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Spades Plus

Spades Plus review: Put the game back to the way it was

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11:50 am EST
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If bought coins on Spades plus, I am now made to bid at least 50,000 instead of 10,000 so my coins will go faster and they hope I will buy more. Let me tell you, after I get down to less than 10,000, which won’t be long, I will delete the app for good. I should be able to bid 10,000 or any amount I want to increase it too like it used to be. I hate companies like this. Why would I try to work for coins or buy coins when it’s set up to lose on their terms. A few more games and I will be playing the Spades game my coworker plays.

Desired outcome: Put the game back to the way it was and let us choose if we want to bid 10,000 or a million if we have it. I don’t like being forced to bid a set 50,000 or above on days I’m not feeling lucky.

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