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Gandy Construction30 year warranty

I bought a new roof from Gandy and am not even done paying if off and they went out of business. So what happens to my 30 year warranty? The roof is about 1 and a half years old.

  • Tw
    twill Mar 13, 2009

    30 yr. workmanship warranty?
    Or 30 yr laminate shingle warranty?

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  • Jl
    JLenon Dec 21, 2009

    Sorry to say that, but you just got screwed by them, so is rest of the customers.
    This is what happens when company grows too fast.
    And guess what, they opened another company and doing the same thing. The name of their new company is 800 New Look. I feel really sorry for all the people who get hosed by these people, but if you don't do your homework yourself no one will do it for you that is why it is very important to read the fine print and everything that is stated on the contract.

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