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On 2/25/2020, contract was signed with TDG to remodel 2 bathrooms for $50K. A level 2 job, which was to last 3-4 weeks, and I provided 98%of the materials. On 3/4/2020, TDG collected almost $39K and the job officially started. Between 3/4/2020 and 4/1/2020 (the end of the projected 4 weeks), TDG managed to demo 1 bathroom with damages, put up jigsaw puzzle of cement boards in the shower, screwed the cement boards in below the water line (which effectively made the shower liner useless), and changed out the shower valve, supplied by me. Essentially, in 4 weeks, TDG managed to accomplish 2.5 days of work with significant damage.

During the 4 weeks period, I had 3 project managers, the last one showing up at my house unannounced, the plumber and cement board workers also showed up randomly and unannounced, and no one wore a mask. When I complained, Sam Hancock told me that I should get over it, or TDG will put my project in the back of the pile and nothing will be done for 3 months. George Hammond said the same thing. Mr. Hammond also told the workers on speaker phone with him, while I was standing next to them that, "don't worry about what she (meaning me) says, do as I tell you". I have e-mail confirmation from Mr. Hammond that the "What to Expect" time frame for a project is basically worthless. The price match guarantee from Mr. Hancock during the signing of the contract was nonexistent, as TDG ignored 2 written estimates from 2 other contractors for the same project, I submitted via email to Mr. Hancock with no response. I had another contractor undo the damage done by TDG and complete the job in May 2020. It took 2 weeks and the same 4 people showed up every day.

When I informed TDG that the project was completed by another contractor and I requested my money refunded, Mr. Hammond stated that by not allowing TDG to complete the project at their convenience, I was in breach of the contract and that TDG will sue me for the 4th and final payment of the contract, or I can just walk away. That's right, if you don't wait for TDG, TDG will threaten to sue you. In June 2020, Ms. Alondra Camposeco said the same thing, to which I replied "sue me"!

In June 2020, I posted the facts in my reviews of TDG, as I am now. Ms. Camposeco then initiated contact with me, stating that they "want to make things right" if I took down the reviews. The facts and the truth, apparently hurt TDG's ability to acquire more costumer victims. TDG agreed to refund my almost $39K in 4 monthly installments starting July 17, 2020, in exchange for removing my reviews. I deleted some of the reviews that could not be modified, and changed those that could be modified to "review pending" until TDG completed the full payment schedule. The payment schedule is in writing signed by both TDG and I. The agreement and payment schedule is also memorialized in the in-person meeting between Mr. Hancock, Ms. Camposeco and me, at my house, on July 2, 2020. During this recorded meeting, Mr. Hancock practically bragged how well TDG did during the pandemic. Mr. Hancock stated that TDG had/has"one, two, three unhappy customers out of hundreds of happy customers". The recording is available to any law enforcement agency upon request without a subpoena.

TDG made the first payment, due on July 17, 2020, late.

TDG did not make the second payment, due on August 17, 2020. Mr. Hancock, stated that TDG had some set backs and can't make the payment until they get a loan, at which time, TDG will double up the September payment. I asked for proof of said loan, and Mr. Hancock provided me a screenshot of a pending loan to TDG, which could not be verified, along with Mr. Hancock's infamous statement of "we will take care of you I promise". I agreed to the double up payment on September 17, 2020, but TDG elected to ignore me and stop communication all together.

At this point, I have no other option than to proceed with legal action against TDG, but I want to prevent others from falling into the TGD trap as I have.

Before you consider hiring TDG, ask yourself these questions: What legitimate company has only 1 star and 5 star reviews and nothing in the middle? What legitimate company is suspended by the BBB for too many complaints? What legitimate company has been prominently featured by Action 9 news under the heading of " Many customers angry after paying large deposits to contractor for work not done".

As of today, the BBB has 30 complaints on TDG in the last 12 months. "BBB files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints. Specifically, consumers are reporting that after taking deposits/payments, the work is not being performed as contracted. Customers report when they attempt to inquire about the project, they are not able to communicate with the business." This is a direct contradiction to what Mr. Hancock is telling costumers.

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