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I purchased back links from this company that were supposed to be high page rank quality back links. What they sent me were xrumer spammy profile links that will enevtually damage my sites. I beleive that this company is preying on the new internet marketers out there and taking their money and delivering garbage!


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    Rpana Jul 28, 2015

    Spent several hundred dollars on Matts "guaranteed" SEO services, nothing much panned out and they no longer reply to me.

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  • Pa
    PaulJonesJR Apr 24, 2014
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    OK lets set the record straight, does Matt get you short-term results? YES. Will it harm you long-term? YES. Ive used him on and off for a few years and yes his SEO is black hat and spam and if its something you want to quickly blast to the top of google and ditch then fine. If its your main money site and long term business then no its not fine. One site I had that i let Matt work on for a year, did well but then google penalized it for spam and sandboxed the site, i couldnt disenvow the links as Matt had created a huge amount of profiles and comments and they were too spammy, fair enough i knew this and i did well out of that site while it lasted. I also have another 3 sites that are my main income sites and would i let Matt touch them - NO. Not with a barge pole. So depending on what you want and need you can use or not use Matt and his services. As i said they will work quickly but wont last long and do more long term damage than good.! End of discussion.

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  • Cl
    Clojo Apr 22, 2013
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    For my tuppence worth, I can vouch that, to the contrary, Matt ranks highly competitive keywords. I have been using his services for over two years and our business has gone from getting 1 or 2 enquiries per day to over 50 per day! I don't really care how he does, all I know is it works and he adapts his services with Google. He has turned our business around. If you have a problem (and are a reasonable person) he will always deal with it professionally and quickly. He is a really good guy and not a scammer in anyway shape or form.

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  • Rp
    Rprana Mar 11, 2013
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    OP - this is nonsense,

    Matt LaClear delivers what is advertised and in the rare case that there is a problem the team is happy to be responsive and give continued good service. Dont be cheap just cause your operations went bust and you wanted a refund that was (understandably) never promised to you.


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  • Ra
    raymondau Oct 13, 2011
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    don t trust them, flu them in the toiletsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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  • Ar
    AReal SEO Oct 13, 2011


    And don't try to tell me he does quality work. He delivers low quality, spammy looking backlinks that gets people to page one for keywords that are not at all competitive.

    What's sad is that people do not realize how worthless a page one ranking really is for these kinds of terms. #1 is all that matters.

    If he simply called himself a spam artist or a shoddy backlinker at best, I would be ok with it. An SEO? That is a joke.

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  • Wi
    William Clements Oct 13, 2011

    AReal SEO,

    ...And some random guy wasting his time ranting on ComplaintsBoard about a "bad" $99 investment is supposed to be an authority on SEO?

    Honestly, the bottom line is that Matt LaClear delivers results. If you don't like him, don't buy from him again. However, don't go around claiming he's a fraud. He isn't.

    But, yeah, go around looking for links to "toenail fungus" all day if that's how you prefer to spend your time.

    -William Clements

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  • Ar
    AReal SEO Oct 12, 2011

    William, you obviously have no idea what quality SEO work is.

    I can tell you what it is not. It is not blasting thousands of autospun PLR articles at a network of PR 0 .info sites (talk about a huge footprint for the search engines to find and discredit your site with). Most of the time these articles have nothing to do with the links in them. Today I found one about baseball bats with links to "toenail fungus" and "cheap webhosting".

    If you think that is professional work, you have very low standards.

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  • Ed
    EdwardDennis Oct 11, 2011
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    I have to agree with William Clements here. I'm just one of his happy customers. Matt delivers, no question about that. I've used and am currently using Matt's services for ALL of my SEO campaigns. SEO is not for someone who is impatient. If you're not patient, don't take this route.

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  • Wi
    William Clements Oct 11, 2011

    I'm not sure what anybody here is talking about.

    I've hired Matt LaClear to promote several web sites and I've double-checked his work. Everything is professional and well-done. Everything Matt LaClear's team has done is actually more professional than other SEO companies I've hired.

    For the record, I'm a real person (Google "William Clements" or "wclements" if you're skeptical) and I would definitely hire Matt LaClear again. Actually, I will be shortly.

    -William Clements

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  • St
    strategic marketing web Aug 03, 2011


    Just like you, I'd never heard of Matt LaClear until one of my websites received an absolute barrage of "Matt LeClear" themed spam comments. I don't even know what to make of it. Most (or all) don't have urls they are linking to, and just seemed to be emphasizing "Matt LaClear" or "Matt LaClear spam" rather than any link. My best guess is that someone associated with Matt LaClear is trying to get spam complaints buried under an avalanche of search engine results. I don't know about this particular complaint here but my experience seems to be an inauspicious introduction

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  • tsdesign Aug 03, 2011
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    photo attached...


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  • tsdesign Aug 02, 2011
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    Holy crap Matt LaClear... I just wrote my comment 32 minutes ago and then received a comment notice from my WordPress site:
    A new comment on the post "My Low Carb Diet: Weeks 3 & 4" is waiting for your approval

    Author : matt laclear seo (IP:,
    E-mail : [email protected]
    URL :
    Whois :
    I agree 100%

    Are you serious?! I just hope you see this comment soon so "[email protected]" starts to get more value for their investment in you than they currently are.

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  • tsdesign Aug 02, 2011
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    Verified customer

    As a web site owner who is trying to promote a business (and who doesn't employ Matt or work for him) Matt LaClear's methods are less than ethical or professional. At least in my experience (see attached image).

    I don't dispute that they are effective. And I would wager that most of those that defend his results don't really care how he gets those results for them. They want a high page rank and he gets it. However, I don't think they would be so happy if they were subject to Matt's cutting edge SEO techniques on their site. For the past 3 days, I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to keep up with Matt LaClear's barrage of useless spam comments on my fitness blog. Just trying to delete all of them is a full time job. If you look at the attached image, you'll see his amazing SEO secrets at work:

    - Duplicate comments, I assume due to the lack of creativity or just plain laziness. If you bothered to change your name or leave a unique comment, they may have at least slipped through.
    - Commenting multiple times on the same article. Are you really that interested in "Low Carb Diets" that you need to leave 20+ comments saying, "Good Points" or "I didn't know that"?
    - Using a unique email address for each comment. I can only assume you don't have 20+ email addresses. So these must be the email addresses of happy, or unknowing, clients of yours. Which gives me an idea, now that I have their email addresses, maybe they would like to hear this story first hand. Since they will most likely never come across this illuminating post.

