Shamrockgift.comNever got a response, never got a refund, never got my product

A Review updated:

SCAMrock gifts should be the name! Wish I would have thought to look up reviews for before placing an order for an important wedding anniversary gift. Emails and website comment form inquiries were never returned, the 800 number on their site is a joke and only goes to voicemail (your call will never be returned). Never got a response, never got a refund, never got my product. I will now be filing a fraudulent charge against them with my credit card company, as well as reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission. I encourage anyone else who has experienced problems with them to also file a complaint:


  • Ed
    EdysD Jul 07, 2018

    This scam website is owned by Robert Hogan of Hogan Enterprises, Woodside, NY. If he even really exists. I TOTALLY agree — DO NOT USE THIS SITE. You will lose your money, get no merchandise, not be about to reach this scammer via his “customer service” number or email, and will have to file a complaint with PayPal or your CC company to get your money back. Why PP and the CC companies haven’t shut this scammer down is beyond me. I too will be filing a complaint — thanks for the link!

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  • Ed
    EdysD Apr 21, 2019

    TOTALLY agree —I too am not even sure old robbing Robbie Hogan of Woodside NY even exits! PayPal returned my money after I opened a dispute. I can’t believe PayPal still let’s this fraud use their service! STAY AWAY!!!

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