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I scheduled a consultation on a Thursday with The Flower Hut in Charlotte, NC to pick my wedding flowers which I had one month to plan my entire wedding. Upon my future mother-in-law becoming ill with a bad bladder infection on that Saturday, the day of the appointment (who is also paying for a big chunk of floral services), I called and requested a rescheduled appointment and explained the situation. The owner, Bill Miller, rudely requested I no longer consider use of his services because he didn't want to be rushed. My wedding is still 2 weeks out and he acted like I was a huge inconvenience to him by cancelling only 2 days later. I can only assume he must not need any business by his demeanor towards me- treating potential clients in this manner. I will be using another florist and they will be getting my business instead. And none of my engaged friends will be using The Flower Hut's services either.



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    juliette snowboard Jul 23, 2010

    it must be difficult for this individual to understand that you need to call and cancel an appointment/reservation with any merchant, even a restaurant. These merchants set aside their time and expertise for
    these appointments and they could give this spot to someone else rather than waiting for a selfish person who does not take the time to call the merchant to reschedule before the appointment rather than waiting 2 days and calls again to re-schedule...and how do you know she was going to show up this 2nd time...we go through these every day in our restaurant business...this is why we stopped taking reservations.

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  • Ma
    ManOnFire9662 Feb 09, 2011

    I used the Flower Hut before and Bill was extremely nice and helpful to answer my questions. His assistant even gave me extra roses with my order to help me out. I will prefer to use them again when I have the chance.

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  • Wi
    William C Miller Feb 24, 2011
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    Verified customer

    What the complaint LEFT OUT was that she was a "no show" for the consultation, and did not contact us until Tue or Wed of the following week. We LOST an opportunity to serve another bride that wanted to meet with us but was only in town that day.

    The next available appointment time would have been the following Saturday. Since her wedding was the Sat after that, it was my judgement that we did not have enough time to obtain the specialized flowers required for wedding work AND be able to do the kind of high quality work that has been associated with The Flower Hut since we started business in 1988.

    That is what I told her. I'm sorry she took offense, but over the years we have learned that sometimes it is necessary to say "No, thank you, " to a customer.

    Bill Miller

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