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Urban NutritionFraudulent charge

This company falsely advertises that it's products as free trial. Once you didn't return the product, they do automatically ship product to you, charging your credit card even I had left message of cancelling the autoship membership. They are not helpful on the phone. I was listening to their conversations for five minutes before I was told the system is down and need to call back. When I fianlly email the customer service they told me I would only be refund the money minus the shipping fee and again to pay for the return certified postage. However, they offer you a discount if you want to keep your order. It is not professional and is like a scam!

  • El
    Elizabeth Philpot May 28, 2009

    I ordered the sample of Fish Oil. They sent two boxes. I cancelled the autoship. They debited my debit card anyway for $49.94. When I called they said I was supposed to return the shipment. I never received anything but the free sample. They did not answer any e-mails and I had to call, but they did not return my money. Don't be fooled by their tricks.

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  • Jo
    Johanna Gibson Feb 08, 2011

    I ordered a free trial ov Anti Aging Serum from a company called Urban Nutrition as i got a email from them, please beware everyone that there are hidden costs that they dont tell you about, they took £96.35 from my account and i had'nt received the product yet. I got a letter from my bank to say I was overdrawn, something I never do as money is tight, I have now had to cancel my debit card and wait for a new one. I phoned the company and they told me I could either return the product and occur a charge again for postage and packing or keep the serum and they would refund half my money. I chose to keep the serum but told them never to contact me again, will wait and see if the £48.17 goes back into my account if not they will be getting another angry call from myself and will let my bank investigate them. So people beware ov this scam, dont think your getting a bargin your getting ripped off like myself and many others.

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Urban Nutritioncredit threats for fraudulent purchase

Our credit card number was stolen, and used to make fraudulent purchases. One of those purchases was from Urban Nutrition. Despite intervention from the issuing bank, certifying that the purchases were made fraudulently, Urban Nutrition is now making credit threats against us.
I recommend that everyone call their credit-card issuing bank (the 800 number is usually printed on the back of your credit card) and register a complaint about Urban Nutrition. Ask the credit card companies to stop approving purchases from Urban Nutrition. Tell the bank that you consider Urban Nutrition a risk to your financial security. Ask the bank why they continue to approve purchases from this "security risk".


I order free trail stretch mark remover and was billed thru credit card for product we .I was told to pay for shipping only.Called to cancel any future delivery. Now being threatened by company that if I don't pay I will be sent to a collection company. I tried to contact them and all I got was a machine that keeps on repeating the same message over until you get tired, but had no problem ordering

Urban NutritionTotal scam

This company falsely advertises that it's products are 'free trial', but if you use any of the product during your 'free trial' then you are required to pay for it, and then pay for shipping the remainder of the product back to them if you are not satisfied. (You are charged for the shipping of the 'free trial' in the first place!) They do automatically ship product to you, charging your credit card. They are not helpful on the phone other than to offer you a discount if you order more of their product. It is a total scam!

  • Wa
    WakJam Aug 13, 2010

    I agree emphatically; NEVER order anything from Urban Nutrition! They have falsely stated that we are under their autoship program for products! We have made one-time purchases from Urban Nutrition in the past, but we never authorized them to keep sending items under their autoship program.

    We were thus shocked to see our our credit card statement that they have subsequently charged us for another 6 month supply!

    Discussion with their "friendly" sales department ended totally went sideways; he came up with every excuse to tell us that it is our fault, and that the products which we did not receive from them last January, were in fact hidden from me by my wife!! His words to me, "well, why don't you go into your wife's bedroom and look for the product which she says she never received"... at which point I (rightly) called him a Mother F**ker, and then he hang up on me! Talk about service!! Stay away, stay away!

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Urban Nutritionunauthorized billings

I ordered a free-trial of Bellaplex. I cancelled any future shipments, but they continued to send the product and billed my credit card. Then, using my credit card info, they automatically began billing another unauthorized charge of $1.00 and then $59 to my credit card under the name of Wellness Watchers MD.

  • La
    laverne2u Oct 18, 2009

    i am beginning to have a problem with them and am going to seek legal action if they continue.

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  • Mi
    Michelle M Smith Dec 15, 2010

    They did the same thing to me..I called and cancel within the 30 days and emailed and they continued to charge my card. They were under the name Venacura..In fact when I called to cancel..I felt I was being harassed on why I wanted to cancel..Be aware!

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  • Mi
    Michelle M Smith Dec 15, 2010

    I was continued to be charge on my credit card after I canceled within the 30 day trail. The product was Venacura...The company was very harassing when I called to cancel.

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  • We
    wendy johnson Jun 23, 2011

    cannot get through on the phone number given to return unopened and cancel

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  • Ha
    Hazel Brown Aug 17, 2012

    hi ladies I am from Australia suffering from the same demise, I have tried calling the company and the calls never go through and where they say contact customer service I had done leaving messages to stop further billings and to cancel and future shipments this being done without success. And to my bloody surprise my bank acc was short of $200.00 and like you I am seeking legal advice also I have closed my credit card that they were deducting from...

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