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I've been with John Lansing on Trending123 for about a year. Overall I've done well and have made myself some money. You must LISTEN to what to buy and HOW to buy it! Nothing is guaranteed in the stock market! He has talked for about a year about mining stocks and, so far, has been 'right on'. He also has said that they are a [protected] play, so don't be upset if your specific mining stock isn't up yet. Overall, I still like him and Trending123.


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    tipp Aug 25, 2012

    John Lansing and Trending 123 is a scam. I lost my entire savings due to taking this man's advice. Please folks
    don't get involved with Lansing. You will lose your money. I am now looking for a job to earn a wage and make up
    for my thousands of lost dollars.

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