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U-ShipFraud and cheating

You should know that uship IS an electronic broker that is not a customer service oriented company. They do not qualify their Transportation Service Providers. Therefore the following facts are true: Many of the so called trucking firms are not DOT legal. Many of the same have NO Cargo coverage. when any Service provider says, "I have one million dollars coverage" You must ask what kind of coverage??

The million dollars is for liability. That is not CARGO Insurance. Always ask for the TSP's Insurance agent and call his agent and request a certificate of insurance. The lowest Bidders usually Cancel or just don't show, worse they are usually some guy or gal with a pick up truck and a light trailer and seldom posses a Commercial Drivers License [CDL].

The fee you pay to UShip ALL goes to them NOT the service provider. Their shipping estimate is bogus and is based on average of low bidders. NOT on overall bids. If you rely on it, this will put you in the "danger zone" everytime.

The bottom line is if you want to be safe on UShip only use your credit card so that you have recourse. Don't book until you have read the feed back on your TSP thoroughly and Verify their insurance.

Last, don't choose the lowest bidders, Automobile trucking has high operating cost and many of our rigs run over $200, 000 dollars each and they get 5 to 7 mpg average. So if for example you get a bid of $1000 to truck your Mustang across the country [2800 miles] You can bet that you will wait forever only to get canceled or your car not be insured. We

have been trucking for 15 years incident free and you will find us to be amongst the highest bidders with the best of feedbacks on uship.Mazzalupo Carriers our site is www.mazzalupocarriers.


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    Its_Just_Me Sep 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good luck with uship!
    Shannon Steede

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    stormyrain Apr 06, 2010

    Daisy Pacheco and Ambassador Moving & Shipping in PA...really bad service, late, lack communication and business skills, inactive DOT & MC numbers and no insurance. Then complained about their clients by blaming them, when they bid the jobs. If you don't like the low request to ship Daisy, then do not bid the jobs! It was too late for me but buyer beware!

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    Stakercrusher May 20, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Here is PROOF of Shannon Steede’s Scams Massachusetts Bankruptcy Records are found here for download and review:

    and proof of his deadbeat dad status (owes $80, 000 in back child support) found here:

    Shannon in review of these official public records, it has been discovered he accepted $27, 000 in prepaid deposits from Jeff Barley of Keauhou, HI and then scammed him out of the money as documented on his bankruptcy paperwork. Walter Hill of Hill Oil Company Clemmons, NC was also scammed out of $1, 030 in prepaid deposits as shown on Shannon Steede’s bankruptcy paperwork.

    Here are a list of trucking companies scammed by Shannon Steede (call them for proof of his scams)

    Scammed Bax Global $3, 311.00

    Scammed Central Transport Intl $2, 067.00 Orleans District Court Case No 200626sc000356

    Scammed Champion Logistics Group $30, 000.00 Call P: [protected] WOW!!!

    Scammed Clutch Cargo International $1, 884.00 Call Phone: [protected]

    Scammed Conquer Industries $14, 945.00 Call Phone: [protected] Peggy Connolly

    Scammed Incon Container $2100.00 (call at [protected])

    Scammed Landstar Ranger $23, 485.00 WOW (Call [protected])

    Scammed Matson Navigation Co $15, 000 WOW (call [protected])

    Scammed Oak Harbor Freight $6, 077 Call [protected] )

    Scammed Old Dominion Freight Line $3, 569.00 Call [protected]

    Scammed Roadway Express $5, 961.00 Call [protected]

    Scammed UPS (United Parcel Service / UPS Freight) $3, 500.00

    Scammed Yellow Freight $3, 209.00 Call [protected]

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    ushiptruths Apr 27, 2009

    I heard from a fiend that the IRS and DOT are investigating them. The FBI should get involved for the CC scams too. Uship's days are numbered and they could have had a repectful business but decided to be seedy instead. They will get what they deserve.

