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Sirus XM review: Customer service

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I contacted XM radio customer service to renew my service that I have had since 2013. I was treated poorly by two customer service persons one that hung up on me and the other that wouldn't listen what I had to say. So therefore, I decided to cancelled my service rather than continue with it. This company has had great customer service in the 9 years I did business with them. But, I guess they have now out sourced their customer service and the people that they hired don't seem to care for the customers. I am a senior citizen and I can remember when companies where nice to their customers. I just hope that their corporate management is aware of this problem. I am sure there are a lot of great employees who's jobs depend on continued use of this service. I am just posting to let management to be aware that they should give their customers service agents additional training in dealing with their customers. Thank you.

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