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NuvellExcessive overcharging

When calling about charges that they add each month on you, NOONE will give you a straight answer. I wanted to ask a question, I was told that I need your name and ss and your account number, then I was put on hold only to be rerouted to an automated system.

Than I was rerouted to the Manilla Islands(OUTSOURCED) is this a cheap way of dealing with paying consumers.

Employees are rude and arrogant, Yet if you tell one person you made the payment, NO ONE communicates within the system.

They call you from 7:58 am to 9:01 pm Sunday - Saturday.

But yet GMC was bailed out by the Government.

NuvellOutrageous business practices

This companies practices should be shut down and brought before legal justice. If there is any!! I bought a 2004 GMC Envoy in 2004 for approximately $28K with payments of $639 per month. I have been making payments on this vehicle for five years now, granted I have had to use some of the extensions and have been late approximately 4 to 6 times at most but still cannot believe how much I still owe on this vehicle after paying for five years. I estimate paying the $639 for the five years minus the five extensions I have paid the company approximately $34, 500 dollars and I still owe them over $17, 000.00. In 2004 I had to file for bankruptcy due to a divorce and a layoff. I new I was going to have to pay an absorbanant rate in order to get a car loan, but was told by the dealer (Vince Wibb/Pensacola FL) that I could refinance the loan for a better interest rate after about 2 years. News flash, banks will not refinance used car loans unless you have major equity in the car. Nor does Nuvell offer refinancing. I wish I knew this before I got the loan, I guarantee, I would not have this loan right now. I am so frustrated because this loan just seems to keep on going and going and going. I have contemplated letting them have the car back but am a fearing what other bag of tricks Nuvell has up there sleeves. If I am one day late on the payment Nuvell is calling 5 to 10 times per day, 1 day mind you!!! I used to think that was a good thing because on my loan I pay $27 per day the loan goes past its due date, something else I didn't know until recently. Don't trust car dealers or Nuvell on their word read all the fine print and never be late or else you will be in my situation. I HATE NUVELL AND MOST ALL CAR DEALERS!!! They have caused me soo much greif in the past and it seems to be atleast for the next three years!!! I am still considering letting them have the SUV back at this point but don't know what the consequences would be. Anybody with experience on this please let me know, course I hate to have paid so much into this vehicle and have nothing to show for it after all this time. The value of the SUV right now is about $7k and I still owe $17K what is wrong with this picture. PLEASE Lets do something about this criminal company. I only wish we could have a class action law suit, only to put them out of business and stop the crap. I did hear the other day that Nuvell is not offering anymore loans only closing out the existing ones. Everybody needs to file a complaint against these thieves, Ron E.

  • Iv
    IVEN GARLAND Mar 17, 2010

    Like many of the complaints listed Nuvell has made me and my families life hell. They call 20 times a day sometimes the same person calls me with a different name but the same voice

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  • Iv
    IVEN GARLAND Mar 17, 2010


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Nuvelltruck paid off-getting calls/bills

On 11/08/08, I traded my Ford truck at Suzuki in Tifton GA. The financial person called Nuvell to obtain the payoff for the trade. Confirmed that they were paying off the remainder of the loan from Nuvell.
My payments were never late and were for more than the amount, EVERY month. Payments were due on the 28th each month.
I am now getting harrassing phone calls and letters from Nuvell, stating that I am behind on my payments, my credit will be affected, and collections proceedings will take place.
This is the only time I will respond to this insanity.
My attorney can handle any further discussions.

