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1st Official Complaint
Date: September 21, 2002 at 17:49:40:
Breeder:June A Colwell
Cattery Name: Velpaws Siamese
Street Address 10846 Bellegrave Avenue
City/State/Zip/Country/Phone Mira Loma, Ca. [protected]

Complainant: Rose Marie Zizzo

What will satisfy your complaint?
"To have a public apology"

Statement of FACTS:
"I Meet June Colwell about 1992-93. I wanted to get a siamese and she seemed to have nice ones, so I thought! I went over to her house and meet her. She seemed very nice and was only willing to charge me $50.00 to breed my girl back to her father. I thought that was really strange to encourage breeding to the dad. I just wanted to state this was all new to me as I was just learning about cats and breeding.

June Colwell told me the kitten she was selling is a seal point female, and she also stated this kitten almost did not make it, because it had a very high high fever, but is fine now. Because she nursed her back to health, and I truly never thought anything about it again.

I went to the show with her as she was suppose to show me the ropes and help me get to know how to show cats, a mentor so to speak, in the showing of cats. As we were watching the kittys get judged June A Colwell was talking about this breeder and that breeder, and the stories and gossip, about this judge and that judge and I said to myself, "why is she saying all of this?" The thing that stood out the most was her gossiping about what this breeder did and did not do, and that a man called Phil Morano who was a breeder forged cfa papers, ( who by the way is a judge now or was until recently)

Well anyway, we were standing around waiting to get called up and all of our cages were with their curtains I was in the middle of June Colwell and her friend Jerry who breeds himalayans, and all of a sudden with no warning or even to ask me, June started tearing down my curtains and cage, with such an attitude.

I just could not believe my eyes. I said what are you doing? I dont even remember the answer is how upset I was! I had all my curtains up. All of a sudden out of the clear blue, she starts disassembling my cage, taking down all the curtains, without ever asking me.

I thought that was very rude and very insensitive on her part to do such a things, especially without even asking me, by tearing down my curtains without even asking me, showed me this person has no respect whatsoever for me as a person.

I was truly hurt inside. I said to myself, "why would a person do such a thing to me?"After that experience I did not feel good about her as a person or a breeder from that point on. On that day I did bring my son with me and I could see June liked him also like almost flirting sort of, I thought that was kind of sick in a bad way.

When my kitty was about 1 year old her front paw got very swollen & blew up. I called up June and told her about it and she it was nothing. I even called up the vet and they said it was nothing, but I felt there was something not correct here. Her paw did get better and I never thought about it again. But as that experience happened it left a very bad taste in my mouth!

Well the kitty was 4 years old now, and only had 1 litter and I breed her and she just could not get pregnant. So one day my son felt under neath her stomach and she had all huge lumps underneath . I brought her to the vet and we had to put her to sleep as she had cancer of the lymps nodes. She was only 4 years old pregnant with a whole litter of kittys. I wrote to June A Colwell about this and she told me, "NEVER to contact her again in life, ever!, accused me of running a kitten mill" and that is why she died!"

That is the experience I had with June Abbott Colwell of Velpaws Siamese in Mira Loma, Ca NOTE: Now I see why this kitty almost died as a kitten, and then her paw got swollen it all ads up now, it hit me to realize that is why those things happend and why she had to be placed to sleep. That was a really horrible experience I had to go through.

June A Colwell's cattery is full of fleas that she was taking off my kitty before I took her home, I told her I dont want any fleas on this kitty so can you take them off before I come to pick her up. She had my kitten in her bathroom and was taking off flea after flea and placed them in a glass full of water with it seemed like 100's of fleas!

Also her male stud which was my kitty father was kept in some dark old shed full, outside of the house full of of spider webs and dus & dirt , I could not believe I had to place my kitty in the shed with all that dirt and spider webs and dust.

I came to pick my kitty up after she got breed she was in a very small cage I dont know how long she was in there for, the cat litter had bowel movement piled sky high, and I just could not believe she would allow my kitty to be in such flith.

