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I bought some things from the website So I thought that the company is based in London. But it turned out that the seller sent goods from China, and a lot of goods stuck in custom. So I paid for my order $120, but I haven’t received it as well as refund. Be aware, when you buy from them and inform other people about the dishonest seller.

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Dec 24, 2013 8:07 pm EST

I brought from virgodental for Woodpecker scaler UDS-L in May 2013, the package was from UK directly, and it's original product, good valued! The customer service is promote, daisy helped me choose the right and comfortable scaler. Thanks. I will shop from this store in the near future. Thanks.

Dec 24, 2013 8:02 pm EST

Hi Darmnhaim,
First i am sorry for the delay on response you.
But i checked the record and did not find any purchase record from your side. Can you please offer me the order NO., thanks.
Anyway, i wan to have an explain, yes, parts of our products will be shipped out from our cooperated manufacturer in China directly, but virgodental is under UK company, have it's own UK stock also cooperated with UK based dental supplier, if the products are not available in UK stock so will ship from China stock or US, AU stock directly, hope customers can understand. And that's why our price is lower than the market. But if customers have problems, we will help him to solve out and never ignore.
Virgodental welcome customers complaint, then we will do better!

Customer service Team: Daisy