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Riata Ranch review: misrepresentation

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We own and operate an equestrian center in southern California. In 2007 I contacted Bob Powell at Riata Ranch, Inc., to get our questions answered regarding an arena drag product called the Riata Rake. I explained that I need an arena drag to tow behind my Toyota Tacoma regular cab pick up truck. As we discussed the product thoroughly, I told Bob that the dirt in California is called decomposed granite, or "DG", and that it is hard compacted dirt that can wear down the tines of an arena drag. I explained to Bob that our arena base is DG, with sand footing atop the DG. Bob stated confidently that the Riata Rake tines are NASA tested and will never wear down. Bob stated that we can even use the Riata Rake to drag our DG roads without concern that the tines would ever wear down. Based on Bob's statements, we purchased the Riata Rake. Within six months of use the tines were worn down several inches. Shocked and dissatisfied, I called Bob at Riata Ranch to let him know that he was wrong about the tines never wearing down. He told me that our dirt must be different than the dirt of any other customers. Bob told me that no other customers complained of tines wearing down. Dissatisfied but unable to afford to purchase a different arena drag from another company, I asked for replacement tines. The price was between $200-$300.00. We paid for new tines and replaced the worn down tines. We have had to replace the tines several times including this past week, and the current price of the tine replacement set is $363.77. I asked Riata to replace the tines at their cost due to their initial misrepresentation that led me to purchase the Riata Rake, but they refuse. Since 2007 I have complained to Riata and I have asked the employees of this company to provide me with any of their supposed vast amount of satisfied customers so that we can compare notes on the Riata Rake. Not once have they provided me with a satisfied customer who uses the rake on a regular basis. Riata Ranch should not be allowed to get away with this fraud and misrepresentation. This company is not a BBB member and I don't know how to file a complaint but I'm starting here with you.

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Jul 20, 2013 11:27 am EDT

In my 55 years of product innovation and business leadership you often hear of the ultimate "worst ever" customer but this is the first time I have ever met that "one" customer you couldn't support. When it comes to customer and consumer intelligence, she is not someone I would recommend for any product company. She is either not truthful in her claims or completely ignorant to understanding products and their limitations. She appears willing to say anything to make her point, which is to disparage her supplier. We recently tried to support her with a set of tines and now see that her venom followed her recent purchase in this post. We will not support her again and I say beware to the unknowing supplier that does business with her.
R. Powell