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This Veteran's Hospital is a big joke. They only have ONE phone extension to contact your doctor and only ONE extension for the pharmacy. Everybody who works at this hospital seems to be under the impression that they have ultimate power over the veterans, which is obvious by the way the veterans are treated by the VA staff. If you want to talk to your doctor, you will be put on hold for (sometimes) up to 45 minutes or more - the same is true if you're trying to reach the pharmacy. The people that answer these phones definitely have attitude, which they are not afraid to dish out, but when you try to get the name of whomever is harassing you they will only give their first name, and they refuse to give their last name. THIS VA HOSPITAL IS A TOTAL JOKE, AND THE JOKE IS ON THE VETERANS. Somebody please contact me about this ASAP. I need a procedure performed on my back, but when I tried to schedule this procedure with pain management clinic I was told I would have to wait several months, even tho the temporary procedure was a big success. It's as if everybody at this hospital doesn't know what they're doing, and if you complain about anything they hang up on you mid-sentence. THIS VA HOSPITAL IS A TOTAL, COMPLETE JOKE AND AN EMBARRASSMENT TO ALL THOSE VETERANS (LIKE ME) WHO SERVED OUR COUNTRY AND NOW HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THESE IDIOTS THAT WORK AT THE VA HOSPITAL. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!


  • Ra
    rancarlton Nov 29, 2008

    Welcome to the world of dog-e-dog VA med, they hire bottom of the barle people that join a union, and you are right about the attude. I the military I would have never thought of writting my congressman but its about all you can do I too have been harrased by VA personal, and complaind about much for the whilse blower law, it means nothing at the VA. First time I saw a doctor at the VA He said "nothing wrong with you" I complaind to the head of medical adminstration, he said let sleeping dogs lye. And I am a Gulf war Vet!
    And if you have a procedure done, as in the case of my knee, no one I mean no Doctor will touch you if it was botched. When they take the knfe to you, you are theres, and they see you when they want to see you not if you can't climb the stairs to the bathroom or work. they told me even through the patient advocate you have to wait your turn, a month two months its all relative to them. Oh and don't even think about going over there head, the unpardonble sin is to go to the regional adminstrator, as in Ashville Nc. -- it was worthless anyway they just told me I have PTSD your OK.
    I called the nuse line ones with a FASTING blood glucose of >350, she said sir what would you like for me to do for you?
    The VA tells me to walk even if its >100 deg I ware my knee out walking, and now I am in worse shape then ever.
    Thank you for your service to our country...I saved lives when I was in the military few people see that.

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  • Sc
    s. clower Oct 03, 2009

    2715 Barkley Ave.
    Midland, Texas 79701
    June 15, 2009

    VA Medical Center
    300 W. Veterans Blvd.
    Big Spring, Texas 79720

    Re: Dispute of your findings

    Dianne Dickerson:

    You stated that you ruled against me because another VA Facility was available; this was not true. This was an EMERGENCY, my life was at stake and you were trying to stop my life saving surgery by sending me to Albuquerque to be evaluated: NOT FOR MY SURGERY. I went to Dr. Cofresi first and he did nothing. I was force to go outside the VA to save my life. I had all doctor’s notes, the ultrasound and the CT scan sent to you and you just played games with me, risking my life. Only when Dr. Dragun sent you his letter did you even act like I might have a problem. I have already been to the VA Regional Office in Waco, Texas and they told me that this was an EMERGENCY.

    As a Vietnam Veteran with boots on the ground and was exposed to Agent Orange, I demand a hearing with your supervisor to discuss the following:

    1. Since 2002, I had all the symptoms of Diabetes and not only did you repeatedly tell me that I did not have Diabetes, you never ran the tests to find out. I HAD TO GO OUT SIDE THE VA TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH.
    2. Since 2002, I had an elevated white blood cell count and I was concerned about CANCER. You refused to run any tests on me and just stated that you would keep an eye on it. The pain from my KIDNEY CANCER was treated with Physical Therapy and hot packs at the VA in Big Spring, Texas. I HAD TO GO OUTSIDE THE VA TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH.
    3. When I went through my medical records I found that I had been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel and there was an order for me to be treated for it. The VA never informed me of this problem and to this day you have not treated me for this condition.
    4. The VA had their Federal Police at the Odessa VA Clinic after my surgery to follow me around. I had 46 or49 staples holding me together so the only explanation was this was harassment on your part.
    5. I tried to file a complaint with the Texas Medical Board and I found that Dr. Cofresi is not licensed in Texas. Dr. Cofresi is licensed out of Puerto Rico and only five states will take doctors from Puerto Rico and Texas is one of them. I also found that thousands of doctors from Puerto Rico paid up to 10 thousand dollars to make sure that they pasted their medical exam. IS DOCTOR COFRESI A REAL MEDICAL DOCTOLR OR DID HE SLIDE SOME MONEY TO SOMEONE TO PASS HIS MEDICAL BOARDS.
    6. How many doctors does the VA have that are licensed out of Puerto Rico?