NuvellBad Business Dealings

I have a loan through Nuvell--I have paid well--never late once in 2 years. I recently went on Maternity leave earlier than expected and contacted the company to make arrangements. I informed them that I had planned on working 2 months longer--but had complications and had to go into the hospital much earlier than expected. I wanted to ask about getting my payment deferred. I called 3 days before my payment was due and spoke to 2 people--I was told that for the month of October--they were unable to do any further deferrment requests--but due to my excellent payment history and credit score--I would have no problem getting the deferrment approved--just call back the beginning of November. (By the way--I have always paid more than the amount due--so actually I shouldn't even owe the October payment--but they said they couldn't due that--it was already applied to the principle.) I called back on November 3rd--my payment was due the 26th--and according to the man I spoke with the 1st time--I had a 16 day grace period. On the 3rd--they said they would submit the request--no problem--it would take 2 days to process. 2 days later I receive my 1st phone call--my payment is now 8 days late--they ask me if I am going to make my payment--I explain the situation--and they say--oh--your request was denied. I say--why--oh well you have a good history and aren't late enough yet on your payment. I ask to speak to a manager--they say no--call back next week. I hung up--called right back and finally got a hold of a manager--who tells me that she will handle it from here--no worries--that she can't do the deferrment until November 20th--but she will approve it then--in the mean time--I should not get anymore calls. Today is November 19th--I am going to call tomorrow--and I have gotten 58 phone calls since I talked to that manager on November 3rd--to my cell phone. The have also called my home--17 times, and my work--not sure how many times exactly there--they don't leave a message. I have talked to a few reps and explained I am working w/a manager--but they don't care--they are rude and ugly to me. I will refinance next year and never use Nuvell again. This is an absolutly horrible company to do business with.

Nuvellharrassment and mistreatment

Nuvell has harrassed and harrassed me - I had to pay my payment at the end of the month - the 25th for the first two years of the loan - I paid the same every month it was a few days past the due date. They called me at work - called me a ### - called my family etc. It was horrible - I managed to get ahead one month on the payment - and they still manage to treat me like ###. I've paid 2 weeks early for years now - and I called and asked if I could skip a payment - I was told I had to call back on my due date - so I called back - and they said their new policy is NO! They said I had plenty of time to make the payment (you know that day). They are awful - I told the lady I hate dealing with this ###ing company (cause I was mad). She said could you repeat that - which I did - and she said I was in trouble now - honesty is a crime at Nuvell apparently. I can't believe a Ford company sold me a car and financed to such a horrible company - it's been really awful - I hate the car now - and will never buy another Ford - because of it. And tell everyone do not use Nuvell - you will regret it. There is something not right about this company

  • Jo
    Josh H Nov 14, 2008

    You made an angreement with Nuvell that you would make a payment by a certain date each month. When you signed the contract you acknowledged that you agreed with the due date and would make the payment BY or ON that date, not a few days after. Even one day after the due date is LATE! It's a LATE PAYMENT! And don't blame Ford for any of your problems. They didn't force you to buy or finance the vehicle through Nuvell. You could've said "no thank you".

    Why would you expect anyone to be nice to you after you started cursing? ("I hate dealing with this ###ing company"). It's not the Customer Service girl's fault that you can't make your payment. She has rules to follow and I'm sure can't just let anyone skip a car payment. What are you thinking? A simple entry level position can't make decisions like that or everyone would call her to miss a payment. You should quit ### and start getting your priorities right. You need a vehicle obviously, so pay it or lose the car. Bottom line.

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  • Nu
    NuvellIsAJoke Mar 11, 2009

    HAHAHAH hell yeah ### Nuvell, they suck massive Mandingo sized ###! Collections reps are basically modern day slaves with headsets...sauntering to work every morning like a scene reminiscent of the beginning of Dawn Of The Dead. I would blow my ###ing head clean off if I had to do what they do at 40-50 years old. Calling people and harrassing them for payments, calling damn near 10 times a day till they come in contact with somebody. Working forced overtime hours and slaving away at a computer until before you know it you've gained 20 pounds from sitting on your ### all day and you come home with a perpetual headache...all for a measly $100-$200 bonus check. What a goddamn joke. Plus the hourly pay is below average. It's quite ### to me. So you basically come to work to do a dead-end job fit for high school educated level miscreants, with no hope of advancing anywhere in the upper echelon of the company, unless of course you happen to have a Masters or some ###. It's a sad state of affairs, and the most depressing part is there are people actually happy to live that way. I'd rather have swallow a cyanide pill and blow my brains out for good measure.

    and then, when you really think about, it's all a big game anyways. It's all part of a giant system. The entire Finance business is game of cat and mouse. "Hey we'll finance your overpriced vehicle, give you this ridiculous interest rate, you'll agree to it because, well ###, you NEED transportation. Then, once you inevitably start making delinquent payments, we'll blow your ###ing cellular and work phone up til we get what we want. Rinse, wash, repeat." So glad I got out of that monotonous way of life.

