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The Manus Group review: Hiring scam

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7:13 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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On March 14 I was interviewed at Hunter Automotive by Julie Williams of The Manus Group. I was told congratulations after the interview and told to report for training on Wednesday the 16th for three days of training. At the end of the first day of training the class was told that there would be a "tuition" fee of $698.00 which would be refunded by the dealer after we had been employed 90 days. The next morning we were asked to come in one at a time to pay for the tuition. I was asked to sign a "receipt" which I was told I would get a copy of later. Friday afternoon the class was told that we had to pass two more interviews with the management of the dealer (Hunter Automotive) to see if we would be hired. At this point during a class discussion while the instructor was out of the room we all agreed that we thought we had already been hired. Nothing was ever said during the training until Friday afternoon that there was no guarantee of employment. At then end of the training just before the interviews we were given a "Certificate of Completion, " and the copy of the "receipt." On the receipt the terms were spelled out which stated there was no guarantee of employment. We were also told that there were 10 openings at Hunter in their multiple locations. Seven of us finished the class. On Saturday afternoon I received an email indicating I had not been chosen and please contact the Manus Group for help in obtaining a job at another dealer. I am out $698.oo with no job. I contacted Tom Hunter the owner by email and Rick Williams of the Manus Group on the 20th. Thus far I have received no response. I want a full refund.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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May 17, 2011 12:30 pm EDT

I was ripped off by them too and fully back everything stated in this post. I know the area where the Manus Group is located very well. I have a strong hunch that hosebag Julie Williams and her ### husband live off of county road 210 in St. Augustine at The Hamptons or possibly in the more exclusive area of Ponte Verde.
While stealing the hard earned money of folks who only were looking make an honest days pay, these darke entities, known as the manus group, are to be avoided.

Mar 31, 2011 7:56 pm EDT

I too was in that class and was promised the same exact things. I was told that I was the perfect candidate for the job and that I too would be called in for an interview (which was standard procedure) and would be surely starting to work even that same day! Well, went to interview which was supposed to be with three Upper Management people. One showed up and said that he would call me. Still waiting to get a call back!
I am unemployed and have been trying extremely hard to secure a position. I sure didn't need to waste my money that I don't have and my time that could have been spent looking for a "REAL JOB"!
All I can say is BEWARE...THIS IS A SCAM! And shame on you Hunter Automotive!