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If you ever decide to use this guy, cyril kc johnson, for hypnosis, make sure you get him to allow you to record the sessions. If he says no, then go some where else. (he's listed on the internet - youtube - as kc johnson) after this encounter with me, i'm sure he's not wanting anyone to record him at work any longer. :-)

He's a shady character who likes to keep you under hypnosis, not waking you fully, before having you make a financial decision to continue his services, or not, after my first session, and also gave me a post hypnotic suggestion to go under again, anytime he said "sleep", way before discussing if I wanted to continue with his services, and not fully waking me for the rest of the time I was there.

Why would he even do that not knowing if I was going to continue with him, unless he already knew I would by his nlp directions.
(neuro-linguistic programming)

It was the same for each other session he had me go under. At no time did he ever fully wake me. It's a good thing I wasn't driving, and used the subway system to get to his ny office, which was also very small, and uncomfortable, in a chair equally as uncomfortable, and the office was noisy from the other suites next to his little corner hole-in-the-wall.

Luckily I had all the sessions recorded, with his knowledge, and have his own words as proof. (I guess he's so stupid he forgot he said I record them when we first spoke on the phone before making the first appointment.)

I've spoken to another hypnotist about his actions, and was told it's un-ethical.

The american board of hypnosis (abh-abnlp) is reviewing his conduct, and may discontinue his certification. (of course, assuming they are legit!!) so far they've been delaying processing this, saying they don't have enough time to review it all yet. :-)... We'll see, when I turn up the heat with the television coverage, if they contunue their nonsense.

There's also his breaching of his own "contract", by making an angry 2:am call to me after my e-mail to him that night regarding a question of session refunds, and questions I had from the last session (third of 10 fully paid for) regarding statements he made during it, that didn't make sense to me.

Why not just answer the e-mail, or wait to call later that morning?... Because he wanted to wake me up from sleep, to hear his booming voice, yelling at me.!!!

By the way, I was never given any contract in writing, as well as no receipt for full payment of 10 sessions, except for the original charge card receipt from the cc terminal at his office. Even after several promises during each session he would give me the receipt in the next session.

He never mentioned any payments were non-refundable. Even though he insisted I can't get a refund, after legal threats, and television coverage threats, he gave a partial refund.

If I don't get all back, that i'm asking for, this will go to television court, so stay tuned, you just may hear more of this on tv. If the certification board does nothing, they'll both be taken there, as well as any federal charges for crossing state lines with this scam.
His business / website is registered in new jersey.

This guy seems to change the "rules" and events as he needs, and tells you it's your imagination thinking he said what he actually said.
Remember, I have his own words on record.

Beware this scam artist


  • Fu
    Fully-Awake-Now Jan 25, 2012

    lucidp, ... What's obvious here is cyril put you up to this post, or YOU too are cyril, and posted here again to try and enrage me. :-) ... HA!  ... I don't have to make up anything, I have it all documented.

    I didn't make that post you so eagerly mention, "going thru pockets".  But I'm sure cyril did, to use it as a "discrediting tool" against me, at a later date. That's HIS "M.O."

    How did you come to this site, if you're a hypno-therapist, what were you searching for?

    Everything I stated is true, as it happened on audio recording.  Did cyril tell you, he also recorded me?  It was a mutual agreement.  Nothing sinister in MY mind... and I had only wanted to listen to my sessions at a later date, after all 10 were done.

    What about the 2:am angry call to me, yelling at me.  I suppose you're going to ignore that too?  My reasons to change the agreement was not because I wanted to, rather, because my mother was getting I'll, and I had to stay at home with her more often, but cyril didn't care, and called me at that late hour.

    He sent me an eMail mentioning it, admitting to it.  It's not imagined.
    He could have said some of the payments could be applied to home visits, but his solution was the angry late-night call instead. He has issues!!!  I guess he came home drunk, and wasn't thinking clearly... He did admit to me he likes drinking when he goes out, and I wouldn't have cared, as long as he was honest, but, he never said he was sorry.   I suppose those actions are also considered "normal hypno-therapist behavior" to you too, HUH?  :-)

    If he would have just apologized, at that time, I would have forgiven him, but he dug is own grave, by breaching his own agreement.  Remember now, ... he never gave me a receipt, let alone a contract.  The "agreement" was verbal.

    cyril originally called himself a therapist too, but later denied it, when I confronted him about his "training" of ONLY 120 hours.  :-)  I have him stating, at the beginning, he was a therapist, and the sessions delt with therapy, so, don't talk thru your a$$, I'm not the liar here.

