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MY ORDER # 690385 DATED 02/07/2009
I placed an order online "Shoes Under" which is a shoe storage box for 12 pair. The price advertised is $10.00 plus $6.99 shipping. Special deal that day, order another Shoe Under for nothing just pay additional $6.99 for shipping for a total of $23.98. I placed the order for the two of them and I was charged $34.96. I immediately called their customer service # above and I was told I ordered the Deluxe Style. I told them nowhere in their Ad does it show a "Deluxe Style" and that I didn't order anything except what they showed. They told me my order was shipped. When I checked the tracking # it had not shipped. I am disputing the charge with my credit card company. what a scam!


  • Un
    unsatisfied430 Feb 04, 2010

    BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE, these people are a bunch of crooks. First problem was the ordering system linked to the 800 number shown on the TV. It doubled my order before I could even figure out how they did it. Got off the phone and told my husband I have no
    idea how many I ordered. Completely confused by the automated ordering system. That simple product the Shoe Under led me to
    an even bigger scam which I did not partake off. When order was shipped it showed on my debit card statement a charge of $40.97!
    Scam was for only 9.99 for one plus shipping and handling of I believe 6.99 and they would throw in an additional one. When I
    complained about the charge, they told me when the package arrived I could send it back, but I had to pay the shipping. If that
    wasn't bad enough, after I had done that I only had credited to my account $20.00! I called them and they informed me that they
    would not reimburse the $20.97 for shipping and handling on the order. I called them a bunch of thieves and hung up!


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  • Ch
    choukyou Aug 06, 2009

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    My feedback.: 100% positive for every purchase.
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    Also there are fashion shoes and handbags, and others, you can browse it to choose the items you like.
    Very very good

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  • As
    AsSeenOnTVMyAss Aug 06, 2009

    What a piece of JUNK. The infomercial grossly misrepresents the actual product. You are led to believe you will be getting a somewhat sturdy suitcase like device with firm dividers in it. Instead, you get what amounts to a garment bag with thin walls, thinner dividers and a thin floor. It comes to you in the "mailbox" because it is folded flat. It is that cheap and flemsy. I am immediately sending it back for a full refund. i am so disapointed I am not even going to try it out. Do not fall for this gross deception of a product. It is a complete rip off. Zero stars.

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  • Hy
    hyost17 Jun 29, 2009

    I ordered one product off of the television. The deal was get 2 for $10.00 + $6.99 s+h. I received in the mail, 4 products and was charged a total of $40.97.. Not only were the products extremely cheap and not as described on tv, I was charged a total of $23.98 more than I authorized. This is a major scam. After I underwent this experience I searched online and found that they have done this to hundreds of people and they are not willing to fix their mistakes. They said that they cant proove to me how much I authorized over the phone, but they are not willing to return my money. Do not buy from this company!

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  • Ha
    harriman25 Jun 22, 2009

    Well, I have turned in this company in to the ATTORNEY GENERAL OF FLORIDA. I hope they start an investigation of these scam artists very fast. This is a horrible horrible group.
    If you live in Fla or other states try to contact your Atty General and get investigations started there too. They need to be shut down.

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  • Ha
    harriman25 Jun 22, 2009

    I'm going immediately in the morning to the bank FIRST THING and cancel this debit card. They can ESAD as far as I'm concerned. They are a scam and a half.
    they have me signed up (against my wishes) for magazine subscriptions - and she kept saying you can call and cancel at the number I will give you later -- and if you don't you will be billed every month...and she never gives the number. I can't tell how many shoe holders I ordered because I was screaming into the phone that I wanted an operator and the thing just kept going. I'm turning this into our Attorney General in the morning also here in Florida. When you look up the [protected] number they give in the recording...IT'S A CELL PHONE!

    And the "customer svc" number at the web site's a phone number of an Alarm Company! (the [protected]). Boy, this will be a lesson to me -- I will never order anything again off the internet -- NEVER. It's were all the ### hang out to steal you blind and of course our country is not POLICING THIS as they should. There are probably laws to protect us but whoa be it for our country to make a law...and then fund it to make it function.

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  • Sh
    Sherree Mar 25, 2009

    I did like most and ordered the extra one for 6.99. I called on the phone because I just don't order on line. Same thing, you get offered the jewelry and say no and they keep saying "I'm sorry I didn't get that".

    Finally after 20 minutes on this automated service, I placed my order for TWO, which meant one for the shipping of 6.99. That alone is a rip off because it didn't take 6.99 to ship BOTH of them, let alone one. Then, it took 8 weeks to come in. When they came in and I opened it up, I couldn't believe how flimsy they were. I told my husband the same thing as another person on here, I could have kept them in the big box I had them in in the closet and it would have been better than this.