    Matt LaClear, I'm sure you are a very intelligent and capable SEO expert. So do us and your clients a favor. Stick to ethical methods that focus on quality content and avoid the much more annoying, sleazy, and lazy process of spamming random blogs. To Matt LaClear's clients, I would be hesitant to associate my brand, or my checkbook, with this sort of practice. Unless you are equally as unconcerned as Matt is about its effect on the perception of your business.

    Matt LaClear, if you or anyone who defends you wants to dispute or explain my negative experience with your services, please feel free to contact me. If you are suspicious or unhappy with Matt LaClear's questionable SEO methods, you are welcome to contact me too.

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  • Ve
    vessy Jul 20, 2011
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    My page rank went from a zero to a 2 and 3 on some pages. This happened only a few weeks of signing up with his ongoing yearly service. I have been letting Matt do the SEO on this site for the last 6 months and nothing but good from it. Most people know that by reading the sales copy it tells you what to do after making payment. You must go in and make ticket for the service you purchased. Then they will only correspond there. Same goes for any problems or questions, just use the ticket system, they do respond. Seems kind of obvious to me, since it's written everywhere on hin WSO's

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  • Em
    emilyone Jul 20, 2011

    Matt is making many of those comments on the warrioforum himself. Please stay away from this service!

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  • Sw
    swimming May 12, 2011

    Definitely questionable. Payment is made up front. After a couple days with no word, I called to inquire on order status and left a message. No return call. I responded to the email that the payment confirmation come from and it bounced back. No email contact info is included on the website. No account or order status information is available on the site. No contact information is available on warrior forum. Time to call and reverse the credit card charge for lack of delivery.

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  • Ve
    vessy May 03, 2011
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    Verified customer

    You're obviously an idiot for making this complaint.

    You have to be a newbie if you think that off-page backlinks can ruin your site. If it was true you could ruin anyones site by sending them a bunch of crap pointing to their page.

    You should also do some research before accusing him of making up the fake testimonials or paying for them.
    You can look up every Warriors post on the warrior forum. There are thousands.

    And if you have ever been in business for yourself on-line or off-line you will know that for every thousand customers there will be a whiner like you that doesn't read before purchasing and when they're site sucks they blame someone else.

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  • Pf
    Pffffttttt Apr 01, 2011

    "I'm not some newbie to the World of business like the suckers he gets to buy his service."

    Didn't he get you to buy is service?

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  • Se Scam Mar 17, 2011
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    Verified customer Matt LaClear
    Yeah, consistently delivered spammy garbage profile back links that will eventually damage any website that is attached to them. The fact is, Google's logarithms are always changing, and adapting to spammers like Matt LaClear xrumer techniques. How many free WordPress websites did Matt give you for writing this comment? He ripped off the wrong person! I'm not some newbie to the World of business like the suckers he gets to buy his service. I have have two investment businesses, one in Florida and one in Aspen, that are killing it daily, thanks to us telling are clients EXACTLY what they get for their money...unlike Matt LaClear who tells his clients there going to be on the first page of Google by giving them high quality backlinks, then they find out that their site has been banned due to Matts spamming of garbage profile blogs. Matt LaClear

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  • Da
    daveycorn Mar 17, 2011

    I'm a member of the Warrior Forum and have used Matt's services.

    He has consistently delivered the goods. The testimonials from clients speak for themself.

    This complaint is clearly from a nasty piece of work; I doubt anyone will take it seriously. Matt rocks and I highly recommend his services.


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  • Se Scam Mar 10, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Hey Matt LaClear? Why don't you use, on your next comment, some of the harsh, rude and fowl language you used in numerous emails to me regarding my complaint.

    People, try asking SEO Traffic Services for some telephone references of satisfied clients. they won't give you any, because they're aren't any. Any references they give you will be probably PAID references, like so many other scammers do these days.

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  • Ma
    Matt LaClear Mar 10, 2011

    You're the liar sir.

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  • Se Scam Mar 09, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Correction on Title: Matt LaClear, Cathy LaClear and Steven Reed at (Seo Traffic Services) j

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  • Se Scam Mar 09, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow! Matt LaClear, Cathy LaClear and Steven Reed at (Seo Traffic Services) just proved that he is a liar and a cheat. I'm sitting here LMAO as I don't own a house, therefore, I can't be going through a foreclosure. The fact is, I lease a condo on South Beach in Miami and another in Aspen. Hey Matt LaClear, how does one foreclose on a lease? You just proved my point and set yourself up for a lawsuit. Look at all these fake testimonials Matt LaClear wrote for us to see. The same fake testimonials he uses to suck in his SEO Traffic Services victims in with. It's easy to be a creative writer and easier to steal peoples money, right Matt? Look at how easy it is to write a fake testimonial:

    Warrior: Scam Victim
    I purchased 6 packages from Matt LaClear at $235.00 each. He told me they were going to put my website on the front page of Google by creating for me a ton of high page rank, high quality backlinks. When I found out that they had my website banned by Google because they had spammed backlinks all over the web to garbage websites, I demanded my money back.


    The fact is, is that PayPal sided with me and thankfully refunded ALL of my money that this scam artist originally took from me. It wasn't the money, but rather the principle involved. Matt LaClear at SEO Traffic Services lost this battle! I got good traction at that office, right Matt? The hundred or so dollars I was willing to lose with this spammer/scammer is nothing to me. It costs that much to start my boats' engines on the weekend.

    For those looking for SEO services, try using eBay sellers. They must work hard for you as you have recourse against them if the rip you off. PayPal told me that they've had complaints on Matt LaClear and SEO Traffic Services in the past. That's probably why Matt LaClear at SeoTrafficServices (SEO Traffic Services) no longer accepts PayPal.

    Ask SEO Traffic Services for some telephone numbers of satisfied clients. I bet they don't give you even one, that's if you can even get in touch with these losers.

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  • Ma
    Matt LaClear Mar 09, 2011

    We're preying on new Internet Marketers? Why not tell the real reason you posted this complaint Adam Friedman? Since you didn't I will for you. The complainant ran in to some money problems (facing foreclosure) after ordering several of our services. He then asked for a refund on those grounds. When we told him his campaigns had been processed already he became belligerent and then threatened he would soil our name on the Internet if we did not give in to his demands.

    We of course told him to go jump in the lake.

