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Tremont TowerShoddy construction!

I bought a Tremont Condo July 2004 and got sick within 3 months from the mold in the unit, which tests revealed contained 4 toxic molds. The builder/developer, Jorge Casimiro, refused to make any repairs or remediations to my unit. The Tower remains vacant, with over 60 of the 76 empty units. The defective construction includes leaks, mold, incomplete balconey/deck. Since investigating Tremont, have discovered other names the builder uses when constructing homes, making it nearly impossible to sue for damages, they'd bankrupt right after a judgment was made against them.

Some other names include: Juliet Homes, Carlisle Homes, Simon Homes, Tremont Homes. Buying a home from Tremont was the worst investment decision of my life.

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    Jordan Fogal Dec 14, 2006
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    In a message dated 12/10/2006 10:12:00 PM Central Standard Time, jfogal281 writes:
    Real Estate Auction
    SALE ID 5694-23

    3311 YUPON ST APT 419
    Houston, TX 77006
    N of Hermann Park. 1BR 1BA 1,025sf+- condo. Built 2003. Tremont Tower subdivision.
    Sells: 11:30am Fri, Dec 15th
    Inspection: 1-4pm Sun. Dec. 3rd & 10th and 2 hrs prior to sale.
    Opening bid: $50,000
    Williams & Williams and the Seller expressly disclaim any liability for errors, omissions or changes regarding any information provided for these sales. Potential purchasers are strongly urged to rely solely upon their own inspections and opinions in preparing to purchase property and are expressly advised to not rely on any representations made by the seller or their agents.

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    In a message dated 12/10/2006 8:35:44 PM Central Standard Time, jfogal281 writes:

    Look at the appraisals on these properties still with the appraisal district and the listings with relators and then look at this opening bid.$50,000.....just a bit of a discrepancy. This unit is appraised at $316,000. Something is terrible wrong? I though an appraised value was what something was worth or it's value..what it would sell for?
    The strange, orange, structure, Tremont Tower, and its 76, almost empty units silently stand ... waiting for it's next humiliation. It is now up for auction, the finally indignity. After three years of problems, it is as if it has finally given up. Sadly, it was not the building's fault. And there is enough blame to go around. The General Partners: Tom Thibodeau, Jorge Casimiro and Armad Al Bana continue to prove their incompetence, while bragging of their 67 years of combined expertise,

    You need go no further than three blocks, to see another of their fiasco's.
    Hyde Park Crescent the upscale, luxury town houses starting at a mere $350,000 thousand. Thirty-seven of these 44 homes are defective. This has been testified too by Mr. Casimiro and Mr. Thibodeau in sworn statements, where they sued the roofer and subcontractors. Admitting in hardcopy and on video, not only were units defective ... but they knew it and sold them with no disclosure.

    Mr. Casimiro goes on to state the 37 units had defective roofs, that lead to water intrusion into the electrical systems, the walls, ruined studs, plumbing, floorings, both hardwood and carpet. Auctions were a common occurrence there too ... along with monumental repairs... paid for by the homeowners, bankruptcies and foreclosures. Some still stand empty, some have for over two years. There are scores of families tied up in court battles and others hung out to dry by the arbitration clauses stuck in the new home contracts.

    The same group was fired by the city of Bunkerhill after they were 7 months behind on the police station and had $120,000 dollars worth of mold damage. Houston Chronicle (2/14/02 Kim Canon)

    They have been thrown out of the better business bureau, and used on the cover of the BBB bulletin as a prime example of example of bad business. They received the dubious honor of Contractors from Hell, in People Magazine and they were the subject of a seven page expose in Mother Jones Magazine.

    Yet ,they continue to build with the blessings and protection of the city council, city inspectors, the courts. the DA, the Attorney General, the TRCC and the legislature.

    No one seems to care. We have "the builders protection plan"here in Texas. Bob Perry funds it. paid lobbyists protect it and everyone cows down, and turns a blind eye... while builders run amuck thowing up 90 day wonder housing that will never last the term of the home buyers mortgage. The historical society won't have to fight for these houses they won't be around in a hundred years.

