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once again but this time NEw company name timeshare goldline...I have been contacted on numerous occasions promising that they have a buyer for my timeshare. They say the buyer has paid %20 down for the excessive amount they want to pay for my timeshare (twice what I paid 2.5 years ago). I am told that I have to decide within 24 hours and pay the cost of the title or deed transfer (over $2000) in order to make the guaranteed sale. Of course, they are not willing to put anything in writing until after I pay. I believe these people all work together to scam innocent people. Resort Condos Management (the company who likely got my information from BlueGreen or REM to try to scam me for even more money). I'm a well educated person who just wanted one vacation a year for my family and I have been scammed. Do your homework. If it seems to good to be true, it is. they also have had previous name for their company I will b sure to post


  • Kw
    kwhet1 Feb 25, 2010

    I to was contacted by Timeshare Goldline and was told that they had a guaranteed buyer for my timeshare. I was told that the total fees would be 2, 050 payable immediately to insure the deal would go through. I told him I would get back to him the next day and took some time to do some research. I checked with the B.B.B and they had no information on the company but are looking into them. When I talked to them the next day and told him I would sell only if the costs would come out of the proceeds from the seller. The Manager whom I was now talking to questioned why I would not be willing to pay up front and I again explained that according to my research, as a seller I shouldn’t be expected to pay up front fees. The Manager got angered that I would suggest that he was a scammer and called me a F**king ###*t and hung up on me. My wife was on the other line and we were both shocked by his lack of professionalism, which wouldn’t have happened if it were legitimate.

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  • Co
    Covert Mar 04, 2010

    I just got a call and they are approaching me the exact same way...I'm calling the law!!!

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  • Co
    Covert Mar 04, 2010


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  • Sh
    SHELBY TAPIA Mar 23, 2010


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  • Hj
    hjg Mar 24, 2010

    We had a call 2 days ago.Seemed to good to be true, but as we've been trying to sell our time share went with it.Thank God we started looking into this company straight away.have contacted our bank to stop any payment to TimeSharegoldline and will be contacting them to tell them to get lost. We live in England UK so looks like they are going further afield to scam people.

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  • Ng
    ngc scammed Mar 28, 2010

    I also fell for this scam just 2 days ago...Have tried to contact them to cancel my "Charge" on my credit card. How can I get my money back? I am desperate.

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  • Ki
    kingmattj1 Mar 30, 2010

    Better contact the bank or the credit card companies to get your money back...

    Does anyone have any actual experience with this company scamming them??? This is all good and great, and I love complaining with you guys, but nobody here says that they actually went through with the complete scam. I want to hear that they took the money, and then backed out, and then never gave the money back.

    I am very leary about ALL of these up front money places, but wouldn't they state be able to shut them all down if they were all scam businesses?? I would imagine they have to have some sort of legitimacy to them...

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be the Devils Advocate... I have a timeshare that I would desperatley like to get rid of, but I was dumb enough to buy into, and now I'm afraid to throw anymore money back at it. But daggone if I'm going to get into another scam besides the orginal timeshare scam that it is.

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  • Hj
    hjg Mar 30, 2010

    We appear to have had money taken from our bank account, because we gave tgl our details it is only fraud if they fail to deliver what they promise i.e a gauranteed buyer for our timeshare.We have spoken with them again saying not happy with company and have written to cancel and want our money back(no contract signed) still waiting for some sort of response.Will be in touch with authorities next few days to file a complaint of fraud.Its money we can't afford to lose we'd rather keep timeshare now and continue to use it.

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  • Ro
    RockyCrescent Apr 02, 2010

    I just got contacted by tgl ...same deal here ... sounds like I should tell them to screww off ... been burnt with other companies marketing timeshare before.

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  • Ke
    kevin stuk e Apr 13, 2010

    I just got the same call today...seemed way too good to be true. They also wanted $2200 in upfront fees before we could progress. I stated that I will never pay anyone upfront in that sum of money and the man I was speaking with, Jason, seemed to not understand this concept. I am still awaiting their call back tomorrow. No contract, no money is my theory.

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  • Hj
    hjg Apr 14, 2010

    Hi.Just to let you know that after a number of phone calls and e mails between us and TSGL they have confirmed they are refunding our money we paid upfront.So if you've paid anything and want to pull out persistence pays off.At least we didn't sign a contract the one we got really ties you in if you sign it.

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  • Jo
    jonesbx Apr 15, 2010

    Hi from the UK have been contacted by tsgl re finding a buyer for our timeshare, have been informed that there are fees to pay of around $2050 but so far not asked for any money up front. Have asked the for guarantees regards money we due to get from actual sale once, if ever we sign any contracts/sale transfer documants but they just talk around the question. In our experienc there seems to be lots of companies in the US who are into scamming timeshare owners, REM is one and have also been contacted by several others.