    By the way, I have an eMail from a hypnotist in the UK, stating cyril's actions were un-ethical, for the angry late-night call, as well as not fully waking me.

    So to you I say, ... cyril ... You must really be desperate to bring all this up again after almost 3 years. ... Good ... Sue me if you think I'm lying, I'd love to make you look stupid in open court.  :-)

    Oh, ... you also just proved my entire point...!  
    You are very nervous! ... And feeling very guilty.

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  • Lu
    lucidp Aug 20, 2011

    To the original Poster. It is pretty evident that you signed up under a different name and fabricated the "trying to go through your coat pockets" story. Wow, I really feel sorry for you! You are obviously the type of person that is bitter and disgruntled and has a problem with everything and everyone. You obviously do not care about anyone but yourself since you are dragging someone's name through the mud here with useless accusations. I am a hypnotherapist myself, and it is standard procedure during the hypnosis session to include the suggestion the the client will go into trance easier and deeper the next time we do hypnosis with them. This is for YOUR benefit. Every hypnotist with half a brain does that! As to your other accusation, is never asleep during hypnosis and is fully aware of what is happening So nobody needs to get "woken up" after the session! You cannot "fool" sombody into anything during hypnosis. that is a myth. In fact it would be easier to make you do something you wouldnt want do to in your normal "waking" state. It is obvious that your other statement of having contacted other hypnotists and them saying it was unethical is another fabrication of yours! There is nothing that I can see of KC's behaviour that is different to normal standard procedure. Just the fact that you brought in a secret recording device is obvious proof that you had something sinister in mind. I pity you.

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  • Mi
    michaelplt May 17, 2010

    If all the talk about recording the sessions are true, I'll like that the sessions be posted on the Internet so we can hear and judge for ourselves...

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  • Bl
    bluecoolz Sep 16, 2009

    Hi KC, Fully-Awake-Now and the rest of the people,

    Hypnosis is indeed something pretty subjective, and it is either you believe that it works for you, or you don't... Even Paul McKenna (the famous hypnotist featured on TV) was also previously had a brush with a law for being a hypnotherapist and had client issues.

    This being a complaint board, only negative ones are featured here, so it kinda unfair to say the KC is not doing a good job in what he does...

    So all in all I hope that KC is not disappointing and dishearten by this episode, and the rest should still try to see his if you want to seek hypnosis help...


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  • Dm
    DM9N Sep 14, 2009

    I too have experienced the personality flaws of this Johnson.

    Near the time he first started his business, I went to him for
    a simple hypnosis session.

    He was having trouble hypnotizing me and started to get
    frustrated and angry, and said it was my fault I could not go

    Trying several more times during that session, I started to
    get tired of it all, and suggested he not charge me, because
    I received nothing for it.

    This caused him to blow up in a fit of angry rage at me, saying
    I still had to pay for his time, and I wasted his not
    co-operating with him during the session, causing me to not
    be put into hypnosis.

    I told him he needed some additional experience at hypnosis, as
    well as some anger management sessions of his own, and never
    went back.

    Now, he's calling himself a therapist?

    How very sad he's never addressed his own personality quirks.

    It seems money issues set him off, and he could do physical harm
    to someone if left unchecked.

    It's a very good idea to record these people, even if they don't
    know about it, just for your own piece of mind, and being able
    to listen to it later.

    I was searching for another hypnotist, and reviews of them, when I
    came across this complaint site, and had to comment on this
    Johnson complaint.

    I completely believe Fully-Awake-Now, and the issues mentioned, and
    agree this Johnson needs some professional help of his own.

    By the way, NewYorker1, I think Fully-Awake-Now is a male, being
    the Avatar shows male for his account. I could be wrong, and sorry
    if I am, but I think I'm correct. :)


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  • Ne
    NewYorker1 Sep 08, 2009

    DaveG aka- KC-lol, should just paid this poor girl her funds. She is giving you a chance to walk free. Is your business not worth 750.00$? If you don't pay I think she should have you expose to who you really are. In matter of fact this poor girl should up her price to 5, 000$ just for the pain you caused her.

    Fully Awake Now, I wish you luck! :-)

    I found this site on yahoo looking for a service. I now change my mind on the whole service. Thank You for the review.

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  • Ne
    NewYorker1 Sep 08, 2009

    Thats because DaveG is KC.

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  • Fu
    Fully-Awake-Now Jul 23, 2009

    People, ... this is how this guy works. Don't be fooled by him.

    He alters, and slants the actual events and makes the victim look like the bad one, or some kind of "nut".

    It may have worked, if I didn't have his own words recorded.

    I didn't create any additional identities here, cyril. Whoever posted any of the other messages wasn't me, and you have issues with them, as well as your own.

