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The Karat Patch Jewellers  -  I don't give a ### about my watch!

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7:57 am
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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A watch had its battery replaced. The back was broken. The jeweler, Frank Poissant owner of the Karat Patch refused to even discuss the damage to the watch. He was hostile, abusive, insulting and unprofessional.


I brought a 1 year old designer digital watch (Diesel) in for a battery replacement. I had been to several watch repair places who said the replacement was too complicated for them to do.

At the Karat Patch I explained that this watch was waterproof. The clerk accepted the repair, and replaced the battery.

When my son took a shower his watch filled with water and stopped working.

A friend who works in watch repair offered to take the watch back to the Karat Patch. The owner (Frank Poissant) refused to accept any responsibility for the damaged caused by the repair. He acknowledged that the watch had been water damaged, and that the (substantially thick) stainless steel back was so bent that there was an obvious gap between it and the watch body. He did nothing else but swab the watch with a q-tip. He was patronizing and indirect and made no other effort to resolve the problem.

The following day I came to the Karat Patch with the still broken watch. Mr. Poissant had not confessed that an unskilled clerk had undertaken the repair. I repeated my service issue. He became abusive, cursing and insulting me, and ultimately demanding that I leave his shop. He refused to take ownership of the damage, he called the two other watch professionals that I consulted "Idiots", he was aggressive and threatening. He actually said he "Didn't give a ### about my watch" and that he "Didn't like my big mouth".

The Karat Patch Jeweller, is in, at #100, 5253 Richmond Road SW. Calgary, Alberta


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Oct 09, 2013 10:01 pm
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The Karat Patch is a joke! They sold me a USED battery for the full price of $15.00 (the battery costs only $5.00 elsewhere)! The package was taped closed and without any effort the USED battery fell out. It didn't even work! I went back to the store to get a NEW battery and the clerk lied her way through trying to convince me that the battery wasn't used.

I will never shop at the Karat Patch again, THEY ARE DISHONEST! And I will tell ALL of my friends!

Jan 25, 2007 8:34 pm

Her complaint is malicious and unwarranted. If she treated others nicer, maybe she would receive the same.

This person brought in a watch that was not working. After properly installing the watch cell, by a properly trained staff member, (not an unskilled one as claimed) the customer had it in their possession for a day or so and then sent a friend in stating that the watch had leaked when in the shower. It was also stated that this person worked in the watch repair field. Possibly so, as he did understand and seemed to accept the explanations given to him. The rechecking of the watch was all done in front of him with explanations along the way.

There are many reasons that a watch can get water into it, even something as simple as the crown being slightly pulled out. Just because it hadn't, (supposedly) leaked before
the watch quit, the customer blamed this on the store. As well, it was mentioned that many other stores had decided not to replace the cell, which by the way, was a regular battery replacement and not a difficult one by any means. We probably replace 6 to 10 of these a day! Any store that does watch repairs could replace this battery without a problem. She refused to say where she had taken it previously (why the big secret?) or whether anyone had opened it or tried to before it was brought to us.

All watches are taken in for battery replacement in "AS IS" condition as stated by a LARGE 8x10 sign on our take in counter as no jeweler will guarantee water resistance on any watch after simply changing the battery alone. This is standard in the trade.

When the watch was brought back with a TINY amount of moisture in it, the watch was inspected and the 4 case back screws were tight as they should be. In no way was the back "bent" and was not "bent" simply by screwing down the case back during our battery replacement. There was no press or other tool used to replace the back as none are needed and it would not have bent by simply replacing the case back screws, since it was, "substantially thick", by the customer's own words. This was explained to the friend in detail and the slight moisture inside the case back was removed, (which was barely even visible but was so under magnification) the watch reset and the functions checked. All seemed to work. We have no way of knowing if the watch even worked properly Before the cell was replaced...hence the, "AS IS" wording.

The watch was again brought in the next day by a RUDE person (Amelia Cabezon I presume) looking for a fight and who REFUSED to listen to anything, and who did nothing but verbally attack and threaten us, as well as question the store's integrity from the very moment she opened her mouth. It was impossible to discuss anything with this person, (unlike her friend) as she just talked over everything and everyone. An unrelated customer with her husband in the store at the same counter right next to her actually turned to her and told her she was out of line and being obnoxious. That customer was told to mind her own business. She certainly was being obnoxious.

Since she refused to listen to ANYTHING other than her own ranting, she was asked to leave the store after getting more personal and insulting. After her leaving, our other customer commented at how impossible and rude she was and said they were getting angry just listening to her. Two staff members and two customers heard her say she knew people who would "GET" me. How would YOU personally react to someone telling you that in YOUR own house? Not well I would think.

The Karat Patch takes great pride in it's thousands of happy and satisfied clients and only reacted after repeated threats by a nasty and insulting person 1/20th the way she acted with us. After 31 years in the jewellery and watch business, this person thinks she knows more than a professional jeweller. Had her demeanor been better, she might have received a different response. No one has to take that kind of abuse.

Her complaint is malicious and brought about by her own actions. She is a rude and insulting person, who, with her attitude will continue to offend and blame other businesses for her own shortcomings.

We are glad that she will get to read this and hopefully change her attitude and become a nicer and less insulting person over time. There are many options to fixing any problem, but few exist when threats and insults are used.

We appreciate the opportunity to post our view as well on this site and thank you all for taking the time to read our side of the story.

A. Cabezon is listed in the White Pages at 618 Elbow Drive S.W. Calgary, Alberta