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In October 2007 I applied with Mecklenburg County Child Support Enforcement (the state agency) in Charlotte, NC to register an Order of Foreign Support with the Mecklenburg County Court, which changes the jurisdiction of enforcement of my child support order from SC to NC so it could be enforced since my ex husband lives in NC. During that time we were unsuccessful in locating him until May 2008 when I was able to track him down on my own and give his home address to the state agency.

However, in the time it took them to serve him with the order he moved again and we were once again unable to locate him to have the documents served. In June of 2008 I gave the state agency his employment information as well but they were unable to process a wage garnishment at that time since SC still had jurisdiction over my case and the York County, SC court requires the absent parent to appear in court to give consent for wage garnishment before they will garnish wages. They cannot, however, cross state lines to make him appear in court. Their hands were tied until the absent parent could be located and served with this court order in NC.

Because of this, I applied with Supportkids, Inc on July 3, 2008 hoping they would be helpful in locating him so that he could be served with the order to Register an Order of Foreign Support in NC and the state agency or Supportkids, Inc could collect the child support owed to my children. They promised they would locate him and collect payments on my behalf and, in return they would keep a percentage of each child support payment they collect to pay for their services.

I provided Supportkids, Inc with my ex husband's employment information, SS#, cell phone number and last known address and my application was accepted on July 7, 2008. The following day they contacted him and his employer and verified said information. According to their records online, they proceeded to call him again the following day and left a message on his voicemail and again on August 6, 2008.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, the state agency was able to locate him on their own and the order was served on him at his current address on the same day I applied with Supportkids, Inc. I wasn't made aware of this fact until I received a letter in the mail in late August, along with a copy of the court order, notifying myself and the non custodial parent that as of August 8, 2008, an order had been entered against him, jurisdiction had been moved to NC and his wages were subject to garnishment immediately.

This letter also had a copy of the Affidavit of Service which is how I know it was served on July 3rd. On that same day, August 8, 2008, the state agency was finally able to file the wage garnishment because the order was entered in NC and they had the jurisdiction to do so. On August 20, 2008 the first payment was received in the amount of $140.00 by North Carolina Centralized Collections in Raleigh, NC and another payment of $140.00 was received by the same state agency on August 25, 2008. I did not receive either of these payments.

At the end of August I found out that the reason I did not receive those payments is because Supportkids, Inc had intercepted the first payment and applied it to my account with them on August 26, 2008. The following day they applied the other payment I didn't receive to my account with them as well.

I immediately contacted Supportkids, Inc via their client response unit at [protected] and explained the situation to the client advocate who took my call and was told that I would need to send any requests for refunds or termination of services to their office in writing via their PO box, fax or email. I complied with this request and sent a letter explaining the situation once again, a copy of the court order which shows the date it was served and the date it was entered into record with the Mecklenburg County courthouse in Charlotte, NC, a letter from my case worker at the state agency in NC detailing their timeline and verifying that they acted on information I had provided to them personally and information they had obtained independently without any assistance from Supportkids, Inc.

I was also informed by the case worker that the state agency never deals with Supportkids, Inc at any time. They do not act on information or requests received from Supportkids, Inc nor do they communicate with them at all. At the request of Supportkids, Inc, I also included a payment history from the state agency showing the payments intercepted by Supportkids, Inc were initially collected by NC Centralized Collections. I then sent all of this to Supportkids, Inc via the US postal service, email and fax to ensure they received it in a timely manner. My account online was updated on September 8, 2008 with a message that they had received my request and would review my case and respond.

During this time they proceed to contact the non-custodial parent twice, harassing him to pay them directly even though his wages were already being garnished each week by the state agency and I had asked Supportkids, Inc to stop calling him since the state agency was handling it and their services were no longer required.

On October 1, 2008, my account online was once again updated to reflect a message stating:

�After careful review of your case, the terms of the contract for services you have signed and your request to terminate service, we have concluded there is not sufficient cause to cancel your contract. You will receive a notice of this decision in the mail."

On October 2, 2008 I called Supportkids, Inc for an explanation and spoke with Casey, who refused to give me her last name or an operator ID but assured me she is the only Casey who works as a client advocate. I asked Casey to transfer me to the supervisor who denied my request to discontinue their services and was told that the supervisor would tell me the same thing she was going to tell me so I should speak to her instead.

I asked Casey why was the request and evidence I sent not sufficient to close my case with them and she stated that Supportkids, Inc is in fact garnishing the non custodial parent's wages themselves and that's why they wouldn't cancel. I informed her that the wage garnishment was not being handled by Supportkids, Inc but by NC Centralized Collections as I stated in my letter to them. She put me on hold to verify the information she was giving me and came back to inform me that the reason NC Centralized collections were garnishing the wages is because Supportkids, Inc had sent the request to do so on July, 29, 2008 and that's the reason they intercepted the payments and refused to close my case or refund the $280.00 they obtained from NC Centralized Collections.

