King Pie Complaints & Reviews

King PieBad service

On [protected] I purchased a Spinich and Feta pie the King Pie in Clear Water Mall. When I bit into the pie, the pie had a weird taste. I took it back to King pie and they told me that i should take a vegetarian pie as they have tasted the Spinich and Feta pies and they seemed to be off. I am a vegetarian for the past fifteen years and it is our fasting time as well. They then gave me a 'vegetarian' pie. When I bit into it, I was disgusted!!! They had given me a beef pie (which is against our religion to eat!!!)

I asked Ruth and Princess to give me the manager's number. They gave me a number that never went through.

I'm disgusted with the service from the King Pie in Clear Water Mall.

King PieNo meat in a meat pie

Arghh, it is depressing to see this comment raised so many times by different people yet the problem persists. Are these pies not made by hand? Whowhathow determines how much meat goes into these pies? On Thursday I went to King Pie in Northgate shopping center and my girlfriend and I each ordered a pepper-steak pie only to find the pies were relatively stale (prob from the previous day) and contained only a squirt of gravy each - NOT A SINGLE PIECE OF MEAT BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM!!!

I would be angry if someone GAVE me such a pie, but the fact that I paid for it really ticks me off!!!

I would rather buy a pie from the pie shop underneath SWEENEY TODDS BARBER SHOP!!!