Ruby KirkDishonest & Liar


Ruby Kirk is dishonest and a cheat. She is a liar and a swindler. Do not trust her!!! Do not buy a horse from her.
After spending a half hour talking to her on the phone she talked us into driving 2 hours both ways to bring her horses that she was planning on purchasing. After driving there she made an excuse not to take them and did not even offer money to reimburse us for our gas or time.Apparently she NEVER planned on taking them she just wanted to waste our time and cost us a lot of money in fuel. After looking around her place i am so glad we did not leave them there. Her horses are extremely overweight, ugly and too tall to be miniatures!!! Aweful lady to deal with! Stay far away!


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    thegrrl Oct 04, 2012

    I totally agree with this. Had a recent negative experience with her on eBay. I sold her a coat. My item was accurately described (size small for juniors) and reasonably shipped to her (I charged at cost + $1.10 to cover materials and fuel for transport to post office). After receiving the item, she did not even try to contact me about requesting a refund or explaining the situation before submitting some strongly negative seller feedback to my account. I sent her a message about the shipping, offering to show receipts to verify costs, and she said that $1.10 was "way overcharged". I explained that the size of the item was indeed 100% accurately described, and she should've asked for details such as length and width if she wasn't familiar with the brand, since sizing can vary with each brand. Her response was to simply repeat her negative feedback to me. I am not surprised that she did not offer to reimburse you for fuel since she considered $1.10 to be "way overcharged"! Word to the wise: SELLER BEWARE when dealing with RUBY KIRK.

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