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    nectar2be Mar 24, 2009

    My Message:

    I recall that I am supposed to pay $27.99 but the deposit I paid was 60.23. I asked the shipper to apply the balance from my UShip deposit to his account but he said that he does not get a penny from UShip. That deposit is not his. That is paid to UShip. Now I am confused. Are you collecting from me both my fee and the shipper's fee? Why not state that up front?
    It's very confusing and aggrevating when Shippers and I am talking different things.
    This sort of lack of explict makes me less likely to use UShip in the future.

    ---------------------------- UShip reply--------------
    Thank you for the email. All shippers are prompted to pay a deposit via uShip upon accepting a service provider's bid. Once you pay the deposit when accepting a bid, you only owe the service provider the remainder of the matched bid price, since the deposit credits their account to pay their fees.

    According to the uShip User Agreement, bids must be all-inclusive. This means that any insurance, tolls, permits, uShip fees, etc. are included in the bid price that you accept. When you accept a bid, you will be prompted to pay a deposit, which is a percentage of the match price. This deposit credits the service provider's account and pays their uShip transaction fees.

    You can always refer to your Booking Details, as it explains the deposit payment and the remaining amount owed to the service provider. After paying the deposit via Paypal, you owe the remainder of the bid price. Service providers are informed of this in their Booking Details as well. In addition, shippers pay a uShip service charge. The shipper service charge is a fee that you pay directly to uShip. The service charge that you do pay is calculated depending on the commodity you are shipping. When you accepted the bid you agreed to pay this fee along with the deposit.

    When you matched with gizzmolink, you paid a $60.53 deposit and a $27.99 service charge. The deposit is deducted from the bid price and you pay the remaining $460.00 directly to the Service Provider. This information can be found within your Booking Details.

    For more information, please review our user agreement (#4 and #5). I have included the link below.

    --------------------------My Reply back--------------------------------

    Thank you for the reply. It was my error not to read carefully all the details about the use of uShip.

    As you write quite clearly that the collected deposit is really the Shipper's fee. Why not state in a conspicuous manner instead of in legalese? You claim that this goes to the shipper's account. It really does not, it simply makes a round trip back to uShip. I thought that the deposit was inclusive of the $27.99. I now realize that is separate too. So in effect whatever cost benefit there was to use uShip I lost. I should simply used ebay's preferred shippers. The cost would have been less, and more importantly less surprising.

    You may offer a worthwhile service but definitely at a very steep cost. You are charging in effect fees as outrageous as the credit card companies.

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    complainanttyler Mar 11, 2009

    Uship is allowing tax evasion and tyler Sheff is a ###ing scammer. An questions.

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    Fairpricedshipping Jan 27, 2009

    Fairpricedshipping “Bait and switch”
    Here is a perfect example of how Tyler Sheff continues his/her bait and switch routine….


    Fairpricedshipping bid: $195

    Actual cost for customer: $400.00

    All inclusive bid from EngineShipping: $250.00

    Customer savings using a legitimate bid with NO HIDDEN FEES: $150.00. Per Engineshippings bid (based on the actual user agreement on

    “NO HIDDEN FEE’S!!! IF you have requested in your bid to have a residential pickup and/or delivery it is included in the bid price. IF you require liftgate service it is included in the bid price. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN FEE’S AND/OR EXTRA CHARGES. ITEM MUST BE PALLETIZED PRIOR TO PICKUP!!!”

    Now why would he have to put that there if Fairpricedshipping/UTi Transport Soultions agent Tyler Sheff is allowed to scam people on uship? Makes sense now that you see it happening over aond over again.

    UTi Worldwide has a rouge agent that is known to scam, cheat, threaten and lie. Nice working environment.

    Per user agreement( section 15): “In the event, that you charge “extra fees” (and we are made aware of this fact), uShip reserve the right to suspend or cancel your account at our sole discretion. Your bid may only include content relevant to the description of your transportation services. If you bid on any shipment and your bid is accepted by the shipper, you are obligated to perform the services offered in your bid at the accepted bid price.”

