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When we went to cancel our membership, we got talked into freezing the membership. Then before the end of freezing period, we called to check when should we go there (because they need to have papers signed in person) to cancel the today's world where even legal documents get signed online, they can't even accept an email or scanned signed paper to cancel the membership.
Anyway, we were told to come before next billing cycle date to cancel it which is on 10/15. When I called again on 10/11, I was told that billing is already out and we will have to pay for one more month and try to cancel our membership before next month's billing date.
We find it ridiculous to cheat people like that. If billing cycle date is 10/15 then we should be allowed to cancel even a day before that date.
This club tries to get you in contract and has high membership fees. I recommend not to join such sports clubs where they just take money and do not care about customer satisfaction / relationship.
How can I about not paying for one month fees which is more than $200 (just monthly fees)?


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      Apr 27, 2018

    Wish I could give a zero rating. I was lured into a 12 month membership offering badminton courts. They are not badminton courts instead racket ball courts transformed to badminton courts. I broke 2 rackets as the court is too small and the walls are literally next to the side and behind lines. But they would never let me cancel the membership and I am being forced to pay 125 dollars every month for the contract to get over.

    Further the water temperature in the pool is always colder than luke warm and my son constantly complained about being cold. Stay away from this club if you can

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