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A Jul 29, 2019

-Gross underestimated cost to get you to sign on
-Major Damage to multiple expensive items
***yes I mean actually went into our sealed boxes and STOLE EXPENSIVE ITEMS***
If you are thinking of using this company for any of your moving/storing needs I urge you to exercise extreme caution!!!
My husband and I recently moved from LA to Dallas and used Superior Van lines to move and store our things for 6 weeks.
They have incredibly accommodating customer service in the beginning (we've now learned was the sales department and once they had our money we never heard from again) almost to the point where you felt like it was your friend. Their sales lady Mary Cookie would call just to check on us and see how the packing was going and that we were still on to use them for our big move and storage.
I started to type my whole experience out here but there is not enough character space on google review to leave the entire nightmare, so let's hit the main points.
-GROSS underestimation of cost. They roped us in with extremely kind customer service and quoted us $1800 for a 1 bedroom apartment. We were in a STUDIO so figured we should be okay. When it came to moving day, once two thirds of our stuff was on the truck they advised us we were over our estimated space. We had no choice but to continue, we had to be out by midnight and had nowhere to go. And they ended up charging us nearly $4400. Yes you read that right.
Half due then and half due CASH ONLY upon delivery. This is where the customer service took a dramatic downturn. We spent the next three weeks trying to get an answer from someone if we could get a slightly better rate on our price per cubic foot. The answer came from the regional manager (I think her name was Nicole) that they could not help us in any way and could only adjust add on charges and not the price per cubic foot.
Then when it came to delivery six weeks later we were given two different stories about when our stuff would be delivered in Dallas. Again Nicole the regional manager said she would call us about when our stuff would be loaded on the truck and sent out.
We then get a call from the truck driver when we are one day into a 3 Day drive across the country that our stuff will arrive in one day. Stressed out we drive all day and night to meet them there and beg our new apartment to let them start unloading. We get a call from they driver he will have to charge an ADDITIONAL $500 for a "long carry" because they couldn't fit their massive truck carrying multiple peoples loads in the unloading area that every other
moving company uses (according to our apartment building).
We then call Nicole again to ask her first off WHY she hadn't called us back like she SAID she would regarding our drop off date and if they could now adjust this "add on" as she mentioned could be adjusted. She dodged the question about why she hadn't followed through on calling us back, said she wouldn't adjust the add on and when we started calmly telling her that this has been such a terrible experience she HUNG UP on us! Not the kind of behaviour I expect from a regional manager!
All of this before FINALLY seeing our stuff and our big screen tv... smashed... expensive shelf, bent and can't stand up straight anymore. Broken glasses, chipped and damaged side tables and coffee table. 4 mangled lamps... just to name a few and then here comes the kicker...Our marked "electronics" box... arrives re sealed after 6 weeks of storage.. two thirds EMPTY. PlayStation 4 and controllers STOLEN. VR set STOLEN. Latest Apple TV STOLEN.Other packages ripped into, two aged bottles of tequila, STOLEN. Smart scale STOLEN. Food processor STOLEN.
It's one thing to be figuratively robbed by a company but it's another to be LITERALLY ROBBED by a company. We were told innitially that they would make this right and that the ower would personally attend to this and of course now we can't get any kind of response from anyone. Now having to go to police and claims court.

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