    Seems Tyler Sheff @ UTi Transport Solutions (Fairpricedshipping) is being allowed to scam ith the approval of Uship. He gets flagged for his bait and switch but uship allows it. Uship then is a scammer and allows illegal activity on their site and condones the scams.

    Check this out: USHIP SHIPMENT that was bid on against the uship user agreement!

    Bid details from Fairpricedshipping show 100% that is bid was not in conjunction with uships user agreement. What happened? nothing as usual. Scammer stick together allows fairpricedshipping to lie and allows (flagging it allowable) harassing posts from Tyler Sheff
    Person’s shipment that they are being harassed on HERE

    They turned down several quotes on this item and started to get harassed by the famous Tyler Sheff. When the harassing posts were flagged green, we got an email about it.

    The poster ended up getting flagged for rebuttal that followed the useless uship user agreement.

    Here is the excellent reply to Tyler Sheff of UTi/Fairpricedshipping

    “I researched online about your company. If you really must ask, I will tell you. You are not on INC’s TOP 50 LOGISTICS COMPANIES as FAIRPRICEDSHIPPING as you stated in your profile. If you did your 200, 000 shipments as you claim (I believe that is not true either) you would be about a $30 million a year company, you would DEFINITELY show up on that list. Your MC number points to another company and when I searched you and them, you do not have the best reputation for the bids below. Hence the bid decline under “insufficient feedback” since there was not a more appropriate selection. Thank you (1/23/2009)”

    “So you are saying that per your bid “We are one of the Largest Logistics Companies in the US” is not the truth, you are merely a company representative who used their employers numbers to promote their own business? Also your statement “Our extreme volume of over 200, 000 shipments per year allows us to negotiate the lowest pricing available for you!” would apply to UTiW and not directly to your company. You are correct, nowhere in your profile or bid details does it outright state that you are listed in INC top 50 but if you personally were doing that level of business, you would be listed there. SO based on the facts, you are using UTiW’s data to promote your own business, fairpricedshipping did NOT book all 200, 000 that you allude to. It seems based on some google searching and research, you are not really as big as you claim in your bid details. Also, in your feedback, you have 7 cancellations out of recent 10 matches. Not very promising on that aspect either. We are done here.”

    Tyler Sheff keeps going on so here is the final post by the victim of uship and fairpricedshipping


    Here is the bid info that has the lies all over it: All shipments must be Boxed, Palletized or Crated and must conform to NMFC Packaging Standards. Upon acceptance of our bid, you will be sent an email containing payment info. All shipments must be prepaid via Master Card, Visa, Amex. We are one of the Largest Logistics Companies in the US with the best feedback rating on Uship. We offer online tracking on ALL of our shipments, have peace of mind knowing where your shipment is anytime day or night! We are Fully Licensed and Bonded to LEGALLY operate in accordance with Federal Law. Our extreme volume of over 200, 000 shipments per year allows us to negotiate the lowest pricing available for you! SHIP SAFELY, only consider Federally Licensed Providers. Most shipments will be picked up within 24-48 hours from time of payment receipt. Transit time is in business days. Your pricing was based on the weight and description provided in your listing. If shipment details change, rate may increase or decrease accordingly. Shipping via Roadway Express; Terminal locations can be found ontheir website.