    Our thanks, to the once sovereign Texas for all the consumer protection.

    Jordan Fogal
    Homeless in Houston

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    Heathe Mickelson Nov 09, 2007
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    Earlier this week , Houston's Channel 11 featured Tremont Tower in a report on foreclosure bargains. It is not a bargain because is uninhabitable. As a prior owner of Tremont, know that the reason for the high number of foreclosed units is due to construction defects and mold, not subprime lending. I got sick from living at Tremont Tower for six months. I had to move out and lost thousands of dollars on the biggest investment of my life. No one wanted to buy a defective home. I ask, why is the entire building vacant? Why are there so many foreclosures?

    A group of homeowners protested for months outside of Tremont Tower. I even painted lemons on my window in protest there is no lemon law in Texas. I urge you to do your research on this building, google Tremont Tower Houston for more information.

    Here's a link to my mold report from inside Tremont Tower, unit #410:

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    The Freeze Jul 14, 2009

    Let the truth be heard.

    Lies all Lies!!!

    This girl brought a unit then met a young man tried to sell and could not. She left her doors open so many time the association had to take her to court to get access to her unit to close the doors.

    Heather you and Jordan should be ashamed of yourselves.

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Tremont TowerIgnore customer complaints

Contractors From Hell - Not at the BBB!

People Magazine's May 30, 2005, edition awarded the dubious honor of being 'Contractors From Hell' to certain homebuilders, including one from San Antonio and one that is a former member of the Houston Better Business Bureau. The company, Tremont Homes, raised a red flag at the BBB when numerous reports from consumers alleging deceptive and substandard building practices began being filed with the dispute resolution department. The initial response by Tremont Homes was that they were not the builder; rather a company named Stature Construction was to blame. Given that response, the files were closed.

But the dogged determination of one of the consumers, Jordan Fogle, and her ability to connect the ownership of both Tremont Homes and Statute Construction gave the BBB cause to reopen the files and investigate further. That investigation led to the discovery that these same business owners are incorporated under at least 10 different business names, each affiliated with either the building or building management industry. Under their Membership Agreement with the BBB, they where required to mediate or arbitrate any claims or disputes through the Houston office. A hearing was scheduled and notices were sent to both parties.

Upon receipt of the notice, Tremont's attorneys weighed in and began to assert the same ownership and corporate shell game they had used as a defense before. In the eyes of the BBB, however, same ownership equals same ethical responsibility to resolve the consumer's complaints. That, plus the fact that even though they now insisted each incorporation was separate, each entity used the BBB seal under only one annual membership dues. Again, supporting the opinion of the BBB that ethically, these companies were accountable to answer the consumer's complaint.

Discussions ensued regarding the BBB's acceptance of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) as an 'approved' provider, per the wording of the Membership Agreement. It was pointed out to their legal counsel that: 1) any provider other than BBB must be approved at the time the contract is signed, not many years later at their convenience; and 2) the BBB would not approve AAA as a provider in this instance due to the overly-burdensome costs being charged to the consumer in this case. Therefore, Tremont was told to decide - either arbitrate through the BBB, or risk revocation of their membership.

Tremont failed to take the ethically correct route and chose to pursue their case through the AAA. Due process was followed at the BBB and they were ultimately revoked from the Bureau. The language on their BBB report reflects the same. Ms. Fogle continues to wage war with Tremont, only to find herself being personally sued for her troubles. Tremont has also sued another of their residents in Tremont Towers for painting lemons on her windows. Last report to this office indicated that the judge at that hearing commended her on her artwork.

People magazine offered this advice to its readership - Check references and contact your local Better Business Bureau. In following that advice, those prospective homebuyers that do will find out which are the Contractors from Hell and which are those to be trusted.

  • Jo
    Jordan Fogal Jan 30, 2007
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    Foreclosure means home. Foreclosure means family.

    Our story is in Washington Monthly, has appeared in People Magazine, under "Contractors from Hell," and a seven page expose in Mother Jones Magazine. Google Jordan Fogal for more information.

