Styledrops.comThey are a bunch of thieves and con-merchants


This site sells fakes - since I bought one for over $1, 000 I have been investigating and have found a lot of other people who have been ripped off! Stay away and save your money for the genuine article! They are a bunch of thieves and con-merchants.


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    haooy Aug 17, 2012

    But how changed the purse of a 16-century physics gluttony or late 17th

    century Limoges wedding silk purse, at present, for example, the Salvatore

    Ferragamo Bags( "The most obvious

    difference is size. Everything became more and more in recent years. In

    addition, there are wonderful ways the type ofFerragamo Handbag

    ( that have been discovered through this

    research. You could see the replays of some different styles and forms

    over the decades, and watches "The most interesting aspect of the

    collection is the level of craftsmanship that barely survives in the

    Ferragamo Outlet( today.

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    Styledrops Nov 19, 2014

    Dear Tigglen, we only sell authentic branded bags, shoes and accessories. It's very easy writing lies on a board like this with a nickname, whitout giving any proof demonstrating what you say it's true! Please tell us who are these "other people" who say we sell fakes.
    We can provide lots of direct evidence of people confirming we only sell original items in very reputable sites, for example:

    If you can't understand the bag you received from us is original it means you're not an expert of these kind of products. In any case if you were not happy you could send it back and receive the refund, why you didn't?

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