stated she would cancel today, and refund the Mar/April amounts AFTER I returned the March shipment, which I have not received. I agreed to do so, but explained that I never received the Jan/Feb shipment either. She stated she could not refund that amount even if I had, told me again that I "must be mistaken" regarding my cancellation call in January since there was no record in their system. I explained that I would have called earlier to check in, but since I cancelled in January I was not expecting the shipment so I did not miss it when it did not arrive. She stated they would not be refunding, nor would they be reshipping the product I had not received. Then she told me there was no onsite supervisor for me to speak with, but one would call me back. Noone has. My bank says there is nothing they can do since it is a recurring debit charge, not a credit card charge.

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  • Md
    M. Doten May 12, 2007

    I too have been receiving unwanted product for months. The absence of invoices has been very frustrating, and I believe suspect. I wrote a letter to the address on the box and finally called the corporate number for Gunthy Renker. Good news! They gave me another number and I spoke with a customer representative for Vita Power. My unsolicited order for the vitamins has been cancelled - or so they say. We'll see what happens next month! For those interested, here is where I called: GR Corporate office in Santa Monica, CA (310) 581-6250 and Gunthy Renker/VitaPower customer service (888) 848-2797. Good luck!

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  • Ma
    Martha blackman Jun 29, 2007

    I have not yet been ripped off because I only received the shipment of vitamins today as a forgotten adjunct to Sheer Cover order.

    I suspect your vitamin company to be connected somehow to the Daily Dose company because they are doing business unconscionably in the same profile.

    Woe unto the poor unsuspecting customer who puts it on a debit card. Mine is on a credit card and I intend to file the dispute promptly.

    With so many complaints on the internet you cannot possibly not know what you are doing but you persist in continuing to do it.

    I want no further dealings with any greedy money-grubbers who do these practices or act as fronts for you who do.

    I never order anything this way and never will again. I hope it may put those home shopping channels out of business eventually but there is another sucker born every minute.

    You predators need to be stamped out and punished for your deliberate knowing criminal intent. It is more insidious than outright burglary but just as bad or worse.

    I intend to file complaints with everyone associated with the transaction although unfortunately they don't care any more than you do.

    I will file with the government agencies covering this type of business. And with the TV auspices which originally support it.

    I intend to return all products from this transaction and I will have complete reimbursement. My credit card will protect me in this and I will have no further charges made on it.

    If you have anything to say, you may address me at the above address.

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  • Gi
    giselle orentas Jul 26, 2007

    they r doing that to me too!!! I am so angry about this situation!!!

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  • Ja
    Janet Woodard Sep 29, 2007

    I don't even know how to get a hold of this company! I ordered proactive and got charged for these vitamins that I don't want. They are just taking it out of my account! Can't get them to clear this up!

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  • Co
    Courtenaye Anderson Oct 10, 2007

    On August 17, 2007 I called to return the 2nd box that was shipped and cancel further orders. I sent the box via USPS with Delivery Confirmation Receipt, which means I paid for shipping.

    I wondered why I hadn't received a refund to my account yet, minus, of course. THEIR shipping costs! I came home from work today sent to call with my receipt number and there was ANOTHER BOX OF VITAMINS!!! My polite request was ignored and MORE MONEY taken from my account! I find this behavior unethical at the very least! I don't want to keep paying to send back vitamins I did not request, and have my account debited each time! I still haven't received my money for the second box and now I'm sure they expect me to pay to have box#3 returned. I will NEVER recommend either Winsor Pilates or VITAPOWER!

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  • Ro
    Ronnie Wayne Wilson Nov 13, 2007

    Cannot locate phone number to get shipments stopped. Please someone send phone number

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  • St
    Stephen Kane Nov 14, 2007

    I also have been scammed by this company. My accounts are very low lately and I have no room for unexpected charges. I ordered proactive and with my order it offered me a free trial of the Vitamins so I figured hey it's free why not!! Now a month later I too have a 33$ charge on my account. I was of course not expecting this charge and it threw my account into the negatives and I got hit with an insufficient funds fee! On top of all of that I also have no vitamins. They say these vitamins clear skin but as far as I know stress is one of the worst causes of breakouts and I have to say Vitopower has hurt much much more then it's helped. I don't know what to do.

