Sooner Ride TransportationDon't ever transport a patient thinking you will be reimbursed!

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Sooner ride Transportation....Atlanta, Georgia - main office Regional office for Oklahoma is in Oklahoma City. Don't ever transport a patient thinking you will be reimbursed. It may happen, but you are one of the lucky ones if it does. I drove 245 miles of which they only reimburse $.20 per mile but in my case not one penny. I forgot a doctor's signature on the mileage reimbursement form and I called Sooner ride and they told me to ask the Dr. to send them a letter on their letterhead stating the date the person was discharged and they would reimburse. I did this and I also did it for another person that I transported. I picked one up in Tulsa and took him home (50 miles from where I live although they Do Not pay you from where you came from -only from the place you pick them up to where you take them. The other person was in McAlester and both lived in Hugo Ok. I called them one last time and they said they never got the letters from the Dr.'s and basically to start all over EVEN WITH THE TRIP NO'S which they gave me I told them to forget it! I'm writing this to warn others to beware and whatever you do if you transport anyone be sure to follow all guidelines to the letter or forget about reimbursement - no matter what they say. I have lots of documentation and am going to try to fax a complaint directly to SoonerRide but I I don't think the fax number they gave me is bogus... Steer Clear!


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    Glenda Cousland Jun 09, 2011

    Jay with Immediate Care called me the night before my son's appointment & told me they had to pick him up 2 1/2 hrs. before his appointment. My disabled son with life threatening health problems waited out in the heat for 45 mins. before they picked him up. When my son was finished with his appointment @ 11:30 I called them & told them he was ready to be picked up. They didn't show until 2:00 to pick him up. Then they tell me he's not there & they can't do anything about it. So I called Ivan @ sooner ride. He tells me the driver was driving in the parking lot & couldn't find my son & they had to leave him where ever he was at. I call the Indian Resouce Center they told me they couldn't find my son inside or outside in the parking lot & they didn't know what happened to him. So I had to call the police in Pryor & Tulsa to fill out a missing person report. The police couldn't find him. Finally after 2 1/2 hrs of pure torment for me my son calls & said they had picked him up after all & he had been in the parking lot the whole time waiting on them but he didn't know the car. No one ever called me to tell me they did pick my son up. This was all uncalled for & put me through living crap for no reason. Mean while I'm stuck in an electric wheelchair at home in Pryor & no way to find my son & that bunch took I don't care attutide. I have heart problems too & I thought I was going to drop dead at any second because I was so worried about my son & my heart was really missing up. These companys really missed up big time.

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    KathrynDawn Jun 08, 2020

    I had an appointment in oklahoma city. as we were about to depart from my dr's appointment to head home a call came in for the driver to pick up a patient from the integris hospital in edmond. the patient was picked up & as we were leaving the hospital the driver had taken this person to dialysis & dr's appointments & noted that they had his "old" address & asked if he moved back. he stated no... they were to take him to his home in guthrie, which was just 30mins away. driver contacted sooner... they said he was scheduled to be taken to his old address in clinton oklahoma which was 1 1/2hrs away... they were to take him to that address & if no one responded to him knocking on the door then they could take him to a family member &/or a friends place in clinton. it did not matter that for the past 3 weeks they had been picking him up 3 times per week taking him to dialysis from his home in guthrie & returning him back to his home in guthrie. they blamed the mix up on him... it was the hospital that contacted the company to pick him up so they had his new adddress therefore it was sooner who made the mistake... this was the "first time" he was in that hospital so they had his new address... do you see what they did to this man... how bad sooner ride has gotten... it was unbelievable they did not want to admit this mistake was made... they did not want to give permission to make a 30min trip to his home... no way they made him go back to his old address to which no one was there... I witness it all he was taken to his daughter who thankfully lived in clinton... this is disgusting... why is the state not doing better... it's as if they want to punish ppl for having to use this service...!!! this all happened may 2020...!! when there is a problem the ppl especially supervisors are some of the most unnacceptable behaviors so unbecoming of a person who is supposed to be professional. its beyond sickening repulsive vulgar unprofessional abusive demeaning they don't care period...!!

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