Sheraton / Starwoodtimeshare

P Jan 14, 2020

I Attended this "presentation" that was supposed to last 90 mins but turned into 4 hours of negotiation because I initially said no to their offers. I was subjected to high-pressure sales tactics and felt I could not leave the presentation without making a purchase. During this presentation there was nothing but lies, the sales rep claimed the timeshare was a great investment that would enable me to rent and make a profit, what he failed to mention was that there was no guarantee I would be able to reserve the rooms during the timeframe I wanted or the fact that the company forbids the rental of their getaways; which was something he suggested I do to make a profit. He also did not mention the maintenance fees that rise every year and must be paid whether I go on vacation or not, so I am basically giving money away. They are nothing but scam artists who prey on people and their ignorance; their sales tactics are manipulative and illegal.

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