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  • Da
    dale Nov 22, 2007

    I'm very sorry guys. From a profesional standpoint I used to work for Proactiv and would cancle people's accounts. Unfortunately when you call in to Proactiv and say you want to cancle, they think you want to cancle proactiv and have no idea if you are or are not receiving Vitapower, we have no way to look that up, it truely is another department. Every time Proactiv or Vitapower is sent, they're sent with letters stating what card will charge, for how much and when. These letters/internet forms/emails are seldomly read and I would have many callers every day saying they never signed up for anything, but it is clear on the sing up calls (I've heard them) and it is clear in the letters and online (I've read them) and to be honest we have people that read about it while ordering and call us to make one time orders and we can. I'm very sorry for the frustration associated with everything, but please understand, the people on the phone are honestly trying to help despite the abuse they receive from customers (for example I'm still trying to help you, but am no longer employed by them). Again, Proactiv and Vitapower are separate companies, if I want to cancle my water suply I dont tell the gas company or pay my electric bill to the sewer company. And statistically 75% of the time when people say they never recieved the last two packages or that they returned them, it's a lie, the post office is very reliable, that's why people may not be too enthusiastic when you say you havent recieved anything in 5 months but we havent recieved any notices from the Post Office (they tell us when an adress is bad and give us the new ones) If anyone wants to cancle Vitapower, please dont call Proactiv, we just have to transfer you, but they're just happy to help with anything they can that's proactiv related. Good luck guys

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  • Ka
    kathy Dec 17, 2007


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  • El
    Elissa O. Jan 07, 2008

    I just tried calling 1-888-848-2797 and it says the number is no longer in service. Has anyone successfully gotten VitaPower to stop charging them? I have yet to receive any of the product after the introductory package and have been charged $33 twice already for unreceived goods.

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  • Sh
    Shebna Garcon Jan 12, 2008

    I've only received one payment from them after a free trail and the product. I don't want the product and called to cancel, but after reading all of your comments I saw how it seemed impossible to get them to cancel. So I called BOA immediately and got them to put a stop against VitaPower charging me the 33.94 each month. Hopefully that will stop them from charging me.

    When I called Proactiv they gave me this number for VitaPower 888-684-9660. I tried calling but no one answered.

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  • We
    Wendy f Feb 03, 2008

    I never ordered these vitamins on line or over the phone.

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  • Fr
    fran dallas Mar 11, 2008

    i keep getting vitamins that I have no idea where they are coming from. I do not take them. I can't even find a phone number to call. What can I do?

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  • Ja
    jaime Mar 18, 2008

    I agree i just bounced a check because i got charged for something i never even ordered how do i get these people to stop i have called and called and called and i have gotten no where! e-mail me with a solution if there is one.

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  • Je
    jennnifer Apr 28, 2008

    don't know what this or who this vita power is and didn't get anything or talk to any one about this or gave them my account number but charging me anyway.
    request this to stop charging me for it and also put my money back !!!
    i feel that someone is giving infomation that is wrong and i feel that this needs to be corrected right away!!!

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  • Co
    CooKie Jun 17, 2008

    I recieved a phone call from my bank stating that i now have a neg. balance on my account. Some unauthorized funds were taken from my account on a date which i know for sure i had not used my card. what to do now??? I'm not even sure what VitaPower is.

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  • Li
    Linda Alberts Jul 14, 2008

    They have done the same thing to me. I have returned every box and now they have sent me to collections telling me from the collection agency if I pay them $33.94 they will consider it taken care of! I don't intend to pay for something I don't even have. Let me know if there is anything else we can do. I am calling the Better Business Bureau tomorrow and Consumer Affais to try to get this resolved!

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  • Ve
    venus Aug 28, 2008

    I have been using this product for 90 days and still no change i am unsatisfied with ur product this is a money back guarantee and i would like my refund i have got a order in and i am in the process of sending it back thanks for ur time and have a wonderful day... venus reed.

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  • An
    ann Sep 25, 2008

    I ordered 1 shipment of vitamins and specifically asked not to be signed up for the automatic shipment of vitamins.
    I even told the Guthy Rinker lady that if I couldn't just get 1 shipment I wouldn't want any.

    They have sent me 2 and now are telling me that they will credit me les S&H which is totally not acceptable.

    They asked me to return the merchandise for full credit. I am worried that I will send it back and they will say they never got it and I'll never get my money back.

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  • Ra
    Rafiel Oct 31, 2008

    that's also happening to me, and i don't know how to stop recieving Vitapower, i don't know what to do...

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  • Vi
    VitaClear Apr 23, 2009

    I have a slightly different story. After six months of toiling with this VitaPower, I managed to find a phone number on the internet and, after much convincing of the representative, canceled my subscription. The nice lady working said that there will be no other problems.

    Loe and behold, it is Thursday, April 23rd (2009). I canceled my subscription in the months of december and january of 2008-2009.

    I get this nice, crisp letter today, from a collection agency. The ### charged on another $33 to me.

    The problem is, I cannot sue because the amount disputed is so low. That's how companies like VitaPower make money, steal from the consumer but keep the amount low enough to make sure the consumer cannot sue. Then you get these nice collection companies sending you letters.

    No choice but to pay.

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  • Sh
    Shauna Shaffer May 13, 2009

    I did not open an account nor did I authorize charges to be made through my bank account. I have been getting charged $33.94 every month since Jan. 2009. This is the second time I have complained and the charged have still not stopped. I want the account closed and my money refunded.