Not for the life of me understand what I ever did to June A Colwell that she hated me so much to treat me like with such disrespect. This lady was very hateful

this is the experience I had with June A Colwell of Velpaws Siamese of Mira Loma, Ca"
1st Reply VERBATIM from Rose Marie Zizzo founder of B-PCB.INFO Dear Mrs. June Abbott Colwell, 10/6/02
# "I did get your follow up on the complaint. Since I am the administrator of the organization I will reply .
# I am the writer of the complaint and how you treated me was when I came in contact with you, was very memorable to me.
# What ever was stated in that complaint is the absolute truth, as it happened to me, by you..It was totally unfair why you treated me so badly, when I never did anything to you to get such disrespect, at least that I was aware of.

# You mentioned you are:
# #1 Secretary of the siamese Fanciers
# #2. Belong to 3 other clubs
# #3. volunteered at riverside animal control.
# #4. Interviewed by newspapers
# Just what does that all mean?
# Just because you belong to groups and organizations its makes you unable to disrepect other peoples feelings,nor treat them cruely?
# That you are in such good standing with the public that you could have never been cruel to another human being?
# This is what you said I will quote, "I have wished that I did not sell a cat to some of the people that I have sold to." (this person in particular)" So you admit you did not like this person, who actually is RoseMarie to begin with, so that means its justified to treat people with disrespect?

You do have a right to like or dislike who ever you wish. If I would have know you did not want to sell me a kitty, I would have never given you any money and I would have not purchased a kitty that almost died from a very high fever, that was told to me by you.

Then let me ask you this if you did not feel comfortable selling me a kitten then why did you? The way you treated me was written in the Cat Breeder's Society. Organization for everyone to read. That is how you treated me and if you dont like, that all the cat community knows it, then maybe you should think twice how you treat people.

People know what it feels like to have a"GOOD" experience dealing with another person ,and people know what it feels like to have a "BAD" experiences with another person and you gave me a bad experience.

Dealing with my first experience with a cat breeder as "mentor" all because you did not like me. The reason you got so upset was because you wanted me to co-own a chocolate male with you, and I did not want to take that route, and you were insulted, I did not want to co-own a cat with you. I wanted to own it out right with no strings attached.

Everything that was in that complaint happened to me ,by you. If you did not like it, then why did you tell me that 'I run a kitten mill is why my cat died of cancer at only 4 years old. Why did you tell me never to contact you again in life? Remember I wrote you a letter explaining to you that the kitten I got from you had to be put asleep and I felt so bad and that you told me I run a kitten mill is why she died' and, ever contact you again, in life."You dont remember those words do you?

How a person treats another in this life is exactly what they are gonna get back in this life, either from the same person or some one else down the line.

You mentioned that you I quote' I have always bent over backwards to satisfy people, well it was not the case here. Dealing with you was my first experience dealing with a cat breeder looking up to a mentor example and believe me it was horrible. So I felt it was that BAD to express it and I did! In AMerica we have freedom of speech!

The reason I did not write to you expressing how I felt about your cruel treatment is because you told me in that letter "Never to contact you again in life" SO there for I did not. Maybe this gossip comes all very natural to you, but it does not to me.

You mentioned, "if your name is not removed from this list immediately I will take step to have it removed." Does all this bother you? You having a complaint lodged against you? Well if it does maybe there is something you will need to learn from it, like treating people with respect, the next time you come in contact with human beings. Your name will remain on this list until you apologize for such disrespectful behavior.

I just recently was informed about your poor health problems and that could have been the issue is why I was treated so badly, and I can understand this now.
# James4:6 "But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he said, God resiseth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble."

You mentioned. I will quote,: "if this site is not about slinging mud, then why does it do just that?" This site is about good or bad experiences that were done, either in ACTION, WORD or DEEDS to the public/consumer at large, by pedigreed cat breeders, or private persons, that happened to them.