    As to whether or not we're praying on new marketers don't take our word for it that we are not. Take these folks word for it instead:

    Warrior: John Delavera

    OK here is a note that may help the Warriors that are still wondering about Matt:

    I know that we are learning new things and meet new people while we are getting older but
    until today:

    I have NOT met a COOLER GUY than Matt in regard to SEO... The man is a MAGICIAN... He says just give me your keyword and I'll put your blog at top 1 position in Google...

    ... and that's EXACTLY what he does.

    You cannot find "magicians" easily on the Net especially in our IM arena...

    My last project (I am a repeating customer) scored at no 1 out of 1, 500, 000 results in THREE DAYS - I have kept screen shots because I am going to show the results to my mentorees and suggest Matt's services too.

    On the other hand, I hope his guaranteed success in this business won't make him that busy for my projects, because I am going to send him tons of them...

    Hats off man!
    Warrior: paulduncan

    Hey Matt, I purchased this package last week for a keyword that is very competitive, with competition of nearly 40 million.

    I was stuck on page 3 for this keyword for ages, but now i am on page 1 ranked number 5. This was before i got the email saying that the profile links had been done, so once those start getting indexed, hopefully i may be able to jump up a couple of places.

    Really impressed with your service mate. This keyword is probably the most difficult to rank for out of all of my sites, so if your wso pushed it up that quickly, I'm pretty sure that i will probably get results just as good, if not better for less competitive keywords. I am going to go for the 5 site deal as soon as i can.

    Thanks for providing this wso, and giving me the opportunity to get in there!

    Have a great christmas mate.
    Warrior: Global365

    In case anyone is on the fence on this WSO then jump on it before Matt decide to raise his prices. I bought a package on a whim not expecting a whole lot after being disappointed time and time again from backlinking offers on the forum and no results, but I just checked the ranking on the Site Matt did for me and I am #5 on the front page of Google. A great ranking for a ridiculously low price.

    Get off you fat, latte engorged butts and order this now, you will be guaranteed a site that ranks and that is something hard to find on this forum...a WSO that actually pays off...Thanks Matt & Cathy!

    Warrior: bhuff85

    I usually order the article packages from Matt and Cathy, but decided to give this one a go to see if I can get a specific term pushed to page 1 (Matt and Cathy's article package took me from nowhere to a page 3 ranking in just a week).

    Guys, I cannot vouch for Matt and Cathy enough! I'm already #1 in Google for a term that gets roughly 120 searches per DAY, and the traffic coming in from this is HUGE! When I first ordered an article package on this keyword, it was ranking #8, then after a couple weeks shot straight up to #1. The difference in traffic is amazing! I've earned my investment back at least 2 times over already within days.

    As if that weren't enough, I'm ranking #2 for another keyword that brings in around 80 searches daily and the traffic is swarming in for that as well.

    I'll be bringing a TON of campaigns their way, especially for a larger site that I'm working on where I'm targeting quite a few inner pages to get rankings. These guys rock, nonetheless, and I can say that for the small investment, it's WELL worth your money.

    Sometimes, you've got to spend money to make money, and I'll say that this is, hands down, the best investment I've made online for the last few years. So, instead of wasting hundreds of dollars on rehashed eBooks and spending countless hours pounding away article after article with little to no results, why not just spend a few bucks and let these guys take care of it? As long as you know HOW to market effectively and have websites that sell, you'll be easily bringing in more income.

    Thanks again Matt and Cathy! You guys truly know what you're doing, and it's good to see a service that actually WORKS, unlike the other guys out there.
    Warrior: adam1551

    A month and a half ago, I ordered from Matt and the job was completed just as promised (several days ago).

    First off, as I noted in a post several weeks back, within a day or so of ordering, Matt picked out a stellar domain for this project. The domain, which includes the exact match key phrase, is a .com with roughly 80 searches per day. The package that I purchased was for a domain of approx. 50 searches per day, so Matt definitely over-delivered on that one!!

    A few days later, Matt presented me with a beautiful, custom blog. The blog included a professionally written article in native English and contained the following additional key components: substance (no fluff!), style, flow, and grammar -- all crucial factors for success! Also, the blog came with a stylish custom logo/banner, and the perfect ad banner for advertising our affiliate site. Couldn't have asked for more!

    What was especially helpful was that, once I logged into Wordpress, I saw Google Analytics and various other plug-ins already installed, along with all the widgets, bells and whistles to suit my picky needs. Simply awesome!

    It was at that time that Matt told me that our link campaign was underway and he provided me with his courtesy eBook all about linking -- basically everything that you need to know to make it in Google. Very, very helpful information!

    So, flash forward a month and a few days (to present time) -- I receive the email from Matt confirming that our site had made the first page (top 10)! We are #9 for our primary key phrase in and expect to be rising even more so, as Matt informed me that he sent out another burst of links to article directories and blogs across the internet to help us climb even further.

    What adds to the amazement is that our targeted key phrase is fairly competitive according to the Google AdWords keyword tool. So, the fact that we made it to the first page, beating out some pretty big names in such a short time frame, is simply amazing!!

    To all the doubters and disbelievers, this WSO is for real. Matt knows how to get the job done and get it done right!

    But keep in mind that, for Matt to work his magic, you must be patient and not be alarmed whether it's day 30, 35, or even 50, if the result is not yet there. Matt clearly states that if your site does not reach the first page within 30 days, he will keep working for you (building links) until the job is done!

    So, if you have ever dreamed of receiving an email with someone informing you that your site has just made the top 10, dream no more. Make it happen by letting Matt provide you with the top quality service and support in which he has provided us.
    Warrior: myralove

    Very professional service. Communication was great. Order confirmed in less than 48 hours. Campaign confirmed to start 5 days from ordering

    So here is the result on a website that my husband and I highly optimized for highly competitive product buying keywords. We indexed it a little before noon on December 11th. Other than a press release, we had done no other link building to the website before or after Matt's services. We paid for Matt's services on December 16th.

    Here are the results today, December 30th (Competition without quotes in parenthesis):

    Keyword 1 (216M) # 14
    Keyword 2 (64.9M) #16
    Keyword 3 (270M) #5
    Keyword 4 (41.1M) #9
    Keyword 5 (205M) – n/a

    Now I don't know about you, but these are awesome results. Can you imagine where I will be in the next couple of weeks or month from now? I am going against my nature and have not tried to ping or artificially index the profile links. And you know what? Never a Google Dance in the past few weeks! I have watched the site just keep climbing naturally. Can you say Happy? :-)

    When Matt says he has good SEO Kung Fu, you better believe it. Guess where I am reinvesting my new profits! :-)

    Thanks and Happy New Year.
    Warrior: vans

    Hey All - Matt's SEO Kung Fu is no joke! 10 days later (on a brand new site) I am ranking in spot #5 (and climbing) for a term with 22MM matches. Page 1 SERP competition is moderate as far as PR and BLs go. While I knew I could rank well for this term, I just didn't expect it to happen so quickly. Jump on this offer and be amazed.