    Study: Texas riddled by foreclosures

    Austin Business Journal - January 26, 2007
    National foreclosure numbers are in, and they're not pretty.

    Texas finished 2006 with a total of 156,876 foreclosure filings -- the highest aggregate total of any state, according to a year-end report by foreclosure source RealtyTrac Inc.

    No one mentions some of the reasons for foreclosure, like bad builders, substandard construction, or arbitration clauses that protect bad builders even bad lenders. No one mentions we no longer have access to the courts. Or the ridiculous red tape stopping victims and protecting builders by the Texas Residential Construction Commission. The only reason for all these forecloses that is mentioned ... is just stupid people. Mostly poor and middle class hard working people, many first time homebuyers, and senior citizens like us. We had a 6% fixed morttgagee and we could afford our payments. We just couldn't afford the astronomical repaires to our new Tremont Home/ Stature Consturction Company uninhabitable dwelling. How many of us are out there?

    In the great state of Texas, are we going to believe that one out of very 51 Texans is just plain stupid? Or are we going to look for the truth. More importantly are we going to do something about it.

    This sickness in the economy is because of greed and crooks. Not stupid homebuyers and it has reached epidemic numbers and everyone except the FBI seems not to notice. There is so much mortgage fraud here in Houston, they have set up a special task force.

    "Representative government and trial by jury are the heart and lungs of liberty. Without them we have no other fortification against being ridden like horses, fleeced like sheep, worked like cattle, and fed and clothed like swine. -John Adams 1774

    This quote was taken from the wonderful new book,

    Blockiing the court house door
    by Stephanie Mencimer

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    Jordan Fogal May 27, 2007
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    We had twelve bills that came before the legislature and 12 hours of testimony. Most of the testimony was personal stories about the bias and builder owned and operated agency, called the TRCC. Even those in the Attorney General's office call it by it's real name, "tricky". The head of the legislative affairs committee Rep Swinford, became incensed and angry at the mere mention of the investigation that was done on the TRCC by Comptroller Carol Strayhorn. Swinford said that she had no right to investigate the TRCC. He did not want the truth or the proven statistics... that were even admitted on TV by Duane Waddell the Deputy Director of the TRCC. The truth was not at issue in these proceedings. Only the protection of the builder owned agency and greedy builders. Now that the TRCC has proved so profitable for the state, it will forever be embraced. There were other bills with substance and meaning to homeowners and consumers that would have offer real protection. They were rejected. Representative Senfronia Thompson fought valiantly to get consumers as much protection as they had for their cars or at least their toasters. The legislators and the Senators when it reached the house showed how much they are concerned about the people who elected them. Senator Harris was dismissive rude and bored by the testimony of the tearful wife of a disabled veteran who had nearly given his life for his county. For two years, this veteran and his wife had been forced to live in deplorable conditions in their new home. His advise, to get a lawyer. When she tried to explain lawyers do not want to represent homeowners because they already know the outcome...The kind senator repeated himself, get a lawyer. The despicable representative of the people, then added in his slow Texas drawl, almost with a yawn, that it was getting late and all other comments were limited to 3 minutes. Representative Allan Ritter commented, that he can't imagine anybody that's defrauding, misappropriating funds, that's going to want to take court action to prove he didn't do it. Does the representative not even know what goes on in the building next door? The case of Bob Perry, of Perry Homes vs Cull is in the Supreme Court of Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Cull have been tied up in court and won all the way to the Texas Supreme Court for TEN years. Builders seem to find a way to court, while the homes they have dumped on good people go into foreclosure. Blame the foreclosure rates on sub-primes all you want, but those of us, who did not have sub-primes and are homeless, know the truth. This bill has so much spin we will be suffering vertigo until the 81st session. Really see how and who operates the TRCC. Google my name or go to Jordan Fogal

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  • Jo
    Jordan Fogal Jul 09, 2008
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    Tremont Towe in Mortgage investigation by the FBI

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