    Strange to me how 2 days after I posted the first complaint, someone named DaveG posted how great you were.

    Co-incidence, probably not, seeing as how you seem to have a second identity on (Jeff Markham) constantly deleting my review link, as well as most of the page, twice daily at times.

    I wouldn't doubt you, yourself, created another ID here, to claim I did it.

    I also suspect you're the one I was speaking to, who recommended me to your business, from that hypnosis site, online, with another one of your alter ego accounts, there.

    You must be sitting by your computer, now, waiting for my next post online, google-ing to find the next review I make, with all the free time you have.

    As for the FACT of you stating you're going out of business, I got that from the certification board ([email protected]) in an email to me, from her, stating you told her you were sorry for your actions towards me, and it was a learning experience for you, also, you didn't have enough clients to continue paying their fees for certification, having financial difficulties, and were looking for other sources of work, other than hypnosis.

    She went on to state, you were considering closing the hypnosis business, and you shredded all paperwork and destroyed all associated articles regarding this already, and will just wait and see if I sue you or not, wanting to put it all behind you.

    If Candace lied about that, and about sending you any messages about this, as a mediator, you have an issue with HER, not me.

    I sent her several small clips of the main recordings, of audio files showing I indeed had all the recorded sessions with you saying all I'm claiming here. Didn't she send that to you? I asked her to, so I could settle this out-of-court.

    I guess you're also denying making the 2:AM angry call to me that started this?

    All this isn't surprising, being you just had 120 hours of training with them, which amounts to just three weeks, at 8 hours/day for 5 days/week. :-)

    This is what gives you training to be a Therapist? ... haha! I bet they stretch it out to maybe 2 hours/day, so you can tell people you had four months of training.

    My television repair training, 35 years ago, was 1000 hours, One(1) Full School Year, giving indication of how little the ABH-ABNLP teach you, and how worthless that "Therapist Training" actually is.

    I have the e-mail from Candace, as well as HER recorded voice, on phone calls with me, saying all I'm claiming here.

    In my first phone call with her she admitted they aren't associated with any real medical group, or government agency, are self regulating, and make their own rules.

    I originally thought they were the ABMH (American Board of Medical Hypnosis -

    So, get a life !, ... pay what you owe me and suck up your actions, then, and only then, you can put this behind you.

    I don't have to pay for your business education.
    You brought all this on yourself...! You should have just given back all I asked for at the beginning.

    Go ahead and sue me, I have all the proof about what I said here, as well as your own words on record too... and you know it...!

    This lame attempt to frighten, or enrage me will not work.

    Did your lawyer tell you to do this? Was this the same layer who said you shouldn't admit you were sorry for the 2:AM angry call? :-)
    You're getting BAD legal advice, and should sue THEM.

    If you cause me to leave my ill mom, to take this to court, or get a lawyer to serve you legal notice, or have to answer your baseless case, if you start one, you'll be paying MUCH MORE than just $750.00 owed to me.

    And that's a LEGAL action threat! Also, if Candace never even sent you any of my e-mails trying to end this, the ABH-ABNLP is next, for Civil Actions regarding their lies.

    What a piece of work you are, making me out to be some kind of loon, when your actions show you're the unbalance one here, and I have the proof.

    I'll add slander & libel to the actions against you now!

    You want this to end, PAY the balance of $750.00 back, and it's over. (only a money order will be accepted, or other valid bank check)

    You know you're wrong, only making it worse for you, and embarrassing yourself.

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  • Pd
    PDXA Jul 22, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These posts are lies and misrepresentations of our company. The poster has created created a second identity on line to add more lies.

    At no time has KC gone through anyone's pockets or attempted to steel from anyone. The company is not being shut down and no threats have been made to revoke our certifications.

    These misleading complaints have been posted by a disgruntled person. We did everything reasnonable to address his original concerns (which are not accurately represented here).

    It saddens us that he has resorted to creating multiple identies and posting complete falshoods, which is a shame. We sincerely hope that at some time he is able to let go of his anger and move on with his life. We honestly wish him the best.

    We have discussed this legally and as a result I must state that this response to this posting in no way is an invitaion for this person to contact us and is in no way an invitation to continue your harrassment. Due to the nature of the peron's personality, we have been advised to cut off communication with him.

    -2 Votes
  • Fu
    Fully-Awake-Now Jul 22, 2009

    hey, I'm shocked now too!
    I didn't think anyone else was even reading this, :-) let alone hearing your dealings with him, thanks for sharing.

