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This is a message from TriClear Customer Service. We are posting this message to make sure that anybody reading this knows how to contact our Customer Service department with any problems or questions. Here at TriClear, we are dedicated to our customers, and we take Customer Service very seriously. Please contact us via phone at [protected], via email at [protected] or via the web at Representatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 5:30pm PST, and Saturday from 7:00am to 3:30pm PST.


TriClear Customer Service


  • Di
    dianethebanker Feb 05, 2007

    Using credit card with0ut permission. I have two charges of 69.95 each were charged to my account.

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  • Cu
    Customer Service Feb 07, 2007


    This is a message from Onlingo Customer Service. Onlingo is the leader in interactive language learning products.

    We are posting this message to make sure that anybody reading this knows how to contact our Customer Service department with any problems or questions.

    Here at Onlingo, we are dedicated to our customers, and we take Customer Service very seriously. Please contact us via phone at 800-949-6880, via email at [email protected] or via the web at Representatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 5:30pm PST, and Saturday from 7:00am to 3:30pm PST.


    Onlingo Customer Service

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  • Te
    Teresa Dakins Feb 22, 2007

    Charged my credit card for 69.95 without permission and cannot find a way to contact them!!!

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  • Me
    Meghan Leigh Feb 26, 2007

    Triclear is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I needed to return the product because it was not good at all. I got the address to return it to, sent it back, and it came back to me. It was not able to be delivered.

    They are making me send it to them AGAIN, so I have to waste even more money on shipping, even though it was their fault it came back to me in the first place. I already contacted my credit card company to let them know about this company. They told me that they would charge my card for the product, even though it was deemed undeliverable at the address they gave me to send it to.

    This company is horrible, and they will do anything to get your money. I highly suggest NOT doing business with them.

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  • Sj
    SJW Mar 01, 2007

    I found the company to be great! if you read the terms and conditions and cancel within your trial period you only pay 6.95 and you get to keep the first round of disks! I am learning simple Spanish with my kids and its great! I recommend this product to anyone trying to get a free product online!

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  • Ph
    Phil Gold Mar 01, 2007

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS PROGRAM AND THIS COMPANY. They will make unauthorized charges to your credit card, refuse to cancel your membership, and refuse to refund your items! My credit card company recommended trying to deal directly with the merchant in an attempt to get a refund from Onlingo, but the person I spoke to "Agent 109" refused to give me any information, would not connect me to her supervisor and refused to cancel my account. I had to cancel my credit card and file a fraud complaint all because of this terrible company. If you google Trojans and Onlingo, or virus and Onlingo, you will see for yourself that many PC adblockers/virus software blocks Onlingo unsolicited pop-ups and advertisements. They have also been linked to many shady surveys. I would never trust a company that generates revenue in such a way, or has such a horrible customer service Dept. If you See the Onlingo logo, or an Onlingo pop up CLOSE IT!! Immediately scan your computer. Better safe than sorry. It happened to me, so if you let it happen to you, then you are just stubborn.

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  • Je
    Jeremy Hall Mar 12, 2007

    Onlingo charged my account for $69.95 ... they only offered to cancel my account which I did ... but did not even consider refunding the money back ... I thought it was a little strange for a company trying to help with learning Spanish to give a "10 DAY TRIAL" !!! ... How could anyone use this product for 10 DAYS and then decide on whether or not it is useful or not ... TERRIBLE COMPANY ... WILL NOT SUGGEST THEM TO ANY OF MY FAMILY OR MILITARY CO-WORKERS ...

    I could've used that money for a tank of gas ... almost 2 ... hope Onlingo puts the money to good use ...

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  • Lo
    Lori A Betar Mar 21, 2007

    Received product by mail. Never ordered it. Didn't know where it came from or why, if i needed to return it or how. No paperwork is enclosed. No mention of trial period, how to cancel etc. There was a charge on my husband's credit card. I called the number to ask questions the woman "Meridth" was very rude. Said she had an e-mail address of [email protected] I have no idea who this is. Now I have to return the package and pay a restocking fee. Something i never needed, wanted or ordered. Unbelievable!

