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I recently lived in this apartment building and found that the staff there was loud, rude, and controlling. I overheard them so many times talking about tenants and what tenants are doing then talking about the issues of the building. They would sit in the office off the lobby, or out in front of the building smoking, and make comments about tenants as they walk by. Saying things like this tenants is a prostitute, this one drinks a lot, and this one is a drug dealer. They would even stop people and ask where their rent is. A few months ago this building was bought out by new management company, and even though the old management was terrible with not getting work done this one is more concerned with what tenants are doing. The superintendent is loud and obnoxious and goes around the property cursing and yelling at everyone. If you need work done they are condescending and put you off with promises and don't show up. I had to wait over a month to get my leaky tap fixed and I've heard of others requesting pest control and if the staff don't like you, it don't get done.
Last month they hired this couple for the resident managers, , people who cared about the building and the tenants. These people were there before and from what I understand they did a great job and were respected by many tenants. After a month they were fired. Though no reason was given I know it's because of the other staff there as I over heard her telling other tenants that she didn't like them and that they wouldn't last long there. As she is friends with management I know that she is the reason they were fired. From what I heard from others before I left, the staff would make things hard for these resident managers and give them a hard time and try to boss them around. I saw a white board in the office one day and there was a list of apartments on there and I assumed it was a vacancy list. By the looks of it there are about 30 odd vacant apartments with more coming. Seems like I am not the only one who don't want to live there anymore and unless they do something about the staff, they will have others leaving as well. Going around and talking about tenants is not a good way to keep people living there. I know if I was looking for an apartment I wouldn't rent from this woman. You can tell she is not a people person.

Carl Jackson
, US
Jun 28, 2023 7:38 am EDT

955-945 Huron Street is totally infested with cockroaches.

I've seen the bite marks on the neighbors baby from bed bugs.

Pest control companies have been here every week for years, it's out of control.

Since June 2022 this building has had 24 days with the water shut off.

Tom McPherson the wannabe superintendent is a drunken lying instagating maggot who thinks he's above everyone else, WILL set you up for eviction if you don't answer him when he asks you how you are today.l

Skyline Living is on a mission to have all (grandfathered) tenants removed.

This is an over priced [censored] hole.

Carl Jackson
, US
Jun 18, 2022 3:56 pm EDT

955 Huron St in London is directly in the middle of what is referred to as H - Block.

You can little Bo peep diploma this place all you like, I've been around here for decades,all it is,is an old toilet with a new seat cover.

, CA
Apr 28, 2018 9:12 am EDT

I've lived at 375 Belsyde for 5 years, and still they won't fix the issue with my carpeting. It's functional (was the word they used) yet they keep upping the rent, this time $30.00 dollars. The halls are always a mess and the windows. The balconies are falling apart and need to be fixed, there is dog crap everywhere and you wait for ever for maintenance to fix the smallest problem, like a running tap. Management is rude and unresponsive. I guess my next step is the Landlord and Tenant Board. This is unacceptable. If I want them to replace the floor they will up my rent or I pay out of pocket for the floor and contractors. This company is unprofessional. I would not recommend this company or it's properties to rent. I have taking photos but I'm not going to upload them

Skyline Management Inc.
Skyline Management Inc.
Guelph, CA
Aug 10, 2012 12:55 pm EDT

Valued Tenants and Prospective Tenants,
It is with disappointment I read this review but, as Property Manager for this Skyline community, I am happy to respond that all the concerns noted in this complaint have been addressed. 120 Dundas was not the happiest of homes when first acquired by Skyline in late 2010. We have made drastic improvements over the past year and this property is now a beautiful asset to Skyline’s portfolio. Many renovations have been made to both the interior and exterior of the building. We have hired qualified, professional staff to care for this property and its tenants. Our current Resident Managers, Drita and Bon, have played a huge part in improving tenant relations. They are heavily invested in their roles, act with the utmost of professionalism and truly care about their residents. In addition, they have fabulous support staff that takes great pride in maintaining the grounds and keeping the building clean. We now have a waiting list to rent an apartment at 120 Dundas. I invite you to see the difference for yourself – feel free to visit this or any Skyline building, either in person or online at

Sarah Duthler
Property Manager, South-central Ontario

Carl Jackson
, US
Feb 18, 2023 8:54 am EST

I've been to all of the skyline properties in the city of London.

Everyone of these dwellings looks like the eastern edge of Ukraine.

The insides of most of them resemble a homeless shelter.

The resident manager (superintendent)at 955 Huron Street London, Tom McPherson,is a lying tyrant.

New tenants that don't smoke are being tricked into believing that 955 Huron Street London is a non smoking building.

Then their complaints are used against the ones that do smoke and threaten legal action.

These smokers have a right to smoke , yet skyline living want to amend their lease by tricking them to sign a paper

that would

t will stop them from smoking.

They tried to trick a guest of one uni

, US
Jun 25, 2023 6:51 am EDT
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Below am gonna attached the video of my Apt. in skyline living. Worst experience ever. Feeling like we trapped here . How can I live in this kind of Apt. . I complaint regarding this almost 3-4 times. But nothing happened. I don't wanna mention address but please if management can call me ASAP it. would be great. Otherwise I will go to high authority.