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United Vacation Transfer Network review: Timeshare resell

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12:35 pm EDT
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We worked with this company for about a month and half now and they seemed very legit. They had contracts, emails, phone numbers, and easy to get a hold of in the beginning. They told us they had a seller that actually was interested in buying our timeshare and was basically ready to buy. We went through the paper work which absolutely looked legit.. We had to pay 1790 dollars to them with a certified cashiers check to cover the deposit that was supposed to go into an escrow account for the title search, fees, etc. There was a form for that with all the pertinent information so we thought it was legit. We sent the money and they still stayed in contact with us and we thought nothing of it. The next thing we had to do because the sell was going through was to send them 2200 dollars for the sales tax cause this is based out of Florida and there is a 10% sales tax for real estate sales. That seemed legit too cause we even looked that up. So we sent them another certified cashiers check for that amount and they said it is now in underwriting and will take about 14 days to complete and then at the time they will contact us for us to go to the closest attorney and complete the sell. Well this was suppose to happen a week ago now and no word. I have tried calling them and emailing them for a solid week and noone is answering their phones and noone is returning my calls or replying to my emails. The numbers seem legit as they go to voicemails depicting them and their company. So, basically we got scammed out of 4 grand. We are not gullible people either and not idiots as well. We actually did research and been through these types of transactions before when purchasing real estate and everything seemed legit. Well obviously it is not. Is there anything we can do? I called my bank where I got the cashiers checks from and they confirmed that the checks have been cleared so they cant put any kind of stop obviously or give us our money back. We even worked with 2 different people at this company. The sales agent is Micheal Thomas and his information is provided below:

Michael Thomas

Sales Agent

United Vacation Transfer Network

Phone - [protected]

Fax - [protected]

Customer Service [protected]

The lady who was performing the processing for us is name Monica Moore and her information os provided below:

Monica Moore

Processing Department

United Vacation Transfer Network

Direct Line [protected]

Fax [protected]

United Vacation Transfer Network

People, I don't know how we could have avoided this scam, as like I said everything was on the up and up and they even had contracts and everything. So for anyone dealing with this company or one like this, DO NOT give them your money and just hang up on them. They are some of the best scammers I have ever seen.

So if anyone has any advise on how we can get our money back, please share.

Desired outcome: Wanting our money back and this company to be prosecuted and shut down.

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