SocialSex.comWhat a rip off


I am so confused! Help me to solve the problem. A week ago I started to receive many spam mails from They took $3 from my balance and now I want to know why. I never used their services. Maybe I should pay for their spam? Is it legal? I don’t want to be scammed!


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    whatruwaitingfor Sep 29, 2012

    i am trying to join the socialsex network, im filling in all my details correctly but its telling me the address is wrong even though it is right, how do i correct that so i can join.

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  • Mc
    mcluvin Feb 16, 2013

    That stupid idiots texting my phone, early in the morning on the weekend.
    I want a number or email for them. Never watch porn on my phone... Wtf!!!
    I wish your whole family drops dead ###in good ### mother###as ... Get a ###in life. Got enough bull ### waking me up on ky weekends. You have the opposite of my business. ###in ### suckers.

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    shyartist Jan 23, 2015

    I recently became a non-paying member just to test the waters. I have read that this site is one of the more "legit" of the dating sites. Since I have joined I have gotten several local responses...supposedly. But, my biggest complaint so far is that every time I click on ANYTHING I get pop-ups that interfere. Literally every time you click on something an ad from "stealth attractions" pops up after every click, and it is impossible to bypass it, because every time you close it and click on something to reload it pops up every time. I have to literally turn pop-up blocker on HIGH and toggle the back arrow key just to see my views or emails. It's ridiculous, and at this point I'm glad I haven't paid for a membership.

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  • El
    elliieen Dec 18, 2015


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