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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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I was deceived and ripped off by The Lending Center on 4350 Haddonfield Rd, Suite 311. The senior loan officer was Mr. Giulio Leone.

My wife and were contacted by Mr. Leone about re-mortgaging our loan and paying off all our loans with a better rate. This turned out to be a night mare, to say the least.

At the time of the loan, I was recovering from a major operation on my neck and I was collecting disability, in a neck brace and on heavy medication. My wife was also on heavy medication due to an accident from a couple years back.

Mr. Leone promised to get us a better loan and pay off all our debt. In the loan, Mr. Leon promised to get us a mortgage with taxes included and pay off everything. It all sounded good.

After processing all the paper work, A closer was sent to our house. The closer came with two mortgages; one for our house at 8.3% for 50 years, and one for 43k at 10%. This was never discussed at any of our meetings.

When I finally woke up, and found out what we had signed, I was in total shock. I feel that because of all the circumstances, we were taken advantage of, my wife and I never would have signed the papers.

My wife and I have been deceived and taken advantage of and we totally regret ever meeting with The Lending Center in Pennsauken, NJ. Also, we are looking into our options on what we can do to stop these type of business practices by any lending institution.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

johnny 3 toed navaho
Mount Hope w v, US
Mar 05, 2023 7:08 pm EST
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lendingcrednow, wants my bank account no. , my routing no. that's when i stopped. also jason hanson who can't sell anymore of his RAT fighting instruction books has taken me for $10. i have written him and no reply. so be careful. his ploy is JUST PAY THE SHIPPING COST . well i did but all that i learned was that he is a crook, also do not deal with those who sell the little electric scooter. the even have films of it being used, adds a touch of legitimacy to their claim, they are treatsura, they kept writing me until i asked what their next lie would be. two people whom i do not know mailed me and started that intro, hey john i haven't seen you since, ( whatever ), and they try to convince me to send some one in the gov. a certain amount of dollars when they finally accept that i'm not going to and i become, ( hey listen to me i'm not going to it's a scam ). oh no no it's not they whom i do not know, well they have to yet write me back to brag about their good fortune