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Luis Savastano was just convicted of Fraud in and adversary proceeding in the Santa Ana, CA bankruptcy court. He claimed to have a cell tower project yet could produce no evidence of its existence. Judge Erithe Smith awarded me the plaintiff damages totalling $640, 000 plus interest dating back to 2008. This man is a heartless menace that made me go through 5 years of work to uncover his scam. He hides money with Rene Murillo, Alan Stameisen, Lupe Savastano his mother, Dominic Savastano, and others to avoid paying his debts. He will not be able to file for BK until 2022. Do not give this man any money. You will never see it again. The list of victims is long. Call me to discuss 949-370=8075, my name is Richard Bobinski.

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, US
Nov 25, 2019 9:05 pm EST
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This guy recently tried to bring down a family owned mom and pop shop. For someone who says he try’s to bring up businesses. He does the opposite and try’s to bring them down with false reviews.

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