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Riverside Child Protective Services

Riverside Child Protective Services review: CPS corruption

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The worst thing I did was contact Riverside County Child Protective Services when Yolanda Yvette Jones took my children from the state of Arizona without my consent. My children's case was assigned to Steven Edward Araiza. He never contacted me when he was originally assigned to my children's case. I was obliged to call the Child Protection Services hotline and explain that I had a court order directing Yolanda to release my children from her custody. Araiza contacted me the same day, claiming to be mutual with both parties and expressing his intention to contact the Arizona Department of Child Services due to an open case involving false allegations. After a few days, I hadn't heard from Araiza; it appeared that he was ignoring my calls, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. When Araiza did return my call, he made up a story about the Arizona Department of Child Services not returning his phone calls, and he promised to contact me with an update. I didn't hear from Araiza for a few days; he never returned my voicemails, emails, or text messages, and he purposefully ignored my calls. I called Araiza blocked and he answered, his entire demeanor had changed since the first phone call we had. Despite the fact that I provided Araiza with extensive documentation demonstrating that my children have behavioral and mental health issues, as well as being sexually and physically abused while in Yolanda's care, he ignored this and left my children with her. Araiza began to be unprofessional by criticizing me as a parent as if I'm not doing my best to raise my children. Araiza stated that my children were safe at my mother's even though they hadn't seen Yolanda in over two years, that everything my children are going through happened under my care, and that "don't you ever listen to your children?" I explained to Araiza that I am a single parent who listens to her children, that I have had my children in therapy/group therapy, that I do not use drugs or alcohol (and have offered to submit to a drug test), that I have completed parenting classes without being ordered to do so, and that I have always provided a stable and safe environment for my children. Despite what I told him, Araiza assisted Yolanda in enrolling my children in Palo Verde High School in Blythe, California, despite the fact that they were already enrolled in a high school in Arizona. The Palo Verde High School district informed me that Araiza instructed them to withhold information about my children. Araiza encouraged and assisted Yolanda in obtaining temporary guardianship of my children through court documents. Despite the fact that the judge denied temporary guardianship, Araiza assisted Yolanda in obtaining benefits for my children. I have full custody of all three of my children, and I obtained full custody of my son through the courts due to his father's continuous criminal acts, drug and alcohol abuse, and incarceration for abuse towards me. Araiza has allowed my son to be around his father despite the fact that my custody order states that I have custody of my son 100% of the time. Araiza is unconcerned about the reunification of my children and me; he believes Yolanda's false accusations. After the false allegations against me were made, the Arizona Department of Child Services told me my children could return home, which is when Yolanda kidnapped them. Araiza's main goal is to split up families, particularly black families. Araiza did not complete a thorough investigation, so I asked several times if another investigator could be assigned, but I was ignored each time. I have contacted numerous resources, including Child Protective Services and the Blythe Police Department, and it appears that they are ignoring the fact that my children were taken out of their jurisdiction, in Arizona, without my consent.

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