TaxiPassdriver fraud

This is obviously a set up. I was handed a paper saying the ride would cost $61 not including tolls and tip. The drivers collude to rip you off. My driver said he had no money for the tolls. I gave him a 20$ finding it starnge but...what the heck. When we got close to the address he pretended not to know where it was (corner of 102 and broadway in Manhattan) and finally I had to guide him with my GPS...When we arrived he did not have change from $80 (I wanted 10 back) so insisted I pay on the app. He took close to 5 minutes setting it up finally handing it to me only showing the signature...I said I cannot see the amount. He said that was the way the app worked so first I needed to sign then I would approve the ride and add the tip. Needless to say the amount showing was 25, 50 more than I expected...instead of $61 it said 81.06... and there was no way to change it. It showed the toll charge of 15, 50...when I asked for my $20 back he said that I never gave it...
It is illegal to be forced to sign without seeing the charge and he stole my $20.

Oct 06, 2019

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