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We sold a vehicle in 2004 and surrendered our plates to DMV and had a bill of sale. The new owner failed to register the vehicle and it was towed. Rickenbacker came after us as the 'last registered owner'. We submitted our documents to Rickebacker to show that this was not our debt. They, of course, say that they "lost" the documents. So we obtained copies of all relevant documents from DMV and a new bill of sale (notarized with the new owner's involvement) and submitted those to Rickenbacker. They simply informed us that they were not accepting the documents.
It should be noted that in all of the telephone conversations with Rickenbacker they were extremely rude and hostile.
After the third attempt to send them documents showing that this is not our debt, they took issue with the dates as they appeared on the notarized bill of sale. We have had enough! Do a google search on "Rickenbacker collections" and you will immediately see the quality of their business practices. There are many stories just like ours here on this website alone. This clearly indicates at least unethical business practices and seems to suggest outright fraud under the terms of the "Fair Debt Collection Act".
We will be seeking legal action against them. If you are victimized by this company DONT GIVE UP! Learn your rights and be prepared to fight.

Good luck and God bless.


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    litigious Feb 24, 2010

    I am in a very similar situation to yours. Please DO be very agressive with this schlocky outfit - if you do a web search you will find all the information you need to know. I am also filing a legal claim against Rickenbacker, and when I prevail I will post all pertinent documents and pleadings so that everyone else similarly situated can follow suit.

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    plmbrwyf Mar 09, 2010

    As the rest of you, I do to have the same problem. They towed my truck away for expired tags, and at the time I did not have the money to recover it. They had my truck from 5/5/09 till the lien sale of 6/6/09, at $ 32.00 a day and that is what 32 days, they charged me $ 32.00 @ 44 days( can not count ) and also charged me $ 300.00 for what they sold the truck for.

    I did win in the law suit, and so every one out there make sure that theier accounting is right, cause they cant seem to count.

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    rickbackscam Jul 05, 2010
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    What happened to this debt? Did you pay or is this still effecting your credit?

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    AmberD Sep 07, 2010
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    File a complaint with the CA office of the Attorney General. It's easy, only takes a few minutes, and they resolved the fraudulent charge on my account within 2 weeks. I fought these scam artists for 4 years and finally figured out what I had to do. If we get lots of complaints in to the Attorney General, they will be able to take action against these guys.


    Right hand side of the page linked above, click on Consumer Complaint against Business/Company

    Good luck to all the other victims out there. Please help me spread the word so we can flood the Attorney General with complaints on these guys!

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