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About a week ago, after shaving with a Shick Quattro (with a new blade), I got really bad razor bumps that turned into acne, one pimple of which I still cannot get rid of. At the height of this acne (a few days ag0), I called Schick to complain. That was a mistake and a waste of time. The customer service rep on the other end could not have been more patronizing or generally unhelpful. I was obviously upset because of these gross bumps, and I told her as much. In a very defensive and unpleasant manner, she offered lame excuse after lame excuse, blaming me for using an old blade, or the wrong cream (neither of which happened). I suggested that it may have been, in fact, Shick's fault, and that they might want to investigate. She flatly refused, saying they could only do that if I sent the razor to them for testing. (So I am supposed to pay for that?). At this point, I finally just said bye and hung up, even more frustrated than before I called. Schick (and its rep) had just succeeded in adding insult to injury. I am debating calling them back to push for her firing, I was so offended. In any event, if I had any hesitation in switching to Gillete, I have no longer. Stay far away from these clowns, unless you like being made to feel frustrated and patronized.


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    pissed off was taken Mar 21, 2010

    I'll have to agree with you. It is a pretty worthless razor. I've been using Gillette for years and on a whim, I decided to what this piece of garbage could do. The first thing I noticed was the lack of sharpness the blades had. I know the blade couldn't have been worn from use as this was right out of the box. The second HUGE flaw I noticed was a total lack of a way to clear the blade. I tried pressurized water and shaking it under the water of the sink. The side would mostly clear but the center remained clogged to the extent I had to used a sewing needle to pick in clear. It's truly and astonishing example or poor engineering. It stands to question if Schick even bothered to test it before throwing in a colorful box and calling it good. On the bottom of the box it reads, "PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE: SCHICK QUATTRO is unconditionally guaranteed." They go on to say about replacing it or giving your money back. I bought it at Wallgreans so it was already cheep. (that should have tipped me off) Long story short. It's a piece of garbage and that's exactly where it went.

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    Paul Keagle Sr Jul 25, 2010

    I have had four of these Quattro electric razors stop working electrically. I sent two back and they did send me coupons to buy two more, well they also failed, so I am giving up.

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    zcrow Dec 08, 2010
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    Same here with the plugged blades. Works for one or two shaves and then the blade gets plugged up and becomes useless. Even then I never really felt that it gave a good shave. I have tried 2 bladed razors, and electric and just recently bought myself a 60 year old single bladed holder for $15 at a xmas craft fair and a package of 5 blades ($2!) - the best shave I've ever had. It just glides over the skin and gives me a very close shave. I'm totally converted. Old school technology can still rock.

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    Renard A Jun 01, 2015

    I have recently had the rubber of the Quattro razor handle start to melt and dissolve after several times of using the razor. The handle is made of rubber and using it with alcohol make the handle dissolve. I am totally unhappy with this product.

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