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Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc., the nation’s leading private research firm investigating and exposing private placement securities fraud, has been engaged to look into the possibility of securities, criminal and/or elder financial fraud involving Global Bullion Trading Group conducting a non-bias, objective investigation into Global Bullion Trading Group and its officers, employees and associates in the very near future. If you have any information, pro or con, regarding this matter, please contact J.W. Vickery at [protected]. Everyone is considered innocent until proven otherwise in a legal forum.

Global Bullion Trading GroupSilver

I have all trading reciepts, I invested $50, 000 dollars in silver bullion, it grew to 164, 000 from 5+ to 7+ dollars an ounce at that time I called and sold $42, 000 of the bullion which left me with $122, 000 in silver bullion, the sale I made must have upset them, because after that they would never take my calls again, and since then it grew to almost $22.00 an ounce, dropped to around $12.00, then back up to $18.00 an ounce, still they would not take my calls, then all of the sudden the telephones were disconnected, So now I am trying every way I can find to try to get what they owe me, because I was injured in a explosion at Elk Run Coal Company and disabled, I took my settlement money and invested first with another company where Peter Rudrigle was my broker, then he moved to Global Bullion Trading Group and called me and asked me to sell what I had at Goldmen's and invest it with him at GBTG, where he and Tony Zito and their boss, all were brokers who bought more silver with my profits, my $122, 000 investment should be worth several million dollars and I cannot get in touch with any of them, I am coming close to losing everything, and need help getting my money from them, I even tried to go to their website and it isnt there any longer.
My name is Raymond Frye, [protected]