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USN Ultimate Shopping NetworkDiamond Bracelet/Quality

I bought a diamond tennis bracelet. When I received it, I was very dissapointed with the quality and called them immediately. I first ask for a refund. After talking awhile, the girl convinced me that she would replace it with a higher quality bracelet for no additional charge. I returned it, certified, and waited 4 weeks, then began calling. All I got was a constant ringing with no answer, then about a week later, all I could get was real busy signal. I was never able to get through and finally, I got a no longer in service message. By the time I tried to get my credit card to look into it, too much time had elapsed and I was out $299.00. I couldn't believe this, I even attempted calling Direct TV to no avail. Guess all they want is the money for advertising. The only jewlry channel I trust is JTV...

  • An
    ANGELEYES Nov 04, 2009

    Well sorry for the trouble. BUT IF JTV is the only people you trust you are in for a very BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. These people reel you in nice and slow. They will be nice as pie, for a few years. THEN smack Mr. Hide comes out. Have you gotten anything appraised yet? Wait until the overlay item that was dipped 300 times or more starts to turn after a month, the stones start falling out then you will see. Also they never grade their diamonds, know why? they are mostly all promotional grade, laymens term junk...YOU WILL BE SORRY SOON, THEN YOU CAN WRITE TO US AGAIN...

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  • Ro
    Robyn Condello Jun 24, 2014

    I foolishly believed that they were setting up an online business, once they had my money I can no longer get in touch, I have lost over $5, 500.00 AUS, devastated as I am retired, no fool like an old fool.

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USN Ultimate Shopping NetworkUSN ripped us off too

We ordered a necklace from USN in August 2006, it never arrived. We called to get our money back, they assured us that we would have it, we never recieved it. We called again, they told us that the necklace was being shipped from Indonesia so it takes longer...6 months later and no necklace. Now their phone lines are disconnected and we can't get a hold of them. Their website is also "down for maintenence." DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!! They are scammers!

  • Pe
    Penelope Hall Mar 30, 2007

    USN's CEO,Mark Miller,should be jailed! What he has done has harmed so many people...much more so than the aledged crimes Martha Stewart and other business people. I too have been ripped off to the tune of $2500 by USN for a diamond ring that I never received after it was charged to my credit card in August 2006. Multiple attempts on my part to contact ANYONE by e-mail or at ANY of the telephone numbers have been unsuccessful. The last time I actually was able to speak to anyone connected with USN was in November 2006. At that time I was told the ring I had ordered was backordered by over 350 people and the person offered to give me an additional $100 credit for any merchandise on USN. I informed them that the product I ordered was the only item I wanted and asked to cancel my order. At that time he politely told me he would transfer me to the person who would handle my request. My call went into limbo after that and since then I have not been able to contact anyone at USN. All the phone numbers go nowhere when you dial them.

    I should have read USN's SEC filings before I ordered anything from this company. Had I known about the company's financial condition and prior bankruptcy, I would have been a much better informed consumer.

    Please keep me informed on any pending legal action any of USN's "victims" may be considering and count me in to fight Mark Miller and USN!

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  • Wi
    William Welsh Jul 07, 2007

    I also was taken by this company. My pain was only for 161.00, painful as it is, I see where they got others for larger amounts. It is a shame the justice department spends the time and money they do on more high profile, (political) cases and the lack of attention to these small time con artists are hurting the American public, and getting by with it. SHAME on the way the system works.

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  • Us
    USN Disgruntal Customer Mar 02, 2008

    I ordered ~$280 worth of jewelry from USN. When they contacted me, they said the same thing..."Your items had to be shipped from another country". It has been over a year now, and I have not received my merchandise or a refund. It is ridiculous that a company can sell items on national television and scam customers out of hard earned money. The network should be responsible for getting out money back from USN because they allowed them to mislead the public.

    I am very disappointed, and I hope that SOMEONE will read these complains and confiscate their records.

    I want me refund or my merchandise!

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USN Ultimate Shopping NetworkNo refund of returned item

I purchased a ring from USN in December 2006. It arrived much smaller than shown on TV, so I returned it and requested that my money be returned to me in check form since I had debited the amount from my checking account when I purchased the ring. To this date (3/05/07) I have still not received my refund. I called USN in January asking why I had not received the refund and was assured that the check would be sent to me within a couple of weeks. I believe this Company is fraudulent and is scamming the public. It is no longer on the air, and the internet site is not available any longer. The phone number (if you can get someone to answer the line) is [protected] in California.

  • Js
    JS Apr 23, 2007

    Same problem with USN Ultimate Shopping Network here. It is now April 2007. My credit card company has been unable to help in refunding of the almost $2,000.00 in jewelry. Tried the (301) phone number you suggested but appears someone else now owns that number.

    Hope someone can help us out on what to do or who to contact.

    Thank you.

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  • Da
    David Notari Jul 15, 2007

    I am in the same boat, I ordered a pair of diamond earrings, 2055.64, and or course did not receive them, they played the you will get you refund in 15 days game for three months, by which time my credit card company said I waited too long, (90 days) and they would not credit my account for the fraudulent criminal acts of USN. I can't file a small claims action because there is no one to serve the papers on. None of the numbers are good. When I was able to reach someone, they assured me in Feb. 2007 that I would have my money by June, well that was ###.

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