    If you put the shoes in the slots, and then you try to shove it uner the bed, the shoes all push together because the "slots" aren't even attached to the bottom in order to keep them separated. It's hardly worth the work you have to go through just to get the flimsy piece of crap to go under the bad.

    How "INCONVENIENT". I thought we were buying convenience. I will never do this again.

    If you notice, there is no place on their website to post complaints. Thank goodness I found this website. I hope people are as smart as some others and come here FIRST...not after the fact. I definitely learned my lesson. I will wait until the "not sold in stores anywhere" items, are found in stores when I buy them.

    It would be hardly worth trying to return them..can you imagine how much trouble you would go through then...and probably have to pay your own shipping anyway.


    Sherree; Odessa, TX

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  • Na
    NANCY Mar 24, 2009

    Same thing happened to me. I order 2 and was billed for 6. I called and told customer service it was a mistake. I was shocked to see a bill for $97.72 on my bank statement. I called within 3 days to request they cancel the other 4 items and they said it too late as the order had already been shipped. There is no way I order 6 as I am a widow and a senior citizen and would have no use for 6 cases. I received the order today and am shocked at the quality of these cases. What a ripoff. they are no where near what they show on tv. Shoes under should be prosecuted for fraud.

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  • Li
    Linda Huneycutt Mar 24, 2009

    I only wanted one order = but it was misleading. It did not allow me to go over my order - and once I saw the order - I saw they actually gave me 4 orders - but it was to late, as I received the order ALREADY COMPLETE - With a charge of $91.49 for it. My question is - Where did you get a number to call?? The 800 number I tried - I sit on hold for 45 minutes, finally giving up. Any help on this would really be appreciated. The order told me my C C would not be charged until my order is shipped. Which was yesterday - but how can I contact anyone to tell them not to send to me. I am going to dispute my charges and see if they contact me I don't know how else to do it. Any help would be appreciated - [email protected]

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  • An
    Andrea, Albany NY Mar 17, 2009

    WOW! Same thing happened to me! I did order the Deluxe version but instead of being charged $68.94 for a total of 3 sets (Buy 1/Get 1 plus shipping of $6.99 & upgrade to Deluxe $5.99, per set) I was charged $128.91! It is true that you cannot speak with anyone while you are placing the order, nor do you get a total. I got a hold of customer service and was told that the buy 1 get 1 only applies to the first order...but of course that was not said on the automated line. Also, I was charged for 8 Shoe Unders instead of 6. The customer service rep offered me a $20.00 credit back to my account (which I accepted) and was told that the item already shipped...which I believe now was false. Anyhow, I was advised that if I refused the unopened box and returned to sender I would be refunded all of my money. If I chose to inspect the product and then return it, I would only be reimbursed for the product but not the shipping and handling. To make matters even better, the customer service rep actually tells me that I can buy the same product at Walgreen’s!!! She pointed out that the item advertised IS the deluxe version, which is what is sold at the stores...WOW! Now I am just trying to decide if I want to pay $13.61/each or return the unopened package and go to Walgreen’s and pay $9.99 plus tax, which for me would be $ for a difference of $2.82 times 8 is $22.56. I just made up my mind…I’ll refuse the shipment and give Walgreen’s my business. BUYER’S BEWARE!
    Andrea - Albany, NY

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  • Di
    Diane Cegelski Mar 17, 2009

    I received an email this morning for Shoes Under, 2 Shoes Under for $10.00. So I decided to do a little research first and thank god I did. I just saved myself a headache and a half! I hate rip offs.
    Thank you so much.
    -Diane C. Green Bay

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  • Na
    nancy5007 Mar 09, 2009

    I dont even know where to begin..but here goes..
    first off, the COMMERCIAL IS COMPLETE BULL. 10 bucks my u-know- OBVIOUSLY i was over charged and ended up having to pay 25 dollars..a little iffy but ok..i still wanted it.. and second, NO THEY NEVER SAY ANYTHING ABOUT the "DELUX" (if thats what they wanna call it..) version of their crappy product..