I tried to explain the situation to her and she then asked me why I applied with Supportkids, Inc on July 3, 2008 if the state agency had already located him and I explained that I wasn't aware of it until the order was entered on August 8, 2008 and the notification was received in the mail in late August. She also asked why the state agency didn't garnish his wages before I applied with Supportkids, Inc if they had already served him with the necessary documentation, to which I replied because they didn't have jurisdiction over the case in NC until that document was served and entered as a judgment in the court in NC, after the mandatory waiting period for the noncustodial parent to respond to the request to transfer it from SC to NC.

She continued to argue that Supportkids, Inc was directly responsible for obtaining payment from the absent parent and refused to close my case. I asked her to transfer me to the supervisor after all and was told that no supervisor was available but I could leave a voicemail. She transferred me to the voicemail and I left a message requesting a call back before the end of business to rectify this situation or I would file a complaint with the necessary authorities. I have not received a call back as of yet.

After leaving the message with Supportkids, Inc, I called the state agency in NC to get the date they sent in the wage garnishment forms and was informed that it was filed on August 8, 2008; the same day the judgment was ordered on the absent parent at the courthouse. I asked if they had received any request from Supportkids, Inc that may have prompted them to do this and was told that they haven't received anything from Supportkids, Inc and was once again informed that even if they did, they would not act on it because they do not deal directly with Supportkids, Inc and they would only process a such a request from myself. I was made aware that the wage garnishment could not possibly have been filed before August 8, 2008 because the court in NC had no jurisdiction to enforce the order from SC until this �Order to Register Foreign Support" was confirmed by the court on August 8, 2008.

When I signed up with Supportkids, Inc I had every intention of letting them keep the initial payment of $475 for the case development fee and the percentage they would take from each payment for the work they would do in locating the absent parent and collecting support from him. However, it's not fair or ethical for them to keep money they had no part in collecting. I provided them with sufficient evidence to prove that the state agency was able to secure payments on their own but they still refuse to refund the $280 they intercepted from NC Centralized Collections on my behalf or close my case with them.

Each time I call them about this matter I have to wait on hold for at least 15 minutes or more and am treated as if I'm an outright liar and dismissed and ridiculed. After I signed up with them and realized they were intercepting payments they had no right to, I began to research them a little more online; something I wish I had done before ever dealing with them. I found I'm not the only one they are preying on and I'm sure I won't be the last unless some kind of action is taken to regulate and monitor them more effectively. In hindsight, I would have never signed up with them if I had known that they would turn it over to the same state agency I was already working with. I certainly don't see a need to pay an initial fee of $475 and 34% of each payment as a �payment processing fee" for them to intercept payments from the state agency that the state agency collected on their own, and then forward them on to me.

Supportkids, Inc's claim that the state filed the wage garnishment as a direct result of the request they claim to have sent in July is invalid because there is no way any NC agency could have garnished his wages before the Confirmation to Register Foreign Support Order was registered on August 8, 2008.

Given the fact that the state agency chose August 8, 2008 as the date to file for the wage garnishment, it should be obvious that it was because that's the day the order was finally registered and NOT because of some letter they received from Supportkids, Inc. Even if they had acted on that letter... ask yourself, is a couple of phone calls and a letter to an agency asking them to do something you've already asked them to do yourself really worth $475 upfront and 34% out of EVERYTHING collected after that? I don't think so.


  • Ch
    Charles Gately Jun 29, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Charles Gately. I paid my last support payment in June 16, my case was closed by the State of Florida. I confirmed twice. I continue to get letters from Support Kids though Ginny Stoner saying I still owe support. I sent her emalis that were very professional and courteous saying to please check the records as the case is closed. I got another letter this week and decided to google them and found this site. I to believe I am being extoted and plan to call the authorities in Texas and report he crime.

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  • Je
    Jeffrey A. Trueman Feb 17, 2021
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Charles Gately You are without question! They pulled same ahit with me in 2009 after 9 yrs of figuring PA fsmily court corruption and prevailing int that war for my kids. I recall that the now Gov of TX Abbott formed said crazies alleging to be investigators!

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  • Ev
    EverleighElizabeth Jan 25, 2017

    I want to make sure all the #### who didn't know what they applied for or pay for know that:
    SupportKids absolutely works!
    I was having issues with the state of Texas & they couldn't take the information I gave them and locate him to tell his work to withhold payments from his check but I applied with Supportkids, filled out the online application and read the contract before I signed so I knew what I was agreeing to, and the ladies were so nice. I had all my papers in my records so when they asked for copies I got to send them in right away. When I was filling out the application I put his current job and within 1 week my application was accepted and within 4 weeks Supportkids had sent the work the papers to get my child support withheld and paid. I chose the option where I don't pay anything out of pocket, they get the payment and they keep 34% of what they get and I get the rest, Its better than 0 that I have been surviving off of from him for too many years from the state of Texas work..