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  • Su
    Suchitra Joshi Apr 16, 2007

    I had registered to TriClear sponsor site and received some package last month for $4. But now the bank statement shows that you have some more charges approx $69.00. The transaction is shown as Triclear 800 294 7260.

    People beware!!!

    Suchitra Joshi.

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  • Vi
    Victoria Benson Apr 24, 2007

    I just called this ph# given on the website 800-494-7260 and a recording comes on and says they are closed
    at this time my time calling is 9:30am in California so i know they are not closed according to the hours posted for customer service?

    Sounds weird if you ask me. I just want some simple questions answered by a live .person

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  • Pa
    Pauline Apr 26, 2007

    Wow. I am glad I double checked the terms and conditions for the free trial of TriClear. When you choose to cancel your membership you have to send back the unused portion. What kind of company does this??? It's ridiculous...

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  • Ta
    Tangie Kiswani Apr 29, 2007 took $75.00 out of my account this Saturday. I just found out today (Sunday). I don't know what it is for nor did I authorize it. I will be contacting my bank Monday morning to file a complaint and have this reversed. Someone from better contact me immediately regarding this matter. If there are others like me, contact me at [email protected] com. I would like to know how many people have had this same problem. If there is enough people, I will contact all of you to help file a class action suit.

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  • Ta
    Taylor Apr 30, 2007

    I was on a website when this advertisement popped up for TriClear. It said that it only cost $1.00 and $5.95 for shipping and handling. So I figured for $6.95 let me try it. It also said if I didn't like it I could send it back and get my $1.00 back. I received it, tried it and did not work. It made me break out even more. So I figured oh well $6.95 gone. Then about a month and half went by and I received another order. So I checked my credit card and was shocked to see that not only did they charge me for this new shipment that I was not aware that I was going to receive but they charged me for the first order I got because I had been tricked into a scription. I did not read the terms and conditions which I thought was only for the payment and refunds not for anything else. Now they won't refund me all of my money back. Because it is passed the 30 days and they sent me another one after it and I have been dealing with them forever and another 30 days had passed and so now they will only give me my money for the third box they sent after I canceled minus $9.95 for restocking fee.


    [email protected]

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  • An
    Angel aM. Young Apr 30, 2007

    Tri-Clear is a fraud. They deducted $69.95 from my visa bank card with out my consent. They will not credit my account back. I will never order anything on the internet because of this company!

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  • Ka
    Kathryn Rogers May 01, 2007

    I received a "treatment" for acne on a trial basis. I requested that my account be canceled. I was unable to resolve this online as I received a error message that they could not find my account. I then called via the 1-800 number provided and requested that my account be canceled. The gentleman could barely speak English and could not understand my request.

    The company then sent another shipment of acne treatment (approximately 6 oz of product for a whopping price of $76.90).

    On their website there are options to cancel an account however, after repeated tries to access my account without success and the inability to communicate via the 1-800 number I am at loss as to how to even contact the company. There isn't even an invoice in the shipment. I can't even find out my account number.

    I find it extremely strange that no one can find my account when I wish to return the shipment and cancel my account however they seem to have no problem finding my address to ship their product AND charge my bank account.

    I have lodged a complaint with the BBB and am looking for other avenues to persue to resolve this mess.

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  • Ka
    Kathryn Rogers May 01, 2007

    And when you call you get a person who can't understand English and doesn't understand that you want to return their product (which made me break out worse then I was before using it).

    When you try to cancel via online at their site you get messages that they can't find your account although they sure don't have any problem finding your credit card account.

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  • Ka
    Kathryn Rogers May 02, 2007

    What? Is this company trying to change it's name now?

    I urge you to contact the Better Business Bureau of California and file an online claim. It's the only way I know of to get the government to look into this companies business practices.

    The phone number for TriClear customer service (it took 10 minutes for them to answer the phone) is: 1 (800) 494-7260
    It is impossible to get through via their website. Their hours are 6 am to 5:30 pm Mon through Fri 7 am to 3:30 pm Sat.