    Shauna Shaffer

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  • Ch
    charish May 29, 2009

    The number is 1888 848-2797 these people are starting to P me off.. My credit card has been charged 3 times since I canceled this.. good luck

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  • La
    LAR1987 Jul 22, 2009

    Having the same issue as well- going between an old bank account which i had to CLOSE because of the situation, the collection agency they hired, and trying to get a hold of a LIVE person at Vitapower. I've sent letters, heard nothing back. Getting so frustrated and its affecting my credit. Is there anyway to lodge complaints and get some sort of settlement??

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  • La
    LAR1987 Jul 22, 2009

    I have had no luck with getting any reimbursements from this company. It's been a year and I'm still getting debt collection calls from NCO because the bank in which i used to have an account with, turned it over to them. I had called them several times and conveniently when I finally did get a live person- there was something wrong with their phone system and I'd lose the connection... I wrote letters, but have received no response by snail mail either. I shouldn't have to pay for fees incured by a product I never wanted to have in the first place and REFUSED shipment for, right?

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  • Cu
    Customer Care -387 Jul 22, 2009

    This is not a customer of Obac Educational Service. Try Netspan or Testing Authority.

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  • Ly
    lynn eisner Aug 12, 2009

    make up doesn;t work like stated don't want vitamins I want my money returnedd33a8

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  • Yo
    YOUKNOWIT!!!!! Aug 20, 2009


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  • Na
    NANETTEN Sep 25, 2009

    I srtongly agree with the complaints!
    What exactly can I do as a consumer?
    This company ha made more excuses regarding closing my account.
    First of al never placed an order. After the first charge I CALLED TO SEE WHAT IT WAS AND HOW DID THEY GET MY INFORMATION.
    It wa from the Proactive website which I soley blame as a result.
    It is a deceptive practice and passing of private information.
    I need any information on how to stop the billing and file a claim against them.

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  • Re
    Reshes Oct 18, 2009

    I had a similiar problem with VitaPower and reported them to the Better Business Bureau. I would suggest all of you do the same.

    I have since then received my refund thanks to them.

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  • Le
    leskid Aug 02, 2010

    I tried calling endless youth customer service to cancel my order, the automated system told me to press the star button and a text message flashed over my cell phone for about 10 seconds. Yhe text message says press y for yes to join something.

    I fear my nightmare is just begining.

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  • Bc
    BCapp Aug 13, 2010

    They are unbelievable - gave me a "refund" of HALF! I never ordered Vitamins in the first place! I love my Wen, but Chaz, I wish you weren't involved with these scammers. When I called to complain, they offered me a 10% discount, followed by 20%, followed by 50%. Desperate to sell your rip-off vitamins, huh? JUST GIVE ME MY $!! I feel terrible for the poor people on the phones, not their fault, but gosh they must hear it!!

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  • Li
    lina bueno Dec 03, 2010

    i called vitapower on 11/10/10 spoke to jospeh and cancelled my order, i continue to be charged for the product called and they said they would take care of it and they have not what can i do to get this resolved

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  • Ca
    Carlos Rueda Mar 29, 2011

    For the paste few months I have been charges for a product I did not order nor purchase.

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  • Jo
    Jocelyne Houghton Apr 29, 2011

    I was a satisfied customer of ProActiv acne cleansing system for years, beginning in the mid-90s (before they used celebrity endorsements). My mother got the account for me & I used the product for many years; we terminated the account only due to accumulating a stockpile of the product. Cut to this summer, when I opened an account with ProActiv for myself. There was an "Introductory Offer" of the VitaPower vitamins for $3.99, and I accepted it. There was no information about how much the product was after the "introductory offer." When I received the product, it came with absolutely no paperwork - no receipt, no product information, no contact information, no way to accept or decline an actual subscription to the product. Due to this lack of information, it was unclear that VitaPower was a separate entity from ProActiv. The fact that there was no product information, receipt or any other paperwork gave me pause, and I did not want to continue with the product (I didn't try it; I just didn't see fit to add more vitamins to my regimen). I should have taken steps to contact the company, but there wasn't any contact info provided with the product, and I promptly forgot about it ... until a month later when $33.99 was taken out of my account by the VitaPower company. I did then contact ProActiv for VitaPower's customer service number and promptly called to cancel my unwanted and unsolicited subscription, only to get a very sarcastic attitude from the agent when I declined to listen to his lecture about cancelling without trying the product, and trying to keep me from cancelling the account. I called back again to clarify about the lack of information about the product & subcription status with the shipment of the product & how it was a suspicious & deceptive tactic, to no avail. I then expressed my displeasure re: the experience with VitaPower and the (lack of)information given when signing up for the "introductory offer" with ProActiv, whereupon I learned that VitaPower is part of the Guthy-Renker "Family" (umbrella company) and, in short, did not care about my negative experience. I have subsequently cancelled my account with ProActiv. It's shocking to me that they would be so unconcerned with complaints regarding these dodgy & cheap sales tactics, given that they actually have competition these days. Boo!

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