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CB Online Scams Review of Tafiti Consulting, Media Learner LLC, Donkey Host,
Tafiti Consulting, Media Learner LLC, Donkey Host,

Tafiti Consulting, Media Learner LLC, Donkey Host, review: scammed me for over $6000 1

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6:14 pm EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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I signed up with Angela Penbrook to process rebates at home for $197. She gave my information to another company called Taffiti Consulting who talked me into using other peoples money (my credit card) to purchase a program where they would help me build and market my own website selling an item of my choice from a dropshipper that they would help me find through setting me up with a company called I paid $5800 to tafiti and an additional $299 to (I supposedly got half off because they were affiliated with tafiti). I explained to them that I had just recently relocated and although my husband was working I did not have a job yet. They said no problem they would help me every step of the way and I would be able to pay the credit card off with the money I made.
I was excited and spent hours doing the research and watching the tutorials. I was supposed to get 4 weeks of coaching but only recieved 3. I was suposed to get a packet in the mail after that to help me dial in and market my website with their help. I did not recieve this. Wholesale match didn't find me a dropshipper I found my own by doing a search on the internet and it did not cost me anything. They tried to talk me into getting an LLC but my accountant told me to go sole propriator it was about $50 versus $800. Tafiti is affiliated with the Lawyer they set you up with so they are just trying to get more money out of you. I called and emailed asking about the packet they were supposed to send me for 6 weeks. I left messages on voicemails and when I talked to a person was promised someone would call me back. All I wanted was my own business so I could stay home with my son and be there for him. I spent hours dreaming about what I was going to sell and picking the perfect product. After 6 weeks I finally realized I had been scammed. I called and asked for my money back and was told that someone from the cancellation department would call me no one did. My husband was furious, he had backed be this whole time seeing my excitement and wanting me to succeed. He called them also and asked to speek to a manager or the boss of the person who aswered the phone. They said they were in a meeting and would call him back. They did not. I called again and again was told someone from the cancellation department would call me back and still noone responds to my plees. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and my credit card company. I also repeatedly asked for 4 month for them to stop charging my credit card for the $39.95 Hosting fee for the website they never helped me with. My credit card company finally stopped the charges. Since I disputed this with my credit card company they have refunded me 4 months of the 6 months of the $39.95 hosting fee but refuse to return the $5800 or $299. I will not give up. I found a person on line who has finally gotten a full refund of his money. I plan to file a complaint with every department I can and I will even write a letter to the Vice President and the President of the United States. If you have been scammed by this company DO NOT GIVE UP I'M NOT!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Against Tafiti and Doba
Alma, US
Jun 05, 2009 7:51 pm EDT

These kinds of companies like Tafiti Media Learner are an absolute shame. Tafiti Consulting is a morally disturbing company. Tafiti Consulting rides on the back of eBay like a little remora fish gobbling up the crums of its host shark. In all my experiences, I still cannot decide if Doba actually strives to be legitimate and just got stuck with all the bottom feeder companies like Tafiti on whose business it now depends, or if Doba is also a scam. Either way Doba's got a hand in scam too.

All these fraudulent companies Tafiti Consulting, Media Learner LLC, Doba seem to arise in States with laws that are favorable if your plan were to defraud people, Utah, Nevada and so on. Society is definitely catching on however and their Better Business Bureau scores are "beginning" to reflect that.

However Tafiti et al.'s TRUE score - that is once people more commonly find the importance in filing complaints to the Better Business Bureau and Law Enforcement/Attorney General - would be . . . hmmmm . . . how to put it . . . what would Enron's score be, except these companies especially Tafiti Consulting prey on individuals in their homes with lies, deceit, fraud, and scamming tactics.

Tafiti's should thus be lower, in a sense, than even Enron's. . . .

I just checked, and according to the Better Business Bureau's ratings, Tafiti's (also know as Media Learner, LLC, Ebiz Teacher, LLC, Donkey Host, LLC) Better Business Bureau rating IS ACTUALLY WORSE THAN Enron's!

Way to go consumers who have been scammed by Tafiti! Sticking it back to 'em and helping warn your fellow consumers!

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