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  • Vi
    vicccc Jul 10, 2014

    my case is closed in the state of Al. and the state even sent back the last garnishments. supportkids said send the money to them. my employer still takes the money out but doesnt send it any where? i have no idea what to do now.

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  • Ri
    ricky caver Mar 20, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    recently i found out that i have been a victim for over 12 years i have been paying the entire time at which my ex-wife has not received 1 cent i am mad as hell and i will be contacting the attorney general to get to the bottom of this awful travesty, this is a classic example of corporate greed, thanks for your post, yours truly MAD AS HELL!!!

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  • Jo
    jovita villalpando Dec 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    support kids are the biggest fraud and thieves i have ever seen. my ex gets paid every two weeks, however they only make me two payments per month now. at one time they would send me the 3 checks because some months have 3 pmts, but no more. my check reduces every year by one dollar. i hate these thieves. i hope they will get caught by the attorney general of every state. i had another case in which they only collected 10, 000.00 out of a 46, 000.00 debt from another child, they only gave me 6, 000.000 but they told me that it had expired that my son was too old already( he is 30) come to find out that my ex hired a lawyer and support kids did not want to go to court( i guess they did not want to spend all that money) l beleive what they told me about the case expiring and so i sighned the paperwork like an idiot had i known the truth i would have never signed.

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  • Je
    Jeffrey Trueman Apr 30, 2009

    HI ALL,

    My name is Jeff Trueman. For the past year, I have dealt with these unusual people over the phone and told them repeatedly, to serve me if they have a case. They don't as I have never lived in Texas, and my children are in Georgia and Delaware, ages 18 and 22. Oh yes, I speak with my kids on a daily basis.

    For your information, I am thinking about forming a non-profit entitled "Citizens Against Support Kids Dot Dom" to ring an end to this scam. Here is my first official communciation to them just minutes ago:

    "Citizens Against Support Kids Dot Com
    Est. April 30, 2009
    Founder, Jeffrey A. Trueman
    P.O. Box 1704 * McDonough GA 30253

    April 30, 2009

    ATTN: Alleged Investigator Sosa [email protected]

    RE: Notice Of Cease & Desist Directive

    Mr. Sosa:

    As the founder of Citizens against “SK.Com, ” I am hereby ordering you to “cease and desist” from your continued cruel and unusual abuses of American parentss via interstate telephone calls and threats of imprisonment—without due process of law and evidence to support such serious liberty and property abuse claims.

    With this letter, I am demanding you cease and desist in your criminal activities on behalf of myself, and all other “Citizens Against Support Kids Dot Com.” To further establish I am serious as all hell, that I intend to utilize all legal avenues to shut you people down, I am incorporating the partial Texas Attorney General grievance filed today, and in light of your hostile and laughable telephone call of last evening:

    “Dear Attorney General Abbott:

    This is my second request for investigation of the following Texas company in less than one year:

    PO Box 18988
    Austin, Texas

    Hostile and Threatening Phone Call No. 7

    Last night, I received another threatening call from a so-called “Investigator Sosa” from said company. He again, threatened me with imprisonment if I did not send them money. Clearly, it is an extortion scam in my opinion as my “UIFSA” matters were “dropped” by the Delaware Family Court over a year ago as my case in short, arises from a “breach of contract” dispute and not a willful failure to support my kids, Tiffany and Gage. For the record, my daughter Tiffy (22) lives in Atlanta, GA, and moved to my state years ago wherein my fiancé and I, (both disabled U.S. Veterans) have helped her to establish her young life in the proper manner. As for my son Gage, he is 18 and in Delaware and I am trying to get him to move to Georgia with me.

    Legal Extortion

    As a disabled American Veteran and loving father who has always complied with my obligations to my children, and still do, I am asking you Attorney General to work with me to bring an end to the Supportkids legal extortion they are attempting to achieve with me, across state lines via telephone calls and threats of imprisonment to say the least.

    I have saved all calls from these criminals . . . and they are outrageous to say the least as they don’t even known the original court of jurisdiction and fail to look at the totality of the UIFSA record and filings before threatening me with imprisonment in my disabled status . . . that is giving rise to serious infliction of emotion distress.

