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The Lion Financial review: I need my investment back and charges against these frauds.

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I am writing this email for serious and huge fraudulent activities that are being handled by: Lion Financial, they mentioned that they are in Room F 22nd floor Floor, Enho International centre, 1 Shung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, Hongkong and their number is +[protected].
I invested in this platform with my friend suggestions and my friend has also invested in this platform.
After investing I had a real emergency situation so wanted to withdraw my money then they started saying "After inquiries by foreign exchange regulatory authority and regulations of the relevant foreign exchange departments, your accounts exceeds 50, 000 USD as a large value account, For Large value account authentication fee is 10% of the account amount. You need to complete this verification to get your money back in your bank account.
Then I paid that fee as well and when I asked to deposit my funds then they again started making things like: we reviewed your account and we found that your account did not meet some turnover of that you should have either you have to reach that turnover or pay default charges. Then I start to suspect but that time became so late so I thought not to give them even a penny. I asked why my authentication fee is not refunded to my wallet address, then they said your amount will be under the investment platform will not be returned to your wallet address. Then I asked for a bank guarantee if I pay those charges then I was threatened by them to block my account and etc.
I asked many legal questions to them related to my account which after they try to act differently, and when I asked is this really a scam then they said: Warn you not to have a bad influence on the company's reputation or I will sue you".. "if there is another slander, I will ask the finance department to block your account"
"After you complete the turnover, you can withdraw your funds. Now you have to pay your liquidated damages if you haven't completed everything"

Then I reported to Hong Kong police as well about these incidents. I can provide you with any shreds of evidence that will prevent these people from scamming. I have been almost dead after this incident.
I can share every detail about these fraudulent activities they are doing. I am sure after they abused me they are scammers. It was completely late after I come onto the road. I wish I get my investments only. I am not sure about the person who suggested I invest is also fraud or else but that friend has also invested 300k USD as I got seen the account information from that friend.
I can share any details to get to punish these culprits. Hence, I am writing this email. I have also complained to SFC & Hongkong police and now I am doing to the domain provider for taking action.
Hope you save people's life Please! I was almost thinking of do suicide!🤕🤔😐

Please contact me for reference of police complaints and other incidences.

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Apr 09, 2022 6:46 am EDT

Hi, I was also scammed by this lion financial thing and it all started with a message in what’s up a supposed friend That was making thousands of dollars with inside information from her sister in New York what dumb l feel!