    I didn't think he'd go that far, but I'm not really too surprised at that, considering his actions involving me. Once a criminal, always a criminal, I guess.

    you can bet I carry an MP3 recorder everywhere I go now when I have to deal with people I don't know.

    take care.

    Let this be a "word to the wise" for everyone out there, reading this.
    Not just for dealing with this shady hypnotist, but people in general.

    people seem to think they can get away with anything they want, and no one will ever know. RECORD THEM, and show them they're wrong!

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  • Sh
    ShockedAndPissed Jul 20, 2009


    you're right. I went to this guy and left when I woke up unexpectedly, to find him going through my coat pockets while I was under trance.

    I should have had a recorder at the time.

    I'm never going to him again. I only wish I had the proof to arrest him.

    what a thief!

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  • Fu
    Fully-Awake-Now Jul 05, 2009

    One last note about all this.

    If he is as good as you say, he sure cheated me out of any good he may have done.

    He also told the abh-abnlp he's going to shut down his operation soon, because of lack of business.

    I don't think that's really true, and they just tried to play me, to stop the action pending against him. if that's the case here, they (abh) will also be as guilty as he is.

    We will see if they forward my last message to him regarding this, and if he complies with my demand to return all monies still outstanding.

    If not, all the laws allowed will be falling on him soon! (and the abh)

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  • Fu
    Fully-Awake-Now Jul 03, 2009

    :) hey daveg, too late, you're already smack in the middle!

    (just kidding) :-)

    This was my original point about him, if he's so nice to everyone, they may still be under his trance, or he may just be prejudice to me, for whatever reason.

    After the last session, before all this, he said how nice it was to have these talks with me. it was after my question of returning some sessions he started to foam at the mouth and call me at 2:am

    I'm sure he's careful to give contracts now, as I see you're new to him, my experience was january of 2009. so he's learned something about contract law, since then, cause he didn't give me any paperwork regarding contracts or even the itemized receipt of payment.

    If I don't get the balance of $750.00 back, along with all my other personal papers, and video tape he made of my 1st session, you will be seeing this on television court. he breached his own agreement by dis-respecting the client (me), so how did he expect me to continue with him, after that?

    You may not want to get involved with this, but you may be posting your own horror story several months from now if you listen to a recording of your own sessions. (you can ask him, but he'll say no i'm sure, since my encounter with him)

    If he is good, he sure didn't show it to me.
    All this could have been avoided if he just said he was sorry for the 2:am phone call, and understood my stress from my moms condition.

    I guess he only cares about his own mother.

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  • Da
    DaveG Jul 03, 2009

    Woah. You sound really angry. Yes, I did purchase 5 multiple sessions, but I told him I wanted to do that when I first called him. He gave me a formal contract and a receipt. I don't know what happened with you, but I've recommended other people to him, and they both solved their problems and thanked me for introducing him to them. They both said he was great.

    I had a really good experience with him. I guess sometimes people's personalities don't get along. Anyway, I don't want to get in the middle of this. Bye.

    -3 Votes
  • Fu
    Fully-Awake-Now Jul 03, 2009

    If you've never recorded your sessions, how can you be sure he's so good?

    I've got him on record doing everything I said, and the 2:am angry call to me wasn't imagined. he even admitted to it in an e-mail to me.

    If he's nice to everyone else, than why go the route of an angry call to me? simpler to just answer the e-mail or wait for the next morning to call me. he was told the situation i'm going through, with my ill mom, but ignored all that, adding even more stress to me. all this is action-able legally, and i'm talking to the proper agencies to consider those legal actions.

    You don't really know the entire story here, with his other lies about this entire experience, regarding pricing for the multi-session packages, and other issues.

    His unprofessional conduct to me is what is so puzzling.

    Did you ever purchase more than one session as a package deal?
    Did you ever get a receipt for it, or some type of contract?
    I purchased 10 sessions, and never received any receipt or contract, except the charge card receipt from his cc terminal in the ny office.

    He never apologized to me for the 2:am call, and his actions after were unacceptable, even the certification board said so (abh-abnlp), besides the post hypnotic suggestion before I agreed to continue with him, and his actions during all this show me he's very un-trustworthy.

    Good luck to you with him, you may also not be fully awake!
    He likes to keep you "under" by telling you to open your eyes and be aware, but that's not fully waking you up, is it!

    3 Votes
  • Da
    DaveG Jul 02, 2009

    I found this while researching hypnosis after meeting with KC Johnson. I have to completely diagree with you. I have been seeing KC for a while and he has always been kind, understanding and very helpful.

    I've been to other hypnotists, and he is by far one of the most professional people that I have met. He also helped me with several issues.

    -3 Votes

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