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  • Lo
    Lord Mankinholes Apr 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Never ever pay an upfront fee of several 100 or 1000 $ or £ for the sale of your timeshare they are all scams.

    If you bought your timeshare from a developer then upto 60% of that cost was to market it in the first place, hence the high developer price.

    Ther is noway on this earth will anyone pay more for your timeshare than you paid from the developer.

    anyone asking for cash upfront is working a scam, be it timeshare, buliders, lawyers etc

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  • La
    larry benson Apr 22, 2010

    was contacted today from timeshare goldline by two different people, to sell my timeshare.
    The first with two offers 18, 500 & 21000 I refused to low, told the first one I'd accept $24000. The second call was 20 minutes later with two offers $29000, or $31500. This sounds to good to be true. They said they would start the procedure after a credit card payment of 1498.00. I just finished reading the complaints on this company THANKS, I'm not going through with this!!!

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  • Lh
    lhawkins Apr 26, 2010

    i was just contacted today by tgl... in the middle of a finacial crisis this would be the next best thing... but i am glad i got a grip because REM didnt sell my timeshare in 18mos so how are these guys gonna do it in 20 min... yeah right but im glad the www is an open forum to discuss these types of scams... united we stand and they can "KISS MY GRITS"

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  • Al
    Alisha Shroeder Apr 30, 2010

    I am an undercover agent working at Time Share Gold Line
    Previously named: Resorts Condos Management

    Real Names and locations:

    Owners real name: Richard Mendez
    Real location: 8651 Commodity Circle Orlando, FL 32819
    Owner's main assistant (in charge of stealing your money): Claudia Colantonio
    Assistant 2: Denisse Tiburcio (Makes sure owner keeps your money out of your pocket and inside his)
    Assistant 3: Melissa Cohen (Fights the credit card companies to avoid charge backs)

    Jason Hernandez
    Kevin Mcbee
    Mariela Rivera
    Frances Mendez (Verification)

    Not all the names are listed, not all the last names are listed. Cannot make it easy for them (the crooks) to find out the undercover operation. Could one of the agents be listed above? maybe, maybe not.

    Everyone, we are working hard to lock these crooks behind bars

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  • Bl
    Blackie May 24, 2010

    I too fell prey to a smooth talking sales rep, I called back in less than 24hrs later to cancel, was told to put it in writing, which I did by certifed mail return reciept requested. I recieved an acknowledgement of reciept. Then I was called by the original sales person saying he was unaware of any letter. He then procceded to tell me I had to sign a contract before I could cancel. I also received two E-mails stating once signed I had no further claim to dispute. I told him he was out of his mind if he thought I was going to sign anything. It has taken me almost two months to resolve my dispute, but I have been credited by my bank and credit card company. BEWARE!!!

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  • Ri
    Rick G. Jun 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes it is true that this is a true scam... We were contacted by this company and was told that they had a buyer for our Time share. They were offering $2000.00 more than we paid for it. Great Deal!!!

    Here is the kicker, All we had to do was pay an upfront fee of $1900.00 to cover title search and transfer. We should have known then that it was a scam but trusty us we fell for it. All the promises from this company and their representive was pure bunk. Their plan is to stall, stall, and give the runaround until you are fed up and give up.

    If you have fallen for this scam from these vermin, Contact your Credit Card company and report this as a fraud and ask for their help get your mony back.

    Good Luck

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  • Ja
    jack1983 Jun 04, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

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  • Ha
    Hagar Jun 18, 2010

    So far I've had good luck with Timeshare Goldline and I 'm still currently going through the process. I paid the $1900 back in April. After speaking with them this week I'm in the pre-closing stages of the process and should be getting the closing paperwork to sign with in the next 30 days. I will keep you posted on the progress hopefully all will go well.

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  • Co
    Colorado Victim Sep 04, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I guess what bothers me, why is this bunch of criminals allowed to contine. I know there is law enforcement oput there. I myself was taken the same as others, told there was a sale and needed half the closing costs. Other legitimit sellers, if there are any, should be up in arms. he States were Timeshares Goldline is in b usness should be closing these offices. If not for anything otjer than State ptide. A State that allows this type of operation is really no better than the the criminals at Goldline. The New Mexico BBB will not even respond. I can only hope other people will read this prior to doing bussiness with these [censor] holes.

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  • Me
    melissa ayo Oct 23, 2010

    do not trust this company.. fighting to get our money back...

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