    Tell you want to cancel your account and send the shipment back. They will charge you $9.95 for restocking and if the package is opened they charge you $19.95 for restocking which is outrageous and then they will give you a partial refund.
    They will send you an email with the address to return the product which has an RMA number which must be placed on the box.

    The address for a return is:
    PO Box 1699
    Suisun City, CA


    People are going to have to write the Better Business Bureau in order to have the government know what kind of, what in my opinion, shoddy business practices.

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  • Ka
    Kathryn Rogers May 02, 2007

    This company also operates as:

    NAME: Syndero, LLC.

    ADDRESS: PO Box 1566
    Suisun City, CA 94585-4566

    PHONE: 800 949-6880

    FAX: 707 864-4196


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  • Ka
    Kathaleen Verkamp May 08, 2007

    I just got billed $75 which I did not authorize. I thought I signed up for a sample. No where was I informed that this was a purchase. I dont have any paperwork. I have turned them into my bank as a purchase fraud. I did not know I was supposed to send the product back in a certain amount of time.

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  • Je
    Jenni Black May 10, 2007

    Wow, I wish that I had found this site before I tried their product. 1st of all it doesn't work at all and it is a complete scam. They don't make the terms and conditions link easy to find when you are on the site when you sign up for their so called free trial. I looked for one because I never buy anything off the internet without reading what it is about 1st. Then they only give you two weeks before you have to call and cancel your account and it takes about 1 of those weeks for the product to get to you in the first place so you don't even have time for you to find out if its going to work or not before they are already charging your account for $69.95. Then when I called to find out what was going on they were extremely rude to me and said that I was interrupting them when they wouldn't even give me the chance to talk. They said that there was nothing they could do that the terms were clearly stated. They say that even if I send the product back that it has been opened and I have to pay the postal service to send it back my self and they will only refund part of it. So either way I am out over $36.00 for a product that doesn't even work in the first place.

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  • So
    Sorry can display... May 10, 2007

    Hello. This isn't really a complaint or anything, this sounds like a really good product... I was just wondering about prices? Like how much in total and is it really worth it? I haven't gone through this and i'm sorry but i really want to know.

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  • Ka
    katy loin May 11, 2007

    Message from customer is a joke!!! They'll be glad to help. Ya, right. No one answers or calls you back. It's only a call center.

    We must all report them to:

    Your local law enforcement in the area you live in. File complaint

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  • Em
    E. Marie May 11, 2007

    Unfortunate that so many people have issues with unresponsive Customer Service with this product and company.

    I am complaining about those UNSAVORY and disgusting photos that they use for their online ads.
    They are Gross and Disgusting and I am sick of looking at them.

    TAKE THEM OFF !! it's obvious that many of those images have been airbrushed and 'sharpened' with Photoshop to falsely claim the success rate of their product.

    GET THOSE Ugly Photos at 5x human size OFF the Internet!!

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  • Ha
    haas May 16, 2007

    I agree. The AD photos are utterly disgusting and make my browsing experience hell. I mean what the hell is wrong with these companies? Yuck.

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  • Ca
    carmen May 16, 2007

    I am on hold as we speak in regards to the billing of 75.95 to my visa card after I canceled on email a month ago and per them the never received an email... What a surprise. Have not even opened the product thought I had already paid for it when I spent 6.95. What a lousy company... Bad customer service.

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  • Ma
    Mariah May 17, 2007

    Free trial my a$$!! They claim you pay about $7 for this 'free trial'... What isn't stated as clearly is that if you don't return the unused portion, or call to cancel your account, within 14 days, you will be charged $69.95 plus s&h. No warning, no nothing... Suddenly, your bank account/credit card is charged $75 for this crappy product... And a minute amount of it, I might add.