    Please set up my hearing with your supervisor as soon as possible. I need to get this mess straightened out as soon as possible. I have some very good people that need to get paid. They took care of me when you refused to.


    Steve M. Clower

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  • Ri
    Ricky_O Jul 06, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Hang in there. Fight the Good Fight.
    I'm working on a documentary about the terrible care, culture, and management of the VA, and would like to have you in it.
    Let me know.

    Richard Carter

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  • Da
    Davidgordo Feb 16, 2011

    I moved to NM from TN about 6 weeks ago. I was out of my Depression and pain medications so I tried to contact ABQ patient advocates over and over and over but Nobody answers their phone. I left many messages but they never bother to call me back. I am also trying to make an appointment with pain clinic but they do not return my calls at all. I have a referral from a doctor for pain clinic but I have not received my appointment date after 3 weeks. All my phone calls to pain clinic and patient advocates are unanswered. Finally I complain to about these advocates but Zales lied to them stating that he tried to reach me but my phone was disconnected. I left my correct number so many times to his answering machine and i couldnt believe how liar these people are. They are getting paid to take care of us but actually they are the one causing problems! We all need to get together and complain about these people to our congressman or where ever possible.

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  • We
    wesaidso Dec 13, 2011

    Contacted the office of Cynthia Brown or Dr. Meghan Gerety. Was told Cynthia Brown was in conference and would give me a call within two days. No call to date. However, I did receive a call from the patient advocate who stated she worked directly for the director’s office then proceeded to argue over notes made on my medical record . Again, she will get back to me in a few days. Not!
    Someone from my primary care called and left a message. Have not been able to contact her ether. Have no idea why or what primary care has to do with any of this.
    You know it is such a simple question, How long does the director have to deal with a clinical appeal? Anyone know the answer?

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  • Pi
    pinurse Jan 20, 2012
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    There is definitely a strong culture of fear and reprisal at the Albuquerque VA, both for patients and staff. Senator Jeff Bingaman's office has been gathering information on the many problems surrounding the hospital for quite some time. Stanley Allen is the point of contact at Bingaman's office, if you're interested. In the past year, there has been equipment sold on eBay, worth thousands of dollars, that was not properly accounted for. An unnamed foreman was alleged to be responsible, but there were never any charges pressed. The Albuquerque Journal reported this and it was reported to the Inspector General's Office. Go to the IG site and there is no report of investigation. This past summer, there were news reports about employees dealing heroin to VA patients on VA grounds. This was exposed by a narcotics sting operation led by the Albuquerque Police Department. They only found out about it because they had been watching suspicious activity at the McDonald's directly across the hospital. The VA would not provide the names of the employees and it is supposed to be "under investigation" by the IG office. Yet, if you go to the IG site there is no mention of it. There is so much corruption it is disgusting. How this VA has not been the subject of a large scale investigation is amazing. I can only assume that the same level of corruption carries through the entire VA system.

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  • De
    dewiseguy Oct 10, 2014

    o NO First Amendment Rights at the Albuquerque VA

    Being politically correct, over trumps your Constitutional right to free speech. One

    word about the communist, traitor, 0bama, you will be subject to a scolding, as if you were

    a child. 0bama's influence on the communist liberals being hired at the VA, is too far out of

    hand. I cannot find one (1) conservative Dr. to help me with my PTSD since 0bama stole

    the election.

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  • Ju
    juleray Jan 03, 2015

    I agree with them having attitudes. They told me they would call back in an hr from two different depts. never called back. I see these sexy young woen that work there in high hp boots and tight fitting jeans, that have never served. Have to leave 2 or 3 AM to catch the DAV van. I have been trying to get appts with mental health and the foot DR and no response. The NM VA is the worst I have ever been.

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  • I’m writing for a veteran who is in desperate need of medical help. He must have dialysis three days a week and this has created a severe financial hardship for him and his family. As a native American of the Laguna tribe he gets some help but a few weeks ago he fell and broke his hip. He applied for VA benefits months ago to date he has not received any help from the VA. Any help in this matter will be greatly apperacted.