    Thanks, Matt & Team - awesome work. (You also have a PM from me about more work in 2011 - looking forward to working with you again!)
    Warrior: 147Ideas

    I had a site that was ranking OK (already on page 1) but I wanted to just push it up those last few places in to the top 3 of Google.

    It's fair to say my chosen term is competitive (dog insurance).

    So I paid my $30.

    Communication was excellent. That's always a good sign.

    But the better sign was the results. Within short order our site went from no 7 in Google for 'dog insurance' right up to no 1.

    Can't speak highly enough of this offer.

    Due to the high yielding Adsense value alone of this particular search term, we made our investment back within two days. But that's nothing in comparison to what we will make when we sell sponsorship and advertising on the site as it has now pushed down some major insurance firms in the natural rankings who will want their positions back.

    Fantastic, incredible value.
    Warrior: Khemal

    Just wanted to say that I've used Matt's services a few times now and it's been and absolute pleasure every time. The work was carried out in a VERY professional manner and the work itself was second to none! I just got notices that the 2 orders I placed a couple of days ago were complete and some links are already indexed in Google. I've seen SERP movement (Upwords!) for a campaign he ran for me a couple of weeks ago as well.

    Matt's links WORK. Period!

    More orders on the way Matt!
    Warrior: Hammatime

    If anyone has doubts or fears about the SEO service that Matt promises he can do for you, I am here to tell you PUT YOUR DOUBTS AND FEARS TO REST!!

    Matt LaClear is the real deal!

    I have been trying to get my website to page one for any keyword, let alone a popular keyword for years and without success. After buying a lot of magic bullet products, I was just about to give up because it seems like everyone was just trying to rip me off. They would never do what they said they were going to do and I felt like I was throwing my money away.

    NOT SO with Matt LaClear! Last month I purchased Matts offer. He said he would get my website ranked on Google page one for a specific popular keyword for $50. I must admit, I have been ripped off so many times in the past I had my doubts, but I went ahead and purchased Matts SEO service.

    Today, 36 days later, I just got an email from Matt that says campaign success!!! My website is the 4th entry on page one of Google for the specific keyword Matt promised.

    I am simply blown away Matt!! Thank you. You are the bomb!!!

    I am so happy and so excited I can not put the words together to truly tell you how very satisfied I am with your work.

    If any of you warrior folks out there are interested in Matts services, all I can tell you is just do it. I have full confidence in Matt that he'll deliver as he promises. I know, I'll be back and I can tell you there have been very few others I have ever said that about!

    Thanks again Matt,
    Dave Hama (Hammatime)
    Warrior: nushi

    OK... Don't want to gush, but I just have to ... Matt's offer is BY FAR, the BEST SEO work I have ever commissioned. In the last month I have purchased around 6 packages from him (cant' seem to get enough). Each and every time his work has exceeded my expectations. His staff is courteous; extremely efficient, quick and communicative; most of all he delivers some serious results!!! If you use his services, you will not be disappointed. He is now in my rolodex of monthly must-use resources. oh yeh, believe it: He is The Kung Fu SEO master ..
    and those are my 2 cents.
    Warrior: dianepie

    Thanks Matt,

    Matt and his team have delivered above and beyond my expectations !
    First page of google in less than 12 weeks. AWESOME.
    Very professional and keeps you updated with the progress along the way.
    I will do more business in the near future and highly recommend him without a doubt...
    Warrior: dags

    I just received my report and after that I checked out my rankings on the URL and keyword I had given with matt.,
    It jumped from #6 to #2 position ). Thanks Matt!
    Warrior: veeceeservices

    Hello All, I ordered Matt's Blog Creation and SEO services and glad I did. He delivered. He did everything promised. He created a nice blog on my behalf and got it on the first page of google for a keyword phrase that get over 49k searches per month. All done in a very short time. I will be using his service again. Thanks so much Matt!
    Warrior: sandra98

    Another thumbs up endorsement for Matt. I have ordered a few of these packages from him recently. He and his team handles each order professionally. Using the unique name that he gives each order, you can Google for your backlinks. I've also seen actual upward movements in rankings, even within a short time. Thanks Matt!
    Warrior: musomax

    Just to let you know that you pushed my website from position #56 to the first page within less than one month for one of my key words. Thanks for the great work!
    Warrior: Odle13

    Excellent!!! Now, my site on #1 page rank 4 from 101.000.000 competition...great job Matt.
    thank you so much. I want to use your service again...
    Warrior: philbell

    You have to get this service! It is incredible.

    My site was new and had no links. First I noticed that it was hovering around page 5 on Google for a couple of days. Then poof, It was on the top of page 2. The next day, #7 on the front page. New site - new domain - within 1 week of hiring Matt.

    This is not for an easy term either. This is for a highly sought after term. I am above sites with PR 5 and PR 6 on the front page of Google within 1 week. For $99.00

    You have to do yourself a favor for 2011 and hire Matt to do the same for you.
    Warrior: ajldomains

    Ladies & Gentlemen,

    Matt and his team are the REAL THING. I ordered one of their other products and am already seeing results in just 2-3 days. I AM NOT KIDDING. I had to rub my eyes and double check. Just waiting for the cash to start flowing now - my business is offline and I am seeing results in the SERPS.

    I just ordered this WSO for another one of my sites and looking forward to working with them LONG TERM.

    Bottom line: Even if you are a skeptic, why not try it out for $30? You can't even get a steak for that price in some places - even a chain restaurant! Skip the steak this week and order this WSO. You won't be disappointed.

    Warrior: Cathy Shelver

    WOW Matt, You have only completed the content and the blog and I am in awe.

    PS as a content writer that does Okay, the content is premium stuff not gibberish outsourced $5 stuff AT ALL.

    The Wordpress theme is amazing it really is. I have paid $20 for one article and the standard welcome to my blog theme nothing like this.

