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CB Business and Industrial Review of Test Support/Student SVCS
Test Support/Student SVCS

Test Support/Student SVCS review: I would like my refund of $220.87

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I received SAT/ACT DVDs for my daughter. I thought it through her high school. Not sure how they got our information now that I think back. I sent back the DVDs within 30 days and was told I would get a refund. I was charged in August 2022. Still have not received a refund. Then, we got an unauthorized charge on 1/9/23 for $79.95. Our credit card denied it or we would not have even noticed the charge. I called them and they were very nonchalant about the unauthorized charge and I inquired about the credit for returning the DVDs of $220.87. He said he would get it to their billing center to follow up on and he said "good luck."

Desired outcome: and to make other parents aware that this organization is fishy and charges our credit card without authorization. Thank you for your help and time.

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