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CB Courier and Delivery Services Review of The Wheaton Moving Group
The Wheaton Moving Group

The Wheaton Moving Group review: Handling of our claim for damage

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The Wheaton Moving Group handled our June 2022 interstate move after a local company moved our household belongings into storage. Upon receipt of our cartons, one was very damaged, the fragile and valuable contents crushed. This damage was reported as per their procedure. Since June we have been working towards an agreeable settlement. The Wheaton Group has apparently not been interested in the facts we have provided and instead place the blame for the damage on us with a constantly changing story of why we are at fault. We’ve been told that we overpacked the box so the bottom of the carton gave way. I provided a photo showing the 9lb weight of the contents. Photos of the carton show that it was crushed from above, splitting a side seam, not the bottom giving way. We were told that the movers weren’t told of its fragile nature. The carton was marked fragile and our move involved many steps all but the first occurring without us present. We packed ourselves. Yet, none of our other fragile (china, crystal, stemware, etc) arrived damaged. Some of the contents of this carton are irreplaceable and the value was over $1,000. Wheaton has offered us $150 as a “goodwill gesture”.

Desired outcome: A monetary settlement more in keeping with the value of the damaged contents

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