    Oh and I forgot the Keyword research, it is a buying keyword (was in my case) great traffic stats over 50 searches per day (market samurai checked)

    SO here is a breakdown of what you could pay for what Matt has done for me so far, and he has not really started on what I paid for yet ... Amazing

    Premium content - $15-$25 dollars
    Wordpress installations SEO plugins and loading keyword targeted keywords -$30
    Laser targeted key word research on one KW - Easily $10

    SO before he started delivering the actual product I have received easily $60 worth of value.

    Also it is already google indexed and there are 2 very high PR backlinks.

    Matt is basically offering us warriors a Golden carrot at $34. Gold for us, a carrot for him to get more work once we can see what he and his team can do.

    With the popularity of this product and the number of reviews Matt has, I cannot see any reason he needs to keep this going at such a low price for much longer so jump on ASAP. Truly a Warrior Special Offer.

    Thanks Matt

    Warrior: massagetalk

    Just wanted to mention - that my website moved from page 2 (where it was stuck for 3 weeks) to the 4th slot on page 1 !

    This service works and it works pretty fast. 1 week .
    Warrior: Mickgoh

    I just want to say Thank you. I signed up for Matts program, as He said "we'll set you up a blog and get you to first page..." He delivery it very well.He took the keywords I wanted and brought my main site to the TOP of the Google search engine results for a niche that has OVER 375, 000 search results.Today, I am in the nine spot.

    Thank you Matt!!
    Warrior: tdigitty

    I submitted one keyword, one url for a local keyword. I went from #16 to #4 in the G within a few days after the order was complete. Needless to say, I'm happy about it.

    Matt, if I wanted to submit the same url with a different keyword, would it go to all the same website you submitted the other one to? Or do you have more sites in your arsenal?

    Thanks for the service...will be in touch for more soon.
    Warrior: FredJones

    This is unsolicited from me, but let me tell you, Matt knows SEO in and out. And his network is powerful, I have experienced that as a client. My association with Matt is as a fully paid client, and so far I am a happy client who is seeing some great SEO work happen from Matt. So really, if you are serious about this service, I would recommend that you go ahead with your investment and trust Matt's team to do the job well. At least I know I have invested my money in the right avenue with Matt.

    Warrior: queenofdreamers

    I signed up for Matts program that included the wordpress site...and links to bring that up. Since I have been involved in internet marketing before, I knew the keywords I wanted. Matt said it would be almost impossible. Well, Matt went beyond the call. He took the keywords I wanted and brought my main site and his wordpress site to the TOP of the Google search engine results for a niche that has OVER 67 million search results. Today, I am in the second spot. Who would have thought? I was trying to get a ranking started and find that already, in only a few weeks, that Matt and his company have taken me to heights that most people only dream of achieving. Thank you! If you want to get up in the SERPS do yourself a favor...Just do this!
    Warrior: GaryHarvey

    3 days ago, on Nov 9th,
    I received an email from Matt
    saying my new blog was ready.

    14 hours ago, I received this email
    from Matt:
    "We just sent out a burst of 1000 backlinks to your site via spun articles to various ezine sites and blog networks. Should do wonders on your rankings.

    Current ranking:
    no rankings on"

    30 minutes ago, Matt sent this email:
    "The site just reached page one on Google. "

    And there it was at #6 on page one.

    My response to Matt... MAGIC !!

    And I just thought any wondering Warriors
    might like to know that.

    It's a pleasure to watch a professional at work.

    Warrior: Cathy Shelver

    Here is my follow up review,

    This service was over delivery personified. I said before that you get a classy clean site well designed and a fantastic SEO'd article.

    Well the above still is amazing but the delivery on the service promised, page 1 ranking was unbelievable. At first I just waited and hoped and saw very little happening and then all of a sudden I got indexed in Yahoo and Bing with page 2 and 3 rankings within a week after that there I was in at number 6. Wow mission accomplished.

    It is a great service one that I honestly believe overs delivers on every aspect.
    Thank you Matt you and your team were superb

    PS. Total turn around from ordering to page one was one day less than a month WOW
    Warrior: stevebcfc

    Hello Matt

    Just wanted to let you know, it has only been 2 weeks and the blog you created for me is already in 4th spot page 1 google, out ranking some of the big boys like amazon, wikipedia, ezine articles and many more.

    The results from the search for the keyword term you targetted are
    About 8, 260, 000 results (0.15 seconds)

    making this even more remarkable, no doubt we will doing more business in
    the future. thanks for your great work steve.
    Warrior: adam1551

    Hi Matt & Everyone,

    Well, I was wondering if I would be able to top my last testimonial and now I know the answer...


    I ordered this WSO from Matt on December 1st -- the 750 link package.

    By late afternoon of December 3rd, I received an email stating that the job had been completed.

    I immediately checked my unique pen name (in quotes) and saw that 58 articles/blogs were already found in Google!

    Just now, 6 hours later, I checked my ranking and was blown away to see our site at #10 for the targeted keyword. We had been sitting at an average of #17 for a few weeks and there is no other reason that I can see for this to have gone up except for Matt's brilliant work.

    A complete MINDFREAK!

    Folks, if you have a 20, I suggest you buy yourself a very happy holiday.


    Warrior: nas80

    Here is my review about Matt's service:

    I ordered his service on September 2nd, 2010. And now, my website is rank #2 in Google. My keyword has 22, 200 Global Monthly Search and 193, 000 competition sites. It's so amazing. He can get my site into this position for less than 45 days.

    For the price, it's really awesome. I recommend his service to all Warrior. You won't get disappointed. Matt..You're really the SEO magician..

    Thank you very much..


    Warrior: deu12000

    The site Matt an Co. made for me just hit page one. To be honest I didn't think it was going to happen because it took a couple of months. But there it is number 10 on page 1.

    Thanks Matt for the great job.

    Warrior: austinjeff

    First, Matt chose an excellent keyword for my niche (120 exact searches per day), and I think that it will drive significant traffic itself, in addition to the SEO benefit for my main site.

    We agreed on the keyword, and one week later, my blog was delivered. That was a week ago today.

    Today, I received an email from Matt stating that my site was at number 5 in Google. I checked and it's true. I would not believe it if I were not sitting here looking at it.

    Two weeks from purchase to number 5 on Google. Unbelievable. Thank you.

    I have already ordered a second regular price site from Matt, and if it goes as well as this one, it will still be a truly unbelievable bargain.

