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This owner is the worst!!! It is a great location for an event however the owner is a racist idiot!!! I rented it for my sisters 50th birthday party and had guests coming in from out of town. I cleared with one of the owners to bring all of my own food and beverages with the exception of alcohol. Once I got there the owner said that I couldn't serve my own beverages but the bartender could serve my guests our personal beverages from the bar. I let that go but was a bit dismayed at finding that the place was FILTHY!!! The toilets were disgusting, the floors, tables, windows, chairs were FILTHY!!! There was no trash bags, toilet paper, or paper towels. We literally had to buy cleaning product's and wipe down tables, chairs, toilets etc. We asked the owner if there was any refund or discount since we had to clean the place and he said no and for us to take our money and get out!!! Of course it was too late to change the venue and continued to clean. Once the event got started it was wonderful. Then the devil raised his head again. I was appalled when one of my guests informed me that the owner was pouring cups of lemonade as if to serve to a guest and throwing it in the garbage. I confronted him about it and he said that he wouldn't do that and that we were free to drink what we wanted. He then stated that the lemonade was gone but we had a whole container of tea left. About 10 minutes later I noticed that the tea container had been moved to the back of the bar. I asked if it was gone already and he cursed me out. Stating that it was %^&*( disrespectful to bring my own beverages to a place that had a bar and that you $%^&*I's better not bring this %^&*UI in his place next time. I said that he didn't have to worry about us because we wouldn't be back and he said good. He then preceded to say a few more choice words to me. I then explained to my guests that unfortunately we were ending the event nearly 2 hours early and requested help packing up. The owner then left the room we were in (after family members discussed his behavior and his using profanity towards their loved one) and came back only after a few undesirable characters came in. (even though it was a private affair. I guess he felt he needed bodyguards at that point.) I strongly recommend avoiding this place at all cost!!! Other places may cost a little more but please pay the extra to get better service!!! Any questions??? Please contact me personally and I'll be glad to elaborate!!!


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    Unity Center Oct 25, 2015
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    The above review is not correct. The party renting the facility brought in unauthorized liquor (without a permit) which we could not allow and at not time did we use profane language or as any bouncers to clear out the group of attendees. We have been in business for 7 years and have had consistent repeat business. However, we will not break the law for any tenant.

    --Unity Events Center,
    The Management,
    E. Staton

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