    Nine-Years Of Fighting Through The Legal System With No Justice At All & Legal Double Jeopardy

    Mr. Attorney General, from researching this “sham” organization as apparent from reviewing the “BBB” site, that clearly does not do its homework, and only proceeds on the side of one party (Mrs. Trueman), for whom Pennsylvania attempted to collect alleged child support and after seven years of motions, they did not prosecute. I am faced with “Legal Double Jeopardy” and need help to end this frivolous attempt to extort money from me, wherein it will only hurt my children to say the least if it continues as I am too a boiling point, and matched with my military related ailments, gives rise to an intentional infliction type cause of action and others, in my opinion if your office will not stop these cruel and unusual people who have no interest in the best interest of my children as I do as their father. In essence, I am pleading with your office to intervene and help me stop these criminals from manipulating the legal system; as their phone calls to me as recorded via my messaging system, clearly establishes a bona fide claim they are unprofessional at minimum, and criminals at best.

    It just makes me wonder how many other victims they intimidated into paying on false claims of potential imprisonment for which I believe is a federal question due process and liberty and property interest claim against all who are involved, or, who fail to act to stop these people.


    In sum, if your office does not intervene and help me, I will petition the U.S. federal court in Middle GA to obtain an injunction against these people and seek further legal representation to bring a cause of action against any and all people, who know, or should know, this company is a sham.

    Best wishes,
    Jeffrey A. Trueman”

    P.S. I can be contacted directly at [email protected] As an American, I believe the greatest threat to our society is people who destroy the father/mother relationship based upon false and frivolous claims.


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  • Kr
    Kristina Apr 23, 2009 is a scam. This so-called agency is stealing from children, acting ONLY on information given to them (that means little to NO WORK on their own) Who are 'THEY' anyway? Every letter of complaint I have read online is always the SAME; a form letter telling us that they will not close our cases, after us parents wise up and realize supportkids is a money-making scam out of Austin, Texas. WHY? Because this agency collects over half of all collected support a month! CONTACT your Attorney General's office, television, newspaper, EVERYONE and please, leave email address's so we can file a class action against this collection agency called "supportkids"...

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  • Ma
    Mad Momma Mar 19, 2009


    Something needs to be done about this. I am going through this now and they have not released the money they took from child support enforcement. They have done nothing, no phone calls to me to provide me with case status, all they are trying to do is piggy-back the work of the state agencies to make a profit.

    All I wanted to do was collect on the back child support owed to my children. I have an interstate case and the worker in the other state was actually the one who pursued this and finally caught up with my ex. I refuse to lay down and take this. I am filing a claim with the BBB and filing a post to Action 9 Eyewitness News. If they see enough of these types of postings, they will know something is wrong and expose SupportKids for the crooks they are!

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  • Me
    MelJ Feb 13, 2009

    Thank you for all of the information above! I am at a stand still with the non custodial parent who is evading child support for the past 8 months and owes his 5 children thousands!
    I am at my wits end because the county csea can not do anything because they can't validate or secure an address on him and I was about to sign up with support kids to get help.
    Thank you for saving me the stress and headache!!

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  • Ve
    vesteele Feb 11, 2009

    I am now going thru the same thing with them. I did the work and the state did and support kids want the big fee!!!

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  • Mo
    Monica Jan 22, 2009

    Thanks for the information. I was about to sign up until I read your comments.

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  • Ms
    msgunpowder Jan 17, 2009

    I've dealt with Support kids since 2006, let me say I asked to terminate my contract in the 1st part of 2007 due to lack of performance and they refused. I wished I'd done more research as well. They are no different than the State Attorney general's office. Any of you that are thinking about it, let me tell you it's just more aggrivating when there are 2 agencies and neither one is getting results. Especially when the commercials are misleading. I hope this helps the next one, I wish I had known then what I know now.

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  • Ma
    Madge Dec 11, 2008

    I'm quite impressed with your knowledge of how insterstate cases work in regards to registering orders, etc...

    At any rate, though, I don't belive the Support Kids contract says they only keep a portion of support THEY collect. They keep a portion of ANY support collected.

    The way they do this is simple. They write to the appropriate Child Support Agency and provide them with a copy of the authorization you signed to have your name and mailing address changed to their address. This is where checks would be distributed to from the state agency. So while the state agency may indicate they do not "deal with" support kids, they will change a mailing address at the custodian's request.

    Support Kids is the biggest scam I have ever been witness to. In fact, they cannot suspend driver's licenses, or take any actions on anything that is government/state issued. They word thier website very carefully, they tell you what they CAN do...but they never really tell you HOW they do it. The state of Virginia is suing them at the moment. You can see this information on the Better Business Bureau website.

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  • Xx
    xxxxxxxxxxxxx Nov 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Support Kids is a waste. A private agency with no power to do anything but call the absent parent like a collection agency is a joke. Support Kids has no connections with any government agencys so their really powerless and cannot enforce any orders. $475 processing fee THEN 37% of YOUR CHILDS money for what...some harrassing phone calls to make someone pay their child support? Good luck since you could have done that on your own.

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