    Warrior: frank-dang


    To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first.
    I didn't really think that he could deliver what he promised.
    However, I gave it a shot because I got nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

    I was shocked when I saw my site ranked on the 1st page
    of Google in less than 45 days. My keyword got around
    4, 400 Global Monthly Searches, Estimated Average CPC
    of $5.86. The income potential of my blog is huge now.
    I could benefit from free List Building, Ad Sponsors, CPA, Adsense, ect...

    You can see it for yourself here:
    Keyword: b2b internet marketing
    Website: The Power of B2B Internet Marketing

    In my opinion, this service is worth 10 times the asking price.
    Warriors, give it a try. This could be the best investment you'll ever make.

    Frank Dang

    Warrior: AmericanWoman888

    I ordered Matt's $34.95 service a few weeks back. My interactions with Matt have been just phenomenal. Matt is professional, courteous, super knowledgeable and patient. I honestly did not expect to see my new blog rank for quite awhile and was pleasantly surprised to see it rank on page 1 of Google in under 3 weeks. I am going to be sending a ton of business to Matt based upon this very successful dry run.

    Thank you Matt for stupendous customer service and outstanding results.

    I am really looking forward to working with Matt a lot more in the near future.

    Warrior: helkur

    I ordered Matt's service sept.4.
    I got an email from Matt sept.6 that he found good keyword, and he recommended a domain name with an exact match of the keyword.
    sept.18 I got an email from Matt to let me know that he has set up my blog with the original article created specifically for this blog, and also the eBook attached, that explains the importance of back linking when going for page one rankings on the search engines.
    Today, sept.29 I received an email from Matt stating that my blog is on the first page of google! True! I am very impressed!

    Thank you, Matt
    Warrior: eppingvonryan

    After paying for Matt's service I received an email about a week later...(the exact date and time was : 11th August 2010 6:14pm) telling me that my website homepage had been created and was now live.

    The next message I received from Matt was (Date: 13/08/2010 0:55 )
    This was the opening sentance of that email...

    "Just saw that Google ranked your site at #15 overall so that is very
    good news. We'll keep backlinking to it to get it onto page one for you."

    I could not believe it two days was all he needed to get my site to page two on google!!!

    Then a few weeks went past untill last weekend when I received the news that my site was page one of google (Date: 08/10/2010 23:30)

    A grand total of 58 days from creation to page one!! FANTASTIC
    I am now looking forward to Matt taking this site all the way to the No1 spot soon as that happens I will leave a testmonial right here!!!

    Thanks Matt for all your hard work!!!

    Looking forward to another project with you later this week...
    Warrior: Matt James

    After one job Matt is now my "go to guy" for all things SEO. He shot my most sought after keyword straight to the number one spot.

    Now I'm throwing a ton of work his way and Matt is rising to the challenge.

    Great communication and astounding results.

    If you want your site to rank... hire Matt and his team right now!
    Warrior: hines418

    Simply fantastic. I try out a lot of services and, like anything else, some are good, and some just suck. Well, Matt's deal right here is as good as it gets. I placed my order three days ago, and got the completion email an hour or so ago.

    I did a search based on the information Matt supplied, and found page after page of indexed links to my site. Not only that, but the site has skyrocketed to the first page of results for my targeted keywords.

    Matt, thank you for offering such a fantastic service. This is the best $20 I have ever spent. You have yourself a totally satisfied, loyal customer right here! I will be back for more of your expert help in the very near future.

    I only wish I would have found your WSO quicker and avoided shelling out cash for less-than-stellar results.

    Thanks again Matt!
    Warrior: redcell1

    Here is my review with Matt's service.

    I was looking for a backlinking service just due to the fact that
    1.) I don't know where to start with backlinking,
    2.) I know it's needed
    3.) I don't want to have to do it.

    So after reading various WSO's and all I came across Matt's thread so I read the reviews and I decided to take a chance with him.

    It PAID OFF majorly

    My client went from nowhere on google for his keyword to becoming 3rd on the 1st page (After a .gov site and a youtube video with 32, 000 views and many backlinks)

    So You can believe I was excited to report to my client that he was #3 for one of his keywords. He is now a happy client of mine and now has me working on more keywords.

    I would sincerely recommend Matt for backlinking, there are few warriors here who you can trust with your offline business let alone your personal business and Matt is one of them.
    Warrior: LegionNate

    I had Matt do a campaign for me, around a month or so ago. I wasn't sure what to expect from it, but at the price I decided to give it a try. To be honest, after a few weeks I had almost forgot that I had him do it, but then I received an email that stated that I had arrived at the first page of Google for my chosen keyword. Sure enough, I took a look and I was there! My traffic stats backed this up as well. I'll definitely be using Matt's service again. Thanks man!
    Warrior: Kawako

    I ordered for a single blog on 10 nov and waited patiently to see what will be the outcome. The web page was created within a week and today (6th the december) its in the top 3 position on the first page of google for the keywords we agreed.

    Matt has kept his word. This is truly an outstanding service. I'm about to place more orders. My only regret is not ordering more, when he was offering a discounted bulk package.

    Thank you matt for your excellent work.
    Warrior: Kakashi

    My honest review for matt's service :

    result page is 420k without Quote
    rank#8 in page 1.
    "Unbelievable result "...
    I'm newbie on the net, then matt create my site from scracth & now I see the result..

    Hi matt,

    I dont know how to say thanks with your "Great & excellent" service just $30+( promotion that day). Hi everyone... This is the worth service...
    Even the price goes up $99, you wont regret...

    Hi everyone... got excited now... Why dont you buy this service as
    "the result" talk to me

    Thanks again matt...

    Looking forward to use your service again...

    Warrior: herms

    Matt did an outstanding job for me. He wrote an excellent article which he placed on a site he created for me. He got us onto the first page of google for some targeted keywords in a pretty short amount of time and as for the site itself, I love it. I get compliments on it all the time. Aside from that, customer service is great. Very communicative. Just an all around professional service. One of the best I've had the opportunity to work with.

    Thanks Matt!

    Warrior: mvojtko

    Matt did what he says he is going to do. Get you a high page ranking. He did it professionally and personably. All communicatons with him were quickly returned and to the point. Very easy. Will do more business with him again. GUARANTEED.

    Mark Vojtko
    Warrior: Lynette Crase

    Matt really delivers. He found me a amazing keyword and created a great site for it. And after working his magic on it, today he informs me that it is at no. 7 overall in google. So I go and check it out in Market Samurai and sure enough, there it is, at no. 7.

    Great stuff. Thanks.

