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StoresOnline is a company located in Utah, US

First of all, I apologize for my english, I am hispanic and I try to do the best I can. My husband and I went to StoresOnline seminar in Oct 2005. we used to go very often to those seminars trying to make extra money or to find a home based business. StoresOnline has a very good marketing and sales staff because they make you believe that you will make a lot of money in a short period of time, they convince you that is a very easy business and that you will get big profits.

But we were so innocent, because the speaker of the seminar, was the same guy that some time before was the speaker for the company Teach me to trade, which is located in Utah too (if I am not wrong). In that seminar for Teach me to trade he made us believe that he was millionaire, and that he used to spend few hours a day to make a lot of money. He did the speech for StoresOnline, and my husband and I in fact talked to him, honestly I don't remember the name of this guy. We asked him about teach me to trade, and he acepted he worked for them too. He said that he worked at home and the internet was the tool to make money. After a while we were thinking that how is that a guy that is millionaire, needs to work for other company?, it was obvious that he was not rich, and that his work is to talk and sell dreams, since he convinced us that StoresOnline was a great business and that you would make a lot of money, we bought it. I still think how is that somebody can do that to people, how can somebody sell dreams? maybe is his work, but you have to have ethics.

Working with StoresOnline has not been a pleasant thing, it is very hard get used to work in their software, whenever you ask for help, SOL staff send you to read and read and read. The software is not very friendly, you have to spend a lot of time to figure it out how to do something. Also, they guarantee that you will be in the 1st positions in the search engines, but they never tell you all that is involved in it, if you really want to be at the top positions, you have to spend a lot of time and a lot of money. Besides they recommend partner services to market your web, but again you have to spend a lot of money with no results. I realized they charge you for everything, even simple things, and I am sure that SOL is affiliated with those services , and surely gets commissions every time we buy something from them.

Another issue to be aware for is that they include in the package $1000.00 charge for merchants accounts for your 6 websites. After doing research there are services that dont charge anything anymore to open a merchant account. Well, that was not all, my husband and I dont have good credit for some reasons that I am not going to detail. Well, we were not approved for the merchant account, and they wanted us to remove some items from our website, the ones with high price. I decided to contract another service. I requested SOL to refund the money for the merchant accounts but they denied, that was very unfair. They should warn you that if you don't have a good credit you won't be approved for those accounts.

The last thing I want to mention is that if you want to do an internet business, specially with SOL, you have to spend a lot of time doing it. Its time consuming, like any other job, but is hard to get good results. I have published only one website, and I think will be the only one with SOL. They charge you 150.00 to publish it, and what is wrong is that it does not include the hosting, you have to look for a hosting company. There are several other services that don't charge the ridiculous amount we paid to SOL without any profit at all. I think the testimonies they have come from people that have a brick and mortar store, or that have a niche that is not very common. I don't know what is the success % but I am sure it is very low.

We did not try to get our money back because we work and don't have much time to do that. But I hope my testimony warns other people about this company.

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Cresco, US
Jun 25, 2010 1:24 pm EDT
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I started out getting multiple websites...but when I saw the pathetic NON RESPONSE to the one I published...I backed out of the multiple website contract and just stuck to the one. Mind you, as I write this, it is almost a full year that I have the site up and running and have not sold ON SINGLE ITEM...NOT ONE. The only reason I got some "extra help" is because I STOPPED PAYING THEM. I contacted the attorney general's office. Another place that leaves you twisting in the wind. WHO PROTECTS US? So I am stuck making payments on a website that is doing NOTHING.
Like the poster before me, I put alot of time and money into this for nothing. I feel companies like this take your money and hope you will go away.
Here is what I dont understand. My friend and I went to the seminar. Although I really could not afford the downpayment, it sounded like I really could do this and signed up. My friend DID NOT HAVE THE DOWNPAYMENT. They kept coming into the room, asking her to step outside...One time RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME..the rep asked my friend if she has something she could sell to come up with the downpayment and even suggested borrowing it from me.
Here is the part I find a real turn off. They knew she did not have the initial money. As you begin setting up and publishing there is MORE money to come up with. WHERE WAS SHE SUPPOSED TO GET THAT? These are the things they like to leave out when they hold thier little yippee yippee fests to promote their services.
Too late for me, but anyone coming on here beware. Save your money, buy some misc stuff outright and sell it on ebay. You have a better shot at making some money back. I sign my name to this because I know I am speaking the truth. Linda Richter

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