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  • Do
    Donna Rocheleau May 19, 2007

    A few months ago, my husband was contacted by Triclear, they asked him if he would like to try a free sample, he said"NO". They told him they were going to send it anyway. We received a package in the mail from Triclear, opened it up, and there was an opened container in the box. I didn't know why we had received it and my husband told me about the phone call. First of all, my husband is not an authorized user of my card and I knew nothing about what was going on. A few months later, a $72.90 charge pulled up on my credit card bill, furious and outraged, I called my credit card company and disputed the charge.

    I would like to send their product back to them, but I would need their physical address to do so. I have tried many times to contact the company, but I never get an answer. Triclear has finally pushed fraud to the test.

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  • Jo
    jonathan dugger May 20, 2007

    TriClear - these people are doing the above things to me and i will not stop until i get to the bottom of this.

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  • Ka
    katy loin May 21, 2007

    If you feel you are a victim of any wrong doing. Contact:

    File your complaint.

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  • On
    only try once May 21, 2007

    As it was said before: "No warning, no nothing... Suddenly, your bank account/credit card is charged $75 for this crappy product... And a minute amount of it, I might add".

    Stay away from this product... Just a scam to get our money. Please spread the words to other people to avoid this product. Unless you ONLY buy this product in the next 10 days (less 4 days of delivery and return), stay away from this product or the they will get that $75.00 for the first trial, no matter what.

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  • Ad
    adriana May 21, 2007

    OMG!!! This is a total scam!! Who ever has acne please don't buy this... It doesn't work! Use proactive... That works lol!

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  • Rs
    R Spiker May 23, 2007

    I signed up for some product fr 6.95 shipping only and now have a 69.95 charge on my credit card. These people are scam artists. The customer service number goes to a call center with a bunch of kids reading off a script. Do not fall for there scam. They say the terms are on what you sign up for but if it said they would charge 69+ dollars for this junk i wouldn't have tried it... BEWARE...

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  • Di
    Diana Lunde May 23, 2007

    This company is a ripoff. I never received this product.

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  • Ta
    Tandra Thomas May 28, 2007

    This company charged my credit-card $69.65 for a (FREE) trial offer. I was only supposed to be charged $3.97 for shipping and handling of the product, but low and behold, I see a charge of $69.95 pending from TRICLEAR. Boy am I 'ticked'. I'm presently trying to contact the company by e-mail. I've already alerted my bank, in the event I can't get this charged stopped. I've told them to STOP/PREVENT any future deductions from my account from this company. This is ridiculous. I ordered the product on 14 May 2007 and today, 28 May 2007 they're trying to RIP ME OFF. WARNING TO ANY OTHERS - DON'T FALL FOR THIS SCAM!

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  • Pa
    Patricia Carter May 30, 2007

    I too have been charge unknowingly for $69 + dollars. I'm very angry.

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  • An
    Angela Smith May 30, 2007

    I contacted triclear via phone regarding returning an unopened box of triclear and to cancel all future shipments and to have my bank credited for the $69.90 cost was told that I could keep the triclear for $20.00 and that they would credit my bank account $40.oo which I agreed to. Got my bank statement today, was not credited the $40.00 as I was told by the rep, instead I was debited $79.60 for triclear which has caused a major overdraft to my bank account. I would like this matter resolved immediately or I will seek attorney for damages to my credit.

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  • Ki
    Kim Montgomery Jun 07, 2007

    Anyone who is dealing with triclear over they billed your credit card without permission. Contact

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  • Th
    thedesigirl Jun 07, 2007

    Triclear is a complete rip off. Stupid piece of junk. If u don't return their product in 14 days they start charging your credit card for about 80 bucks for a month. Never and ever use this product and their goddamn customer service is so damn slow. It took 1 hour just to get me through that stupid machine.

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  • An
    Ana M. Sellas Jun 09, 2007

    They send me the product for the second time and charge my credit card without permission.

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  • Ch
    cheryl propst Jun 09, 2007

    This company is a total rip off. They took money from my account around $70.00 without my knowledge or approval. I am demanding a refund now! In fact i have never even open the product and will be more than happy to send the mess back.

    cheryl propst
    3034 abbotts creek ct
    kernersville nc 27284

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