    Warrior: GopalG

    This is a great service - I ordered SEO service for a keyword and I am ranking now within 25 days. They kept me updated regularly on the progress. Wow! I am coming back for more

    Warrior: hookedonscents

    Matt pushed our existing website for our chosen keyword from #28 to #9 in less than 1 week. He absolutely knows his stuff.

    Warrior: quiescen

    Well, I just signed up for Matt's service and all I can tell you is that I was on the 2nd page of Google for the search phrase 'free piano sheet music.' After I gave them my URL, and a week later, it's now at #2!

    Now that's what I call results. Worth every penny!!
    Warrior: Dun835

    I ordered service from Matt a couple weeks ago. On Nov. 11, he informed me he had completed my backlink campaign.

    In just under 2 weeks, my site is now #7 on page 1.

    You can bet I'll be sending more work his way.

    Thanks Matt!

    Warrior: rjaf

    My review of Matt's service:

    Matt said he would get my helper blog on page 1 of Google and he did ... about 4 days after he started work on it!

    This is so cool that I can't begin to fathom how he did it. I now have a Google Page 1 helper blog silently, yet powerfully, linking to my money site. It's just amazing.

    And as for Matt himself? He is one special guy. I am extremely impressed with his professionalism, speed and courtesy. It has been an effortless, inexpensive and very rewarding experience doing business with Matt and I recommend his service to any Warrior wanting to move their IM business to the next level.

    I will be coming back for more Matt! Thank you for all that you have done.
    Warrior: simplykids

    I have several projects running with Matt and his team and I can only say one thing: it's a great team, they offer great quality service and great communication. For one of my clients the blog has reached a position on page one of google already in an very short period. I am a very happy customer indeed and will sure be giving Matt an his team more projects.

    All the best!
    Warrior: theh08
    Hey guys,

    I just want to give everyone a quick review of the amazing job Matt has done for me.

    In only 3 weeks Matt has managed to get me on the page 1 of google for a keyword with over 59 MILLION sarch results and another with 351000 search results.

    Matt told he'd get me these results in 3 months or less and he did it in 3 WEEKS.

    If you're still on the fence about working with Matt then jump in because it will be one of the best investments you'll make in your online buisness.

    When it comes to SEO there trully is no one better then Matt and his team.
    Warrior: hamma

    I had Matt create a site for me and the site was created quickly for a good keyword and the backlinking was done soon after. The site is ranking #4 overall on and #4 on yahoo so Matt delivers what he says he will. I am very happy with his service.
    Warrior: Charles Huber

    Wanted to put my 2 cents in here for Matt and his team. They have worked tirelessly for me on a number of projects and 2 of them are already on page one and getting traffic. I have consulted with him every step of the way and found him to be a no BS guy with a great work ethic and integrity to boot. I cannot say enough flowery things about Matt and the gang, except to say, I look forward to a long and healthy relationship and he has given me real faith that all things are possible on the net. So stop reading threads and take some action today.
    Warrior: Tony Scott

    Clear and effective communication, timescales met, Google page 1 for the chosen keyword as promised.

    It doesn't get better than this, if you're on the fence, jump off it and prepare to be happy with your transaction.

    Thanks for delivering Matt
    Warrior: BripTech

    Matt and his staff, they are still working hard to get the 1st page for a key quite popular keyword...

    1) I have ordered the service for a full blog creation, and I got my blog exactly as indicated, in a timely manner
    2) I am receiving a report once every 2 weeks (more or less) and that's good to track the progress: 2 keywords over 3 ordered are already on page one, and the 3rd keywords is on the right way
    3) the theme placed, the plugin and all the wordpress management are OK

    So, for the price of $74.95 I think this is a good deal.

    Now I have to start adding content, products, reviews... but the website is already well-indexed, so I guess it could start making some money in a relatively short time.

    Thanks Matt! :-)

    Warrior: jojin

    Thank you, Matt I checked my blog daily for a long while I was stuck 9 or 10 spot on page #1 now I am #1 on #1 next to my highest competitor. It took only ten or eleven days to reach that spot. Now I am intent to build more blogs, I know where to go to boost up my rank...

    Thank you, Matt
    Warrior: Didge

    I'm impressed.

    I ordered Matt's service some time ago and the results have been outstanding.

    Not only did I receive a gorgeous looking site but I also got first page rankings in the
    search engines.

    The thing that really stood out for me was the amazing customer service.

    Matt over delivered on providing continuous reports on the steps and results he was achieving.

    Thank you Matt for the fantastic results and for your loyalty to providing great customer service.

    I'm looking forward to working with Matt long term and on spreading the word about his great service.
    Warrior: murzilka

    All was delivered as promised and relatevaly in a short period of time. The WP blog theme is professional, the blog is SEO optimized with all the needed plugines installed and even google analytics if you'd like.

    Within 2 weeks my 80 exact searches keyword is on the 2nd page of google. Expect it to be on the 1st soon. Meanwhile I'm concentrated on adding more content and planning to buy another keyword for this blog.

    for such price I think it's a good deal that doesn't come around often.

    Thanks Matt for your efforts!
    Warrior: Debbie Allen

    Just wanted to post to let everyone know that Matt delivered as promised. I just received an email alerting me of the following - but when I checked I found my site at #9 on Google!

    Current ranking:
    #10 overall on
    #10 overall on
    #11 overall on

    Needless to say, I'm very pleased with the service and I would recommend it to others.

    Great job Matt!
    Warrior: nagidr

    I ordered Matt's service about a week ago and already i have the blog Matt built me on the first page of google. what can i say, i just hope i can order some more of this.
    Warrior: junkbox

    Hello Everyone, I would like to write a little bit about my experience with Matt's SEO work.
    For starters I have paid for SEO services three times since I became an internet marketer six years ago. The first two times were complete rip off's, did nothing to help my rankings and basically felt like borderline scams. Needless to say I am a huge skeptic when it comes to paying anyone for SEO help.

    Because the pricing of Matt's packages were so reasonable I decided to take another shot on some SEO work. We started the process at the beginning of November and Matt speculated it would take about six weeks to get my site to the first page for my keyword. Sure enough just a few days ago my site hit the first page for term we were after. I could not be more happy, as it is quite refreshing to see some honest and affordable seo services that actually work.

    The other nice thing as that I could pretty much see progress right from the start. Immediately I was able to see the new backlinks in my google webmaster tools page and I began ranking for the term right away and steadily moving up. I will certainly be continuing to purchase services from Matt into the future and I suggest anyone looking for some seo help contact him right away.