    THEN, (i dont know if this happened to anyone else but if it did let me know) while ordering they ask if you would like to try some jewelry free for 30 days and blah blah, I SAID NO and the thing that makes this bad is that u are not talking to a HUMAN you are talking to a VOICE activated MACHINE..i CLEARLY said NO and this machine says back to me, "Im going to send you this jewelry, its "free" if you dont like it send it back, Ok?" and i said NOOOO i YELLED and guess what BULL this machine says.."im sorry i "didnt get that" and repeats the same thing over and over and its RIDICULOUS so technically im FORCED (so to speak) to say YES (at the risk of starting the WHOLE ordering process over because i tried TWICE before to see if the "jewelry" option would come up and IT DID...) so, i DO BUT I NEVER WANTED make that CLEAR..

    So the next day i look at my banking account and notice that $60.00
    YEAH SIXTY DOLLARS PLUS the TWENTY FIVE from the "shoes under" crap was TAKEN FROM MY ACCOUNT for the SUPPOSEDLY FREE jewelry..

    to make an EXTREMELY long story short i was ROBBED of 60 dollars and couldnt pay my rent on time and now im getting charged a FIFTY DOLLAR LATE FEE and THESE A HOLES say "ITS NOT OUR PROBLEM ITS YOUR RENT COMPANY'S PROBLEM?" FOR jus wanting to order the DAMN SHOES UNDER..please...i know one things for sure this is NOT OVER because IM NOT PAYING 50 EXTRA DOLLARS when i STILL have not got back the SIXTY STOLEN FROM ME FROM THESE LYING SORRY NO LIFE NO MORALS A HOLES..

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  • Ri
    rippedoff Mar 09, 2009

    What a rip off. How do companies LEGALLY SHOW ONE THING IN THIER COMMERICIAL AND ONLINE AND SELL AND SHIP YOU A COMPLETE PIECE OF CRAP!!! Then when you call thier "OVERSEAS CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT" you get offered at first $5.oo if you keep thier crap and then $10.00 if you keep thier crap. After getting the flea market proposal refund offer we told them we would just dipute the credit card charge anmd havwe a nice night in NEW DELHI!!!. I think that will be the last infomercial thing we will order, as it seems the good old American standard of gettting what you see is a thing of the past. To bad that this kind of thing is making millonaires out of the people with no standards who do this. Do your self a favor and put your shoes in a plastic bag it will be just as good!!!

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  • Tr
    TracieMae Mar 09, 2009

    I ordered some 3 Shoes Unders online and there is a section of the ordering process where they ask you if you'd like to upgrade to the "Deluxe" version. I selected no and was not charged for the deluxe version. This seems like a pure oversight on the part of the person who ordered. But I will say that after receiving my Shoes Unders I wish I did order the deluxe version. They are so flimsy.

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  • Li
    LilSweetPea Mar 06, 2009

    I'm glad I found this posting...I was THINKING about ordering these things from the commercial, because I can seem to find them in stores. (I know it's SUPPOSED to be a "not sold in stores" thing, BUT I have found the "not sold in stores" Wonderhangers (for $9.99/box of 8...and they are actually great, by the way!) at Bed Bath & Beyond. Perhaps the ShoesUnder will eventually make it there as well, so I can SEE the product(s) beforehand. I really need some kind of (sturdy) underbed shoe storage with dividers!

    All these products on infomercials seem to be scams. :/ It's a shame...Ripping customers off like they do!

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  • Cy
    cynt Mar 06, 2009

    the shoe under is a scam. the commercial doesnt tell you anything about a delux. and when you call to order its completely automated. after they take your cc information and you place your order, THEN they ask you if you want to upgrade to the sturdier delux shoe under, which after I received my order realized that is what they are advertising on the commercial. Not the weak paper bag that the Non-delux version is. I'll end up using it for flip flops and slippers because its too weak to use for pumps or any other heavier shoe.

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  • Sa
    Sam I Feb 17, 2009

    DO ORDER IT AT ALL!! It's the biggest scam. I ordered it, got it, and when it arrived it's no more than a 'bag'. Picture this, I got the 2 for 1 special (that's 2 s called storage boxes each will hold 12 pair of shoes. Both TOGETHER came in a box the size of a single shoe box. You take it out, unroll it, and voila -- put 12 pair of your favorite shoes in it. Again, a rip off.

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  • Fa
    farm_Gent Feb 16, 2009

    Jason Tillo - are you the same Jason Tillo who's in the used car business? Wow! There's no "Deluxe style" shown on their website. How could this person have ordered it? And they said it hasn't shipped- so how could your smear hold any water? Best of luck selling those "brand-new" Yugos, Jason.

    I just ran across this when I was researching the product for my wife and I am glad that the complaint was posted. Now we know (if we order): 1) record the call, 2) make sure they tell us the total charges on our card.

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