    ### Nuvell, National Auto Finance, GMAC as a record company, staff and a crew, and if you wanna be down with them then ### YOU TOO! - 2Pac

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NuvellRUDE, Nasty, And yes they lie

They will call you "as much as we want" They are only allowed to call you once a day by law. I have spoke to a "manager" named Cuomo and another who's name I can not think of at the moment. They will use every lie on you they will cancel payments and remake them on days they want. In Florida a verbal contract is law. The will tell you if they do not change it they will come take the car. This is the worst of the worst This person I talked to will start by calling you dawg. Hello I am not your friend so wtf. They are not a good co. if you have to get a car and they are the only way call someone else or get a bike. This company is TROUBLE...

  • An
    Andrew Aug 13, 2008

    agreed...stay away from Nuvell and their ghetto collectors...most all of them are less than high school educated.

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  • Er
    erika Sep 30, 2008

    I had an experience with Mr Cuomo and he was a total jerk to say the least. He was condescending, rude and obnoxious. I would rather let them repo the car then ever have to deal with him again. He tells me I am "hiding from him" then why the heck would I call you back? I have never dealt with someone so truly rude and just heartless. By the way Cuomo isnt a manager, he puts his manager on the phone when I basically told him to go screw himself. I have never been treated so badly in all my life and I had been in touch with Nuvell keeping them up to date on my situation letting them know I had every intent to pay...jerks. If you havent dealt with them, run

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  • Fe
    Ferrkits Aug 17, 2009

    I have made my payment and I am being harrassed. I know all of you people out there that deal with this company and are having a hard time making your payments have to be going through HELL. I get calls everyday sometimes 4 to 5 times a day. I have spoke to superviser after superviser and it does not stop. I sent proof they got my whole payment and the calls saying I didnt make my payment still come. I faxed proof of the money being taken out of my bank by them and I still get calls everyday. I have reciepts for every payment up to date and I still get harrassing calls from these people. I am going to contact an attorney. it does not matter if you make your payment or not with this company they still call and harrass you. 4 to 5 times a day every day

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Nuvell — Bad lender!

This is for anyone considering an auto loan through Nuvell. My experience with Nuvell has been bad. Nuvell...

NuvellUnsupportive of Military

Im in the military (USAF) and I financed my 2007 cobalt through Nuvell 4 months ago, I recently received orders to be stationed in Germany and i leave in November. I have a military allotment going with the company and everything. First of all, sometimes when you send payment they dont receive it for whatever reason. Then, when you call to see what happened you are greeted by rude associates who accuses you of never sending it. So i got tired of sending multiple payments at a time and i set up the allotment. Then when i tell them i had orders to germany, they tell me to go ahead and send them the orders and they'll review it. I thought they would look at them and write the letter of approval or whatever (I am in the Military after all and i have no choice on where they send me). Anyway, 2 weeks go by and i call back to check the status and they tell me I was denied the request. I thought it was a mistake so i told her my situation again and she says "I know but you're still denied". that was rude in itself, but when i asked what i was supposed to do with the car she says "I don't know sell it or something". I asked to speak with the manager and i was met with the same response. He told me that i didn't have enough payment history (I've only had the car 4 months now). I'm not trying to "take the company down" though something should be done about their customer service. I simply want to inform everyone that Nuvell is totally unsupportive of the military and our situation. Hopefully someone reads this and decides not to finance with these loan sharks.

  • Nu
    nuvellsuckertoo Nov 13, 2007

    You need to mention the Soldiers and Sailors Act, that protects our service men that lowers interest rates and payments while you are in service and on orders.

    And just a side note.

