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I ordered a pair of UGG boots of the internet from the website called 2 weeks later and still nothing has arrived. A sum of £60 was taken out from our account on the 4th December by this company. I think they had enough time for delivery.


  • St
    stevefitz Feb 12, 2013

    This company is selling counterfeit goods, they took my money and did not deliver... Do Not Use Them they are Crooks!!

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  • St
    stevefitz Feb 12, 2013

    I strongly agree the company is a fraud

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  • Mo
    Monica Jackson Dec 30, 2019

    I placed an order December 17th and they never delivered keep sending fake USPS delivery message with fake tracking number. If you used your credit card cut it up and report them to your cardholder

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  • Ar
    arianav80 Dec 30, 2019

    I ordered a pair of uggs from that website, and they haven’t recieved in over a week. I’d like to know if any of you guys got your money back?

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  • La
    Lainie_brooke Jan 03, 2020

    This company is 100% FRAUDULENT...Take your money and 6 weeks later NO BOOTS...they even send you fake trackinh numbers and say in transport which is ALL LIES... I am SICK that I fell for this and hope to warn others in time!!!

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  • Ch
    chlobxx Jan 24, 2020

    And also not to mention I actually saw the add on FACEBOOK of all places. And thats where I ended up ordering them from!!! So really a complaint should be made to Facebook for advertising a fraudulent company! I don’t know if anyone else saw it from Facebook

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