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  • Mi
    Michael Archuleta Jan 27, 2015

    I went to Albuquerqe Va Emergency Room for sever cough and needed to see a Dr. Due to my COPD and use of oxygen. Also have a compression fracture #2 Lumbar Vertabre with pain level 8-9. Was treated for cough but Dr. Saenz refused to help wih pain. My primary doctor is changed every 2 months and as of yet have not met my new doctor because he only works 3 days a week. Went to Patient Advocateswho told me they would find an opening and call me that evening in morning. That was a week ago and no call yet.
    I have no continuity of care, have not gotten any of my chronic pain meds only antibiotics from ER Doctor Saenz who refuse to even discuss back pain This is not treating a Vietnam Combat Veteran Paratrooper with even the least amount of respect. Can't walk during the day or sleep at night and I'm treated like a 68 year old drug addict. I quite drinking and doing drugs in 2008. Stopped smoking 2010. I did a urine test that showed positive for cocaine which I do not use or abuse and volunteered to do another urine to show I'm not dirty but Dr. Had already left the VA. Couldn't discuss with why I would show a false positive. Nobody cares and they let you know they think and act like your a drug addict. There are some very commpasionate and caring nurses but overall Terrible experience with this Albuquerque VA Medical Center.

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  • Su
    Sue Terry1 Apr 19, 2017
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    Albuquerque VA needs to be investigated, and the staff there should be ashamed of themselves for treating patients as inferior beings. It is pretty obvious that the Albuquerque VA only hires people who want to collect a paycheck and that is it. In fact, it seems like all that work there just have an attitude of " I showed up; what else do you want?" I saw several very sick patients have to sit in the ER for 10 hours while the staff kept going to the cafeteria to feed their faces. In fact, you go to the VA in Albuquerque, and you see the cafeteria is packed constantly with the staff on break. When people sign up to serve the Veterans who served them, they need to be extensively screened for laziness, abusive personality traits, and prior work history. That is my opinion about that facility in Albuquerque, which is probably full of staff with prior abuse allegations in past healthcare jobs.

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  • Jo
    JohnZ Stawarz Sep 21, 2017
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    I am a Vietnam veteran many issues with Albuquerque VA hospital i was having infusion for ulcerative colitis i asked my gastro DR Mc Carthy if i could have my ear checked because of vertigo he had me stand with my feet together then pushed me i lost my balance he told me to go to ER after infusion he told me i probably had a brain tumor. I was in shock I went home after 5 hrs of infusion because he was an hour and a half late.for appointment. he called me that evening very angry and said i would most likely die in a week. I had gone to UNM hospital had CT scan no brain tumor.
    Thank you

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  • Pe
    Penny Smyth Jan 01, 2018
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    I have been going to the VA in Albuquerque NM for several years and my experience has been horrible. They could careless as to what is going on. there gossip comes first..I was in the else atof at the VA and heard 2 nurses discussing a patient was me..who they were talking about!!! It's a joke there. More than 3 people have put a bullet their heads in front...and another in the cafeteria! This place is killing those of us who served. I bbq old someone would do something!!! Penny retired RN.

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  • La
    Larry Lenzen Jan 08, 2019
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    I have been in the Albuquerque VA for about four (4) years now. I got off to a good with the first Doctor I had. After three visits she told that she was leaving for a better job, she did not like the way she had to treat the Veteran.
    Well as I moved on I started getting the bottom of the NEWBES, none the know what was going on, each of me came into the room with a roll of toilet paper for notes, not know my case, just asking the simple question !!! Running back to see their new owner!!! I finally told one of that I wanted to see her owner. That doctor come in and gave me a prescription that caused severe case of diarrhea in two day I was in the ER five (5) house VA. Two day latter I had I had an appointment with a specialist, that called this Doctor OUT, and his last comment was he deserved it!!!
    I went to see my Senator (Tom Udall) and of course he had his substitute sitting for him, Carlos Sanches, how explained that there nothing he or Tom could do just go away. Two weeks later I was on the [censored] list with the VA. Oh what a ride!!!
    From there I had two of the Doctors that were assign to me, one was Urology that failed to do his job in ordering a lab test and an MRI, he told me there is nothing wrong with me. Pain level at that time was about 25 he said I would be all right. In the mean time he was running me though the PHARMACEUTICAL clinical t trail that cost me $12, 000.00 and fifty different drugs, oh I tell you that I had over fifty(50) drugs.
    After works I had a few work with this doctor, the VA did not like me catching this doctor lying to me yes I made an issue out of this. I have had about three more issues with these EVIL people, they RED-FLAGGED me, ( PRF ) may file. Now I get no Service from the. When I do go to the VA to see a doctor I bribing to two Patient Advocates with me for annual check up to get my DRUGS
    This VA is out to kill, the VEvE NOM Veterans the are costing too much with A/O Agent Orange.

    Well I will speed with you latter

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