    [email protected] (how do you milk a chicken?) (IP: post removed for spam

    Posted in 1, UTi Transport Solutions / FairPricedShipping / Tyler Sheff | No Comments »

    New Victims. Fairpricedshipping rates revealed
    22/01/2009 by fairpricedshipping
    Fairpricedshipping seems to think that he has the best rates but if he stopped sucking up with uship and getting legal brokers kicked off uship (yes there are many) people would see that fairpricedshipping is more like overpricedshipping

    uship scam bid

    Bid won: $325.00 (hid the scammer rate in the bid details HERE of $130)
    Fairpricedshipping rate: $455.00
    Actual broker rate: $280.00
    Fairpricedshipping scam amount? $175.00

    Not very “fair priced shipping” more like “I’m gonna screw you” shipping


    Another ship scam bid

    Bid won: $299.00 (hid the scammer rate in the bid details HERE of $130)
    Fairpricedshipping rate: $429.00
    Actual broker rate: $140.00
    Fairpricedshipping scam amount? $289.00

    Not very “fair priced shipping” more like “I’m gonna screw you” shipping

    And this poor person was dumb enough to post this “I finally ran into a service provider that wasn’t just a flim-flam artist. This guy is the real deal. ” This is the perfect victim. One that says thank you for screwing me!


    Another ship scam bid

    Bid won: $508.00 (hid the scammer rate in the bid details HERE of $260)
    Fairpricedshipping rate: $768.00
    Actual broker rate: $360.00
    Fairpricedshipping scam amount? $408.00

    Not very “fair priced shipping” more like “I’m gonna screw you” shipping

    As you can see, Tyler Sheff is going to screw you out of more money if you ship with him. I was taken advantage of and hopefully you will not be one of his victims. He has been reported to UTi Worldwide but they do nothing, I canceled my credit card charge and as I have seen online, Tyler likes to do his personal shopping on his victims credit cards. This did not happen to me but I would think twice on shipping with him on uship or anywhere else.

    One last thing, for a home based business and lying about being one of the top logistic companies doing 200, 000 shipments per year (laugh, laugh, sniffle) with the below comment from a unsuspecitng victim, that would be physically possible to talk to anyone.

    ….I spoke with Tyler on the phone. He spent a lot of time with me going over different options. Great customer service. You can tell this fellow has been doing this a while, has his act together and is ready to execute. I ship items on a regular basis and will use his services again. Thanks for a job well done.

    Let’s do the math. remember this is a person in a bedroom “and claims to be one of the top logistic companies handling 200, 000 shipments per year”

    200, 000 shipments per year

    16, 666 shipments per month

    3, 846.15 shipments per week

    769.23 shipments per day

    96.15 per hour

    1.6 per minute

    Please explain how THAT is even remotely believeable? Someone? Bueller? Bueller? And still have time to slander his competition, explain the full details of shipping to a new client and even squeeze in time to bid and scam on uship?

    Posted in 1, UTi Transport Solutions / FairPricedShipping / Tyler Sheff | 3 Comments »

    Being charged too much by fairpricedshipping on uship? You are not alone…
    16/01/2009 by fairpricedshipping
    Bait and switch are huge for Tyler Sheff on uship (listed as “fairpricedshipping”).

    Per uship rules: In the event, that you charge “extra fees” (and we are made aware of this fact), uShip reserve the right to suspend or cancel your account at our sole discretion. Your bid may only include content relevant to the description of your transportation services. If you bid on any shipment and your bid is accepted by the shipper, you are obligated to perform the services offered in your bid at the accepted bid price.

    uship has been aware of this fact for quite a while. They just will not do anything. Tyler Sheff has released press releases in the past few days to get the negative light off his shady activities but this will not happen. We will make sure that the real activities of Tyler Sheff stays current.

    Here are some quotes he won on uship. We will add in all the extra fees he hides from the unsuspecting shippers.

    Tyler Sheff: $374

    Real world: $104

    StatesideAmcar: taken for $270.00

    (Fairpricedshipping? really?)

    Tyler Sheff: $455

    Real world: $208

    aggiejack: taken for $247

    (Fairpricedshipping? you sure?)

    Uship has been aware that the “real” charges have been hiding in Tyler

    Sheff’s bid details, which are against’s user agreement.

    This is allowed because he gets his competition kicked off uship. Couple that with the ability to break the rules while all other users on uship have to follow them creates a biased market where uship states in their user agreement:

    You acknowledge and agree that the uShip website is a neutral venue.