These are real experiences that has happened to people, it just so happened you dealt with one, me. If you call the TRUTH, slinging mud as you call it, it was the truth as it happened to me.
# If you dont like it, then maybe you should watch your P's & Q's next time as so your are not treating people with disrespect.And having them remember the experience as unpleasant. Thank you so much for writing and I pray this will help you remember all you had done.
P.S. I am sure you still must have that letter I wrote to you some where among your papers." 1st VERBATIM from Rose Marie Zizzo founder of P-CBS.ORG 7/12/04
# Dear June A Colwell, Well what about that old lady that you had given James to, that chocolate point male whom lives in Fountain Valley,Ca? The old lady who was very sweet, but once you go into her very large home all you see is cats wall to wall.
# Then you see that chocolate male won't even allow you to touch him.
# Then you go through her home and upstairs, you see moms and their kittens wild as anything, not ever letting you touch them, with fleas and a terrible odor.
# Then you see pieces of thick cardboard placed around the lower walls and furniture with urine on it from all the cats.
# Was it okay to give kittys to that old lady whom was truly unable to care for all the kittys she already had?
# After all who would you give all your reject kittys to or the kittys you just could not sell?
# I guess it was okay because you did not know I went to her home,
# That old lady was the person who told me about you, and that is how I ended up calling you to get a kitten.
# I would have purchased the kittys from that old lady since she was charging much less then you, but since her kittys were so wild and with flea & her home was so filthy, I decided not to purchase from her.
# I made the wrong choice to purchase from you, because I had spoken to a few breeders who know your reputation of how filthy you keep your cattery and how sick your kittys are.
# Your kittys die at 4 years old and the off spring also die very early which is not correct at all.


  • Jk
    jkfjk Jan 20, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    While your poor english, and horrible grammar still amaze me, the thing that amazes me more is that you can not let go of this stupid complaint. June is a great person, she's helped me so much that it would be hard to list all of the nice things she's done. For relisting this complaint on a brand new website you (in my eyes) have not only slandered June, but you've proved yourself as a very insane person.

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  • Gg
    GG Dec 21, 2006

    Don't buy from RoseMarie Zizzo, either. She claims to be able to give buyers CFA registration papers, but she cannot. After all, she's been suspended FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Zizzo should know a thing or two about filthy dirty catteries. She's the person who kept at least fifteen cats (and her fat self) in a small travel trailer that she claimed was the nicest place she's ever lived. She was evicted from that park for violating their one pet per residence rule.
    For the real truth about RoseMarie Zizzo, visit, formerly owned by Zizzo, now owned by her victims!

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  • Ro
    Rose Marie Zizzo Dec 21, 2006
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    BAD Pedigree Cat Breeder's Info was founded exclusively to be an advocate for the rights of all buyer's of expensive pedigree cats. Our service is ultimately unique in that we are the only site of its kind anywhere in the world.

    BAD Pedigree Cat Breeder's Info is a non-profit, "watchdog", charitable, specialized complaint agency. Our main objective is: exposure to stop corrupt cat breeders from taking advantage of the trusting public & from medically neglecting cats. Our website: June A Colwell is a disgusting and filthy cat breeder and other oriental and siamese cat breeders know all about how dirty of a cattery she runs. They just have not went up to her face to tell her as of yet, they just talk behind her back that is a fact. But be sure other breeders how fility she is.......Dont ever buy from June A Colwell of Velpaws siamese she is an arrogant person rude and and has absolutely no respect her cattery is totally full of fleas and she sells sickly cats and her off=spring kittys also die at a very young age because she does not know how to breed

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  • Gg
    GG Dec 21, 2006

    RoseMarie Zizzo is jealous that June continues to enjoy the privilege to exhibit and register cats with the Cat Fanciers' Association, while Zizzo was suspended for life in June 2004. See the proof here:
    Scroll down. Zizzo's name and that of her cattery, Shar-Dew, appear at the bottom of the left hand column.

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