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Thunder Hollow KennelsSick Bulldogge

I purchased a 1 yr old mini bantam bulldog from Amy Herman at Thunder Hollow Kennels in Tennessee over the internet. This woman took payment for the dog $1200 June 9 and I did not receive the dog until July 21, 2008. The dog arrived in Texas with serious skin diseases. She has demodex mange and also a contagious fungal infection. She said the dog had been to the vet, had shots and rabies, then would not provide any vet information or records. When I confronted her about the skin issues she lied and said the dog had hot spots and had been treated at vet. She urged me not to take dog to the vet since she just had. WHAT KIND OF RESPONSIBLE BREEDER WOULD TELL YOU NOT TO TAKE SICK DOG TO VET. The medical bills so far have been $450.00 with weekly treatment to continue and vet bills to continue. Do not buy a dog from this person. She will lie and then ignore you after you tell her about the problems. Update 10/7/2008: I found the previous owners of my dog and she confirmed my beliefs! The previous owner returned her to the breeder due to the demodex mange. This proves she lied about the dogs health condition.


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    Wesley & Kim Cunningham Dec 26, 2008

    We also had the same experience with Amy Herman. Our vet told us this was an inherited condition passed from the mother and dogs with this condition were not to be bred.

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    Samantha Mar 07, 2009

    We have had a HORRIBLE experience with her. We got two dogs from her. An older male who was 8 months when we got him. He had one of the worst cases of roundworm my vet said he has ever seen. Amy told us our vet was lying even though (excuse the TMI) you could see them coming out in his stool. The dog was very under weight and scared to death to be around people. It took us about 2 months to get him healthy and clear the worms. Sadly we made the mistake of getting a female puppy off of her 3 months later. We figured maybe our male got the worms from being around all of those puppies and the Hermans were just too Hillbillish to see the difference. When we picked the female up Amy gave us two white pills and said they were wormers. Knowing our exp with her and WORMS we went right to the vet who told us that Amy actually gave us antibiotics and not wormers. We had NO idea what was coming. The vet wormed our puppy and tested her for everything since Amy gave us antibiotic instead. Finding out she had a severe upper respitory infection. Also telling us we were STUPID for getting another dog from some clueless breeder. About a week later we had to rush the puppy to the vet because her breathing had gotten horribly labored. We called Amy and she said Oh, they just breathe like that. It turns she had actually come down with full blown pnemonia. After weeks on antibiotics and wormers she is thankfully fine. We still do not have the papers for her though. Waiting 4 months to be told they are coming and they NEVER come. I wish I would have investigated more online. I love my dogs and I am most thankful all they have gotten from Amy's puppy mill was worms and a cureable cold. They are both healthy and thriving now. Please NOONE buy a dog from these people. I read online that most of you have your dogs shipped. IF you could see what kind of CRAPHOLE place these puppies start their life in you would be mortified.

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    firefighter1218 Dec 30, 2009

    We also purchased an Olde English Bulldogge male from them 2 years ago. The only thing that was wrong with our little (now big baby) was that we came to us with fleas! We also never received our paperwork for him after months of trying to contact her. She took the money gave us the dog and never answered another call, email, instant message or any method of contact that we attempted. Luckily I see that her website is now suspended... thank God for small miracles. Hopefully that will save some people a lot of headaches.

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  • Ev
    evp2010 Feb 15, 2010

    We bought our old english bulldog puppy from her about a year ago. First, when we picked him up from her he smelled horrible and was covered in poop head to toes! I had to CLEAN IT OUT OF HIS EARS when we got home...When we bathed him we noticed that he was infested with fleas - lift up his tail and they just scatter. you could see fleas crawling around him, it was sad. Next day our vet told us he had ear infection, worms and few other issues. Couple months later we noticed redness of the skin on his neck and legs, later we found out it was demodex mange. Responsible breader should never have even attempted to bread/sell puppies. Well, at least I learned how to pick a dog - we go to the kennel, talk to peple, look at parent dogs...Or simply go to a shelter and find a buddy there...

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    TNGirl83 Oct 18, 2011

    I had adopted a 1/2 French and 1/2 English Bulldog from her last Wednesday, and I just had to put the poor guy to sleep this morning. I am SO angry. Do either of you have her address? I am trying to find her and get all of her information to the Lewisburg Sheriff for an investigation. I KNOW she has a lot more dogs that are in harms way.

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    Bulldogges Mar 18, 2013

    Hi i bought 2 Older Females from a lady n Petersburg and im pretty sure it was amy harmen but she went by dif last name both females r eat up with fles nd one was scared of people but i got them better and they good now. the number i hadon her is [protected]. I havent been able to get her to answear my calls or text at all when i left with them.. if someone has a pic of her ill be able to tell for sure if it was her like i said her name was Amy but she didnt go by Harmen cant remember what she said last name was.. Hope this helps..

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