    You have to not only agree to their biased activities but you

    have to agree that uship is a neutral venue. How shady is that? 2 of a kind Tyler Sheff and uship.

    /URL removed/
    /URL removed/
    <!--[if gte mso 9]> 1152x882 <![endif]--><!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 <![endif]-->

    Posted in UTi Transport Solutions / FairPricedShipping / Tyler Sheff |

    Tyler Sheff, owner of Fairpricedshipping: Threats and lies
    16/01/2009 by fairpricedshipping
    I would like to report Tyler Sheff, owner of Fairpricedshipping. He has physically threated people and called employers and customers lying about his competitors to get their business. Below is some info mined off the internet.


    When has competition and breaking the law gone too far? Based on a UTi Transport Agent Tyler Sheff, it should go as far as bodily threats and physical harm.

    Tyler Sheff, who has been reported online for bait and switching, seems to feel directing his anger on these actions at other companies/people. To the point where in desperation he threatens to break legs and hunt people down. Not very professional if you ask me……..

    Per Tyler Sheff’s remarks online:

    “Run and hide ***”

    “time to feel pain”


    “coming to find you”

    “legs to be broken”

    “you are a ***”

    “boy this is gonna hurt”

    Is this the model employee that UTi Transport Solutions allows? By their corporate counsel Dennis Heil (General Counsel / VP Legal UTi Transport Solutions Inc. - a UTi Worldwide Company), yes and he has allowed it to continue.

    I was told that since their company representative is an independent agent, they have no control over them. If that is the case, then it would seem that UTi has a bigger problem than rogue agents.

    Where does the liability fall? Who can be liable? Does it seem UTi Worldwide allows their agents to break the laws, even when they are opening themselves to litigation by allowing and condoning illegal activity from their agents.

    Logged IP addresses showing a trail of lies and threats of physical harm have been presented to Dennis Heil of UTi and his answer? Do nothing say it is not UTi’s issue. Even though all agents who access UTi via computer need a static IP address, he still denies this illegal activity happened.

    There have been several reports about Tyler Sheff and his “shady” practices to getting legal brokers kicked off a website so he can run his dubious practices of bait and switch.

    He has also been known to purchase domain names in forms of competitor’s business names as well as personal names and create slanderous blogs and pages about those people.

    He has also emailed and called companies as a UTi Transport Solutions representative and lied about employees and their actions to try to get them fired from that business. UTi’s response, nothing that we have seen.

    Who does this really hurt? Tyler Sheff, a UTi Worldwide agent seems to think only his competitors. UTi legal counsel Dennis Heil seems to think it is not a UTi Worldwide company issue.

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  • Bi
    billbadbutt Nov 02, 2008

    We are a legal carrier that was beating uships most active bidder. It seems that if you do what the site tells you to do (bid lower) then you are taking money from uship and they will cancel your account.

    In their "user agreement" it states:

    "21. Right to Reject or Remove Members. We reserve the absolute right to reject your participation, or remove you from your current participation, in the uShip website at any time and for any reason or for no reason and without notice to you. An event that may result in the rejection or removal of Your participation can include but is not limited to: any circumvention of the uShip marketplace by you or by others at your direction; Your creation, maintenance and/or management of more than one account; your circumvention or non-payment in full of our fees; any attempt by you to improperly influence, or cause another to, improperly influence the feedback of members; any attempt by you to harass, or cause another to harass, or commit inappropriate communications with a member and/or a failure to deliver the promised services on time; any attempt by you to harass, or cause another to harass, or commit inappropriate communications with one of employees, agents, or partners.

    You have no rights and can be removed if they do not like you. Uship is not a neutral site and they allow not only US DOT laws to be broken but they allow their own to be when it suits them.

    Uship is full of scammers and if you want your stuff stolen, by all means use the website!

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