    Thank you for all your dedicated service to our country. It is truly a shame that men and women risk their lives for the freedoms we take for granted. I personally think that if your on active duty you and your family should be burdened with such nonsense. Though the SSAA is a great help to our service men and women, I feel that more needs to be done.

    Sorry to rant but, again THANK YOU SIR FOR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY.

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  • Nu
    nuvellsuckertoo Nov 13, 2007

    I apologize I mean to say YOU SHOULDN'T BE BURDENED.


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  • Ab
    abagail cox Dec 12, 2007

    The military offers service women and men tons of ways to handle responsibilities while serving the county and yet majority of you don't take advantage of this. How is it that you were tired of sending multiple payments yet you only had the car for 4 months? I would not allow my vehicle to be taken overseas. If you stop paying how would nuvell get the car back? The military does not care and nuvell would catch hell trying to reach you in another country. Nuvell not allowing you to take the car has nothing to do with supporting the military. No, you don't have a choice on where the military sends you but you know it's possible. Why didn't you setup the allotment when you first purchased the car? Just because something does not go your way does not mean they don't support the military.

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  • T
    T Feb 20, 2008

    Ok I am posting this as neutral because I work for Nuvell. The SCRA should have been approved if a copy of the orders were received in a timely fashion. We do grant relief on a number of issues and I don't know if the person that posted this comment asked for SCRA or just some form of relief or taking the vehicle over seas or what have you. Another thing, there are a lot of people in collections and after reading these comments, I tend to believe that poeple are complaining becuase they can't pay their bills. You have to remember, we have to do our jobs in order to pay ours. If you can't be on time and you know in advance ask for a deferrment or an extension (that goes for any financial institution) we are here to get your account current in any way we can. Be honest EVERYTIME you talk to a collector if you tell them you are going to pay your bill on the 15th do it, if you can't call them and tell them why BEFORE the 15th and make other arrangments. I guarantee you as long as you make your payment in the month that it is due they will not get mean or nasty with you...if they do ask for a supervisor you have that right.

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  • Kr
    Krissy Apr 02, 2008

    I cant agree with you more, My Husband is military also, we purchased our last car through Nuvell and had an allotment and never missed a payment and we even paid it off early, so we thought when we bought our second vehicle that we would of been thought of as good customers because of our history but.. when we bought our second my husband got sent to cali.. for training and the allotment he set up had some problems and i didnt know and he didnt know so when i received the bills from Nuvell i got a hold of my husband to call them he did and said as soon as he returned he would take care of it we were 2 months behind they came and took the vehicle before my husband returned home only 2 payments after having paid our first off early and having good history my husband tried to talk to them to say hey what the h..., and was rudly hung up on and he was very proffesional and not rude How can they have done this to us .. ruining our credit to get 2 payments from good history customers, They i think our horrible lenders and i dont think that any won with any senority or credibilty work for them id love to find out and sue for the damage they didnt need to afflict!!!

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  • Ed
    Ed Turner May 21, 2008

    I'm staying neutral because there customer service is not good at all and your better off finding fundings with another company because this one has big issues besides GMAC being in there pockets and NUVEL in GMAC pockets. They stroke each other and screw customers plain and simple. There are better financial institutes out there and even the BBB is disregarded by NUVELL so you be the judge.

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  • Dj
    Dj Swope Feb 24, 2009

    I work with Military Soldiers and Families and you need to see a JAG over this issue like ASAP. Hopefully you have kept all of your documentations of the conversations and the names of the people you have talked to. I will tell you in 24 years of being a military spouse and having moved to Germany and other places myself I have never had a finace company stop you from taking your property as long as you are up todate on the loan. There are many companies that will set up around the bases just to rip Service members off and the Post or Camp usually has a do not use list. Check into all of that before you give it up or you maybe in structed to return the car and fight for your money make sure you dispute it on your credit report.

    Thanks and good luck Dj

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Nuvell — Rudeness and harassment!

When I traded in two vehicles for a 2017 GMC Envoy I did so to try and lower the monthly bills that were...

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