    Thanks again!
    Warrior: biggoogle

    Hey Warriors,

    This is a quick note to let you know how happy and impressed I am with the results I have gotten with Matt.

    I landed a big offline client and had many challenges ranking their site. No matter what I tried or tested it stayed stuck on page 8-9. Unbelievable I thought (because I have gotten several top 1 rankings in the past.)

    It was very frustrating to say the least. I just couldn't figure it out...

    I payed for many, and I mean many other service providers (VAs), products, etc. and nothing worked for me. It was a costly and very labor-intensive undertaking.

    A $50 investment in Matt made all the difference. I just payed them and they did all the grunt work for me. Current ranking is no. 8.

    I can't recommend them enough.

    I'll be hiring them again and again.

    Warrior: LarryC

    I'm happy to report that this service has gotten my keyword to the top of page 1 in Google, currently #5. This was a stubborn keyword and the results weren't instant, but what's impressive is that Matt kept working on it until it reached page 1. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a reliable SEO service!
    Warrior: Makemoneylol

    Hey guys, I just want to tell you about the experience i had by ordering this amazing Matt seo service.

    My site was at 40th place for highly competitive keyword with 1.520.000 exact " " competition in Google.

    What do you mostly expect when they would tell you 1st page on Google for the keyword for 50$? - No way those results will be delivered...

    Thats what I expected...And I was so WRONG!!!

    30 days later... my site on 1st page of Google... WOW

    Very good job Matt.

    Will definitely order again.
    Warrior: khanma4

    Matt is a great guy! His team is awesome with the grace of God. He makes a great effort interms of making sure that the rankings reach page one. I have been his client for quite some time now, and his service is great! I highly reccomend His SEO Services.

    Warrior: Jaycee

    I put an order in 2 weeks ago and today got an email from Matt to tell me i am on the first page of Google for the blog he set up and sure enough i was!

    The 'keyphrase' gets 95 exact searches per day (according to Market Samurai) and although it has low competition he did as promised and did it quickly.

    Cant wait to try his service out for some of my more competitive sites!

    Thanks Matt
    Warrior: izzybel

    I am a happy customer. Within a month, Matt was able to bring the new blog he created for me to #5 on Page 1 on, and also #5 on

    Thanks again Matt for the excellent service.
    Warrior: kevlah

    I placed my first order with this service a few days ago. Got an email this morning to say the project was complete. All the articles are submitted with a unique pen name which you can use in google to check what has been indexed. The project was finished literally hours ago and already sixty results are showing up.

    The site I am working on is now ranking on page 3 for both of the fairly competitive keywords that were targeted (previously not ranking at all and I haven't even got round to doing the onsite SEO yet). I am looking forward to seeing more serps movement as more of the links are indexed!

    There were no problems at all with the order so I didn't need to get in touch with Matt at any point but I got an automated email when I placed the order, a personal one a day later to acknowledge the order, and a third one to report the work had be done, so A+ on communication.

    Gonna place another order later today - great service so far, cheers Matt!
    Warrior: The Dominator

    Thanks Matt, my website hit #10 in Google in about 10 days, another week on and it's now at #1.

    Awesome job, thanks so much!

    Warrior: skageet

    Hi Matt

    The blog you set up for me has just hit the first page for a pretty competitive term and it got there quickly.


    Thanks very much

    Warrior: CherylJones

    I just want to say that I had Matt work on a keyword project for me and the website is in the Top Ten of Google for the keyword and I am very grateful to him. Matt does a great job and is very diligent and I highly recommend him.

    Warrior: Hitanshu

    My review:

    Matt has got my site on number 6 position on and number 8 position on My keyword has 1, 900 search every month and 638, 000 competition sites.

    Check it out yourself if you don't belive me:

    Site: Magic spells for Beginners
    Keyword: magic spells for beginners

    Thank you Matt
    Warrior: Scorpious6

    Hi Matt
    Thanks for all your hard work no 1 on Google.
    Matt and his team work done great job. Kept informed each step of the way.
    Warrior: visionmediaman

    Hi Matt,

    Thomas here.
    Everything that you have said, and done regarding this service has come to fruition!

    We appreciate YOU!
    Warrior: enigmanic

    Matt came through on his promise was able to get me page 1 ranking. It did take a little longer than expected, but Matt was constant communication the whole time and provided top notch customer service. I plan on using his services over and over again.

    Warrior: CACruiser

    I ordered Matt's blog less than 48 hours ago and just received an e-mail from Matt with the link---it's up and running! Looks great! Matt also included my login details and e-book to understand his plan on linking so I can follow along. Google Analytics are also included. Talk about quality and over delivering---Matt does it!

    I highly recommend this service. Thanks Matt!
    Warrior: Valdon

    I too can contest that Matt's service really works!

    I signed up for the other services Matt has offered in the past and have been completely satisfied.

    Matt's email list building service was the catalyst which has enabled me to finally receive those lovely 'Subscription Notification From GetResponse' messages in my in-box.

    So naturally when I heard about his SEO Campaign WSO, I quickly signed up.

    I just received an email from Matt today that my site is on the first page of Google for one of my keywords.

    Matt, as always you never cease to amaze me!
    Warrior: hlstew

    I purchased Matt's offer of a Blog, sent the money, didn't even give him any keywords and he ran with it, picked a niche for me - I now have a great blog rising up the ranks and getting visitors. I haven't monetized it yet as I have heard they rise up faster but I see absolutely no downside to this offer.

    He communicates quickly, frequently and in a professional but friendly manner.

    The only thing I don't understand is how he does it at such a reasonable price. If you are hesitating, jump in before he raises his prices! It would be great for a new marketer also.

    Thanks Matt!
    Warrior: Russ Emrick

    I purchased Matt's offer. He has done an outstanding job for me already and we're less than a week in the process. This is a no brainer. For under $50 getting someone to check your own SEO work, let alone all the components offered in this WSO, is amazing.

    This WSO offer was so good I was actually skeptical - thinking Matt might get a bunch of customers and run off. But I figured what's my risk? $50. What's my upside - traffic from a keyword guaranteed for a specific amount of searches a month! Again, a no brainer.

    Good news - Matt communicates great, responds to questions, and gets the job done! I am very sure - so don't say you weren't warned - he will be slammed with work and not be able to keep this offer at this low price for very long. I for one will be using him on